Monday, June 27, 2005

Telegraph Suggests Doubling of Oil Prices

One of the services I provide here at The Real Effect is to provide news and analysis that gives you, the consumer applicable viewpoints in which to make informed decisions. To appreciate the level of information you can receive you need to follow subject matters over their presentation here.

For instance, I launched The Real Effect on June 15th with the headline -

Crude Prices Increasing Again, Does This Equate to a Gasoline Cost Increase?

In the article I presented the opinion -
"This combined with the information released from this year's Bilderberger meeting stating from multiple sources (Henry Kissinger being one) that crude would at least double perhaps triple over the next year."
Hot on the heels of this tip, comes a report from the London Telegraph that "Unrest could double oil prices" and the AP's report "Oil Rises to Record High on Supply Worries".

The Real Effect
I believe this will lead to the increase of gasoline prices by about 5% in the near future resulting in roughly $2.45 gas in the southeastern WI area.

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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Private Property

Hot on the heels of the property tax defeat in Racine County comes the stinging news from the Supreme Court, cities may now seize private property for private purposes under the power of eminent domain.

The Associated Press reports that -
Susette Kelo and several other homeowners in a working-class neighborhood in New London, Conn., filed suit after city officials announced plans to raze their homes for a riverfront hotel, health club and offices.". The result? A Supreme Court ruling that states "that local governments may seize people's homes and businesses against their will for private development.

Ladies and gentlemen, this news is absolutely stunning. Essentially this means that anyone could petition any city for any reason and offer to buy your property. If you refuse, the city could confiscate it, justifying it for the benefit of all by increasing the tax base.

The Real Effect
Make no mistake, if this ruling is allowed to stand, "officials" all over the country will continue to confiscate property in an attempt to improve our supposedly miserable lives at the cost of individual liberty. Have a newspaper that the people disagree with? We'll we just remove that urban blight by seizing your property and decreasing the urban "blight".

My friends, this ruling is insulting. It's very argument makes judgment on many, if not all the blood shed throughout the years and wars to secure the right to manage your affairs as you see fit. It smacks of judicial tyranny reminiscent of the tyranny fought against in the days of the founding fathers.

We as a people need to find our collective voice and express our outrage at the continued attempt of a select few in our midst attempting to rule us as though they are our nobility. In a republic, we elect them, and we must remind them of this fact.

Does anyone here remember the Soviet Union and the great lengths that we went to to ensure it's demise? Well that Union may be dead, but its spirit is alive and well in the new American Union.


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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Racine Property Taxes Stay Up

Unknown to me today the Racine Journal Times had a front page splash stating "The Journal Times urges a Yes vote". This to me raises a critical issue.

Why wait until the morning of the vote to splash the editorial staff's (and presumably most of the newspaper's) opinion?

Despite repeated assurances by members of the staff as to the paper's objectivity, I believe the answer to this is blatantly obvious and despicable. The "No" vote had been making waves lately and the tide of public support was beginning to shift in their favor. By posting the story on the front page on the day of the vote, RJT could sway last minute undecideds by bringing up arguments that the opposition seemingly had no answer for.

Now to make myself clear, this is well within the Journal's right to publish such a paper and I support them in that but at least ditch the supposed 'we leave the bias at home' routine and be upfront with those that support your efforts. But with headlines like "
Voters file into Winslow school; goodbye, Winslow" how can a city expect a supposedly "unbiased" reporting on the issue?

Referendum Watch 2005

As you may of may not know, the county of Racine is holding a referendum to determine whether or not to exceed the budget for one year by $6.45 million dollars. Interesting huh?
Well the real news has become believe it or not, turnout. With reports of up to 50% turnout is some locations the people will be well represented, no matter the result.

Click here for updates on the results.

Update (8:30) -
Round 1 goes to the "Yes" vote with 2% of the vote in, with 176 voting yes and 129 voting no.
Update 2 (8:40) - Round 2 goes to the "Yes" vote with 18% of the vote in, with 2096 voting yes and 1366 voting no.
Update 3 (8:45) - Round 3 goes to the "Yes" vote with 45% of the vote in, with 7660 voting yes and 5677 voting no.
Update 4 (9:00) - Round 4 goes to the "Yes" vote with 65% of the vote in, with 11,371 voting yes and 8506 voting no.
Update 5 (9:15) - Round 5 goes to the "Yes" vote with 74% of the vote in, with 12,493 voting yes and 9608 voting no.
Update 6 (9:30) - Round 6 goes to the "Yes" vote with 90% of the vote in, with 14,802 voting yes and 11297 voting no.
Final Results (9:40) Yes wins with 16,407 votes to No at 12,666

Crude Update

Crude oil futures continue to advance upon news from Norway of all places. It would appear the Norwegian Oil Industry Association and the union are mediating wages and driving prices higher with crude prices hitting a nominal all-time high of $59.70.

The Real Effect
Gasoline prices begin to creep upwards for the summer. I believe it would be reasonable to anticipate $2.50 gas within 3 months.

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Friday, June 17, 2005

Iran a Growing Target? Part 1

Only the most blind is capable of missing the increasing rhetoric surrounding the situation in Iran. With a barrage of daily news briefs reaching almost a fever pitch, one is left wondering about the possibility of regime change for the artist formerly known as Persia. With opposition growing in Iraq and Syria and a new government in place in Iraq, will Bush see the nuclear ambitions of the mad Mullah dictatorship as a force that needs to be dealt with?

Perhaps the question is "Do you feel lucky punk?"

Or is Bush praying that Israel will do the work for us? Surely this will turn a few eyebrows given Iran's growing ties with Russia and China.

My prediction at this point is that Iran is in the crosshairs as of mid to late 2005. More updates later.

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Cruising with Holmes

The news is in, actor Tom Cruise has finally proposed marriage to actress Katie Holmes! Early this morning Tom popped the question to Katie at the ever popular Eifel Tower. Despite the initial questions regarding the integrity of the tower after filming of Cruise's new anticipated summer blockbuster remake, War of the Worlds, it leaves a bitter question stabbing at the back of one's mind. Who cares? Or perhaps more to the point what is marriage?
Having been married at least twice previously, Cruise demonstrates that the marriage vow means little less than a referendum vote in Racine County. What is the point of walking the aisle when one can simply transfer "soul mate" status to another? Most importantly, Katie, do you real think you're going to have him for long?

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Patriot Act Slapdown?

Congress has tossed a veritable political hand grenade Bush's way with the recent vote on proposed restrictions on the now seemingly infamous Patriot Act. (Ooooo, makes you shudder.) The surprising vote of 238-187 in the House might shed light on what I believe to be waning support for the Act in light of another terrorist attack on American soil. Is the Patriot Act as we know it doomed to the annals of history or is there still life in this law?

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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Crude Prices Increasing Again, Does This Equate to a Gasoline Cost Increase

The splash on this morning's Drudge Report stated that -

U.S. July light sweet crude rose 54 cents to $55.54.
This combined with the information released from this year's Bilderberger meeting stating from multiple sources (Henry Kissinger being one) that crude would at least double perhaps triple over the next year.

Does this equate to a surge at the pump in the coming months? Are we looking at $4.50 per gallon?

UPDATE : 6/16/05 - Prices climb another $1.

UPDATE: 6/17/05 - $58 a barrel.
My suggestions? By a hybrid car and ditch that SUV if you can.

UPDATE: 6/18/05 - A new record, $58.60

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