Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Asian Internet Outage

Interesting note. Many routers in Asia are basically shut down as of this time. Areas affected include: India (Bangalore), Iran, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Samoa and parts of Taiwan. Could this signal a possible attack, terrorist or otherwise in one of these areas?

Monday, July 25, 2005

NY Terror Panic

The city of New York was rocked once again as five terrorists, sorry make that tourists, were forced to march off a double-decker bus with their hands up.

Their crime?
A "tour bus worker reported they seemed suspicious."
"A Gray Line dispatcher called 911 and told cops the men had backpacks and their pockets "stuffed".
The report continues -
"The men were forced to kneel on the sidewalk, with their hands bound behind their backs". (As illustrated on the right.) Eventually the police determined that they were in fact tourists, not terrorists and released the men under their own recognizance.
When interviewed about the situation, another tourist stated "What can you do?" shrugged Dan Lindgren, 46, of Arlington, Va. "It's the times we live in."
The Real EffectMy opinion? This is just plain old hyper-reactive behavior. Instead of thinking for once, we knee-jerk react and do whatever makes us 'feel better' while failing to address many of the situations that make suicide bombings possible. We search veterans effects in a vain attempt to stop these situations from occurring and yet they continue. We mount even more cameras on street corners to catch the terrorists after the fact and yet they continue to exploit the holes.

So what is the solution? Search people at airports? Then the terrorists use buses. Search people on buses? Then they use automobile. Set up checkpoints to invade everyone's lives so we can stop the insanity? Will that stop it? No.

How about setting up troops on the border with Canada and Mexico? How about searching all who enter over the borders? How about making sure those who are thugs and criminals are arrested AND jailed for their crimes instead of released for lack of space?
But will this happen? No. Why?

That is where The Real Effect comes in.

Searching people at the borders and prosecuting criminals will reduce crime and terrorism. It will actually work. This reduces the need for expensive and invasive systems such as the TSA, Highway Watch and citizen watch programs. This makes less money for the bureaucrats and politicians and erodes their power base. Where would the pay raise in that be? No this is typical problem-reaction-solution fear mongering in an attempt to strip the Republic and it's good people of their rights.

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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Constitutional Peril

"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

U.S. Constitution - Amendment IV
Take a look at this picture taken at the Amtrak station and notice the national guard in the background.

This coincides with the news that New York mayor Michael Bloomberg stating that police will begin conducting random searches of packages and backpacks of people entering the city and perhaps even those traveling by bus or train.

We have to ask ourselves, 'Do we really want to continue suspending our only guarantee against the invasion of our rights by any dictatorial power now or in the future?'

London Redux

Once again the 'terrorists' have struck the good people of London.
In a stunningly similar attack as the 777 attacks, two weeks to the day after the incident. More updates later.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Major London Update - 777

Well, well, well.

Earlier I said that "this thing stinks to high heaven". It appears that I was right.
The Illuminati have officially left their calling card on this horrific bombing. Take a close look at the date of the bombing, 7/7/7(2+0+0+5). This is no coincidence as most of the recent bombing have happened on such a date or between a certain time span.

For instance, the WTC bombings happened on 911, the Madrid bombings on 311 exactly 911 days after 911. The Sears tower was targeted 911 hours after the Madrid bombing. On 5/5/5(2005) the London embassy was bombed. 444 days after the Sears tower was targeted, London is bombed. And what is 333 days after that? 666. Will the Sears tower be targeted on this day? It is possible but we'll see.

Strange coincidences -
  1. 9/11 mayor 'yards from London blast' - So Guiliani, America's 911 mayor, is mere yards from England's version of 911? Interesting.
  2. London is running simulations at the EXACT same time at the EXACT same locations using the EXACT same scenario.
  3. New York AND London are running the EXACT same scenarios on the dates in which the terrorists carried out the attacks WHILE the mayor of New York is visiting.
  4. Netanyahu, (Israel Orders Officials Not To Speak To Media About Bombings)
  5. Terrorist gang 'used military explosives' - Heavy stuff
  6. Limited/No evidence - Yet the government has conclusions five days after the attack. The culprit, of course it's al-Quaeda.
The Real Effect
  1. Increased police security in the UK and US: New support for mandatory British ID cards, police on trains
  2. CAFTA - set to pass which will not be vetoed by just-say-yes Bush
  3. Iran - Perhaps some sort of link between the "suicide bombers" and the alleged bombers will emerge. This will be vague, yet will be specific. I believe the logic will be something along the lines of 'The terrorist s want us to leave therefore we should press on further.; Bush has 27% approval rating, There quite possibly will be a larger attack in either Europe or the US.
  4. Oil - $62 a barrel oil

Of course, this is just the beginning.

(Many props to Alex Jones for important parts of this information...)

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Thursday, July 07, 2005

London Massacre, Global Solidarity

First off, my apologies for my absence. I have been fighting off something in my intestinal system for the last 8 weeks which has left me less than capable of thinking, let alone posting. More later.

So the 'terrorists' have struck again and the best name they can come up with is "The Secret Orginization of al-Quaida in Europe"? This thing stinks to high heaven for many reasons.

So far we know this for sure:
  1. The blasts come roughly 24 hours after the Olympic community awarded the 2012 games to London. Interesting.
  2. Israeli finance minister Benjamin Netanyahu has received word from London police minutes before the explosions "that they had received warnings of possible terror attacks in the city, a senior Israeli official said."
Cui bono? or who benefits?

Certainly not "The Secret Orginization of al-Quaida in Europe" as a veritable can of whup-arab will be opened in stunning fashion. Perhaps those who want a global government? Perhaps. One thing we need to make sure that we are cautious in drawing conclusions immediately after an event has happened.

The Real Effect

Global solidarity. After all, they are not attacking individuals, they are attacking the "Global Community". Amazing.

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