Tuesday, August 23, 2005

John Roberts - Conservative?

The issue of the Supreme Court Judiciary has been a sore subject for me for many years. In 1999 when Bush was running for his first term, this very issue became the main stumping point for many of my Republican friends in their attempts to persuade me that my growing suspicion of the Republican party was unwarranted. Unfortunately, their attempts worked. In the fall of 2000, I logged my vote for the Republican party and banked on the hope that not only would replace a retiring moderate with a strong constitutionalist but that he would in addition, stem the flood of bureaucratic red tape that had blossomed under Bill Clinton.

Sadly, not only has George been liberal in his social policy, I believe he has replaced a moderate with yet another moderate.

True, it would appear that Roberts appears to be a conservative, but then again, so did George. Countless hours have been spent debating a man who appears to have little record of his own, so many have turned to his memos in an attempt to glean what sort of man this is.

Now comes news from the L.A. Times that Roberts supports national ID cards. The Times posts the following -
When faced with what he called "the real threat to our social fabric posed by uncontrolled immigration," Roberts urged his superiors to switch course and support national ID cards."
"I yield to no one in the area of commitment to individual liberty against the spectre of overreaching central authority, but view such concerns as largely symbolic so far as a national ID card is concerned,"
He wrote in a memo to White House Counsel Fred Fielding on Oct. 21, 1983.
"We already have, for all intents and purposes, a national identifier -- the Social Security number. ... And I think we can ill afford to cling to symbolism in the face of the real threat to our social fabric by uncontrolled immigration,"
This revelation would be largely moot if it were not for the fact that the Real ID act had passed recently. Is it possible that Bush is loading the Supreme Court in an attempt to uphold the legality of a nationally mandated ID card?

The Real Effect
Look for Roberts to hold a conservative line for a while, disarming most arguments against his nomination. Then when key arguments come to SCOTUS, I believe he will suddenly become a Sandra Day and hand us over to the globalists.

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