Saturday, February 25, 2006

Analysis of Real Effects - Part 1

A look at my predictions since the blog's inception.

August Totals: Accuracy 70 %, Points awarded: 7.5 of 11

8/31/2005 - Katrina & Economy -
"I believe this is the first wave of the depression of 2005. Look for staggering heating costs with natural gas come this winter combined with yet increasing gas costs looking to take on the $4 benchmark."
Points awarded: 1.5 of 2 (Gas eyed up $4, but then backed off)

8/29/2005 - Greenspan Crash -
"I believe that Mr. Greenspan's statements will scare the market into further decline over the next few months."
Points awarded: 0.5 of 1 (This depends on which numbers you look at.)

8/23/2005 - Roberts, Conservative? -
"Look for Roberts to hold a conservative line for a while, disarming most arguments against his nomination."
Points awarded: 0 of 0 (Too early for this one)

8/16/2005 - Gaza Watch -
"Watch for increased hostility in the region and added tension in Israeli/Palestinian relations."
Points awarded: 1 of 1 (Hamas in charge of Palestine, Iran in the crosshairs...I should get bonus points.)

8/10/2005 - Fed & Oil -
"I believe plunging the American economy dramatically, suddenly and then selling off her assets gradually over the next year ending roughly in June of next year."
Points awarded: 0 of 0 (Too early for this one)

8/8/2005 - Thompson Chipped -
"Look for a continued development in the surrounding propaganda regarding Verichip and RFID and a continued marketing push for more to 'take the chip' to become trendy, safe, or perhaps even patriotic."
Points awarded: 1 of 1 (Even though we were lied to about his faux chipping)

8/8/2005 - Crude Update -
"Look for gas prices to continue to etch up in increments as the cost of crude explodes.""look for continued emphasis on the previous record in the 1980's being unmatched with inflation factored in."
Points awarded: 2 of 2
8/5/2005 - Terror Targets 2005 -
"(Sometime in the next 6 months)... look for a possible suitcase nuke to level a small area roughly the size of a new tower."
Points awarded: 0 of 1 (Even though it is still extremely likely)

8/5/2005 - CAFTA -
"Look for an increasingly economic slide of the economy in the 2nd half of 2005 that causes the dollar to slide even further against the Euro setting the stage for a Union currency proposed to be called the Amero."
Points awarded: 1 of 2 (The economy did suffer, yet the dollar increased vs. the euro for that period)

8/2/2005 - Free Speech London -
"Continued evaporation of public perception of their inalienable rights."
Points awarded: 0.5 of 1 (The exact opposite is true in some circles)

July Totals: Accuracy 80 %, Points awarded: 6.5 of 8

7/12/2005 - 777 London Update -
"Increased police security in the UK and US: New support for mandatory British ID cards, police on trains", " CAFTA - set to pass which will not be vetoed by just-say-yes Bush", "Iran - Perhaps some sort of link between the "suicide bombers" and the alleged bombers will emerge." "There quite possibly will be a larger attack in either Europe or the US." "Oil - $62 a barrel oil"
Points awarded: 6.5 of 8 (This is a tough one to score. Unfortunately I wasn't specific enough for good long term prediction scoring. I discounted the "Iran" connection even though a good case could be made for it.)

June Totals: Accuracy 84.6 %, Points awarded: 5.5 of 6.5 (Not bad for your first month)

6/27/2005 - Gas Watch -
" increase of gasoline prices by about 5% in the near future resulting in roughly $2.45 gas in the southeastern WI area."
Points awarded: 1 of 1
6/23/2005 - Kelo Fallout -
""officials" all over the country will continue to confiscate property"
Points awarded: 1 of 1 (Like shooting fish in a barrel)

6/21/2005 - Gas Watch -
"...anticipate $2.50 gas within 3 months."
Points awarded: 1 of 1 (Hit well over $3 in September)

6/17/2005 - Iran Watch -
"Iran is in the crosshairs as of mid to late 2005."
Points awarded: 0 of 1 (Even though I am only off by a few months)

6/15/2005 - Crude Watch -
"Crude will double over next year, Hybrids will increase, SUV’s decrease"
Points awarded: 2.5 of 2.5

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

War on Religion 2006

"A large explosion destroyed the golden dome of one of Iraq's most famous Shiite shrines Wednesday, spawning mass protests and triggering reprisal attacks against Sunni mosques. It was the third major attack against Shiite targets this week and threatened to inflame sectarian tensions."

The Real Effect
Not good for the 'peace' in Iraq.

In my predictions for 2006, I stated the following -
"The supposed problem behind the terrorist movement is being portrayed as radical 'fundamentalism'." "With 'radicals' being blamed for most if not all of the terrorist acts in the world, Look for a start of a clarion call to 'harmonize' and 'unite' the world in their common belief in a creator. "
For the last ten years we have been hearing about "militant Islamo-fascism", "fundamentalist Christians", "Separatists" and a whole host of rhetorical blurring. We are lead to believe the following by many that are supposedly in-the-know:
  1. Some beliefs possessed by sects of a religion are inherently dangerous and
  2. These dogmas are embodied by zealots that deceive normal people into becoming irrational and dangerous therefore
  3. The religions the sects purport to represent themselves are dangerous
The global planners are literally banking on this bait-and-switch tactic in order to drive most decent people into believing that 'the other side out to get us' to goad us into 'getting them before they get us'. One only needs to look at the flimsy excuses being offered in the official 9/11 story to see this idea in action. (Like many of the alleged hijackers are still alive.)

I believe that this has moved past the propaganda phase and has moved into the implementation phase where they will drive the world into a religious war in an attempt to harmonize the religions into peace. Problem, reaction, solution.

Look for further attacks to fan the flames of war with possible targets including the Al Aqusa Mosque, Dome of the Rock, Wailing Wall, Christian churches, synagogues.

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Friday, February 17, 2006

The National Animal Identification System (NAIS)

The US Department of Agriculture is planning, for all intents and purposes, a national identification system that will eventually track and trace movements of ALL animals. In case there is any doubt that this is authentic, please check the following link to the government's own website.

Some important points to consider from Mary Zanoni, Ph.D. (Cornell), J.D. (Yale),-

1) "The Department proposes surveillance of every property where even a single animal of any livestock species is kept; and to require, at a minimum, the radio-frequency identification tagging of every animal. (Standards, pp. 3-4, 6, 17-18.)"
"In these instances, the "premises" that the Department plans to subject to GPS satellite surveillance (Standards, p. 10) and distance radio-frequency reading (Standards, p. 27) are the homes of these tens of millions of citizens."

2) "The Department does not plan to issue "alerts" to inform livestock owners of the requirements until April 2007, only eight months prior to the date when it will be mandatory to submit the GPS coordinates of one's home and the RFID of one's animal to the USDA database. The final rule governing mandatory home and animal surveillance will not be published until "fall 2007" (Plan, p. 10), leaving only a couple of months, at best, for notification and compliance before January 2008."

3) "In addition, the proposals call for an animal owner to report, within 24 hours, any missing animal, any missing tag, the sale of an animal, the death of an animal, the slaughter of an animal, the purchase of an animal, the movement of an animal off the farm or homestead, the movement of an animal onto the farm or homestead. (Standards, pp. 13, 18-19, 21.)"

4) Timeline
• January 2008: All premises registered with enforcement (regardless of livestock movements).
• January 2008: Animal identification required with enforcement.
• January 2009: Enforcement for the reporting of animal movements." (Plan, p. 17; emphasis added.)

5) Of course this will be at your cost -
"The proposed NAIS makes clear that animal owners will have to pay the costs of registration and surveillance of their homes, farms, and livestock. ("[T]here will be costs to producers, private funding will be required..." (Plan, p. 11) "Producers will identify their animals and provide necessary records to the databases... All groups will need to provide labor..." (Plan, p. 14.) In fact, the financial and labor requirements for animal owners would be huge. Livestock owners, even the owner of one pet horse who takes rides off the property, would have to invest in RFID reading devices and software to report information. The Standards and Plan do not enlighten us about the amount of these costs."
The Real Effect
All of this is in light of the continued push for an ever increasing police state in a supposed "post 9/11" world. Consider this announcement by Houston's police chief Harold Hurtt "suggesting putting surveillance cameras in apartment complexes, downtown streets and even private homes."

There can be little doubt that there is an organized push to create a surveillance society that tracks and monitors every action that a citizen takes. My friends, that IS the definition of a police state.

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Resources - Surveillance Society

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
Government Programs

  • Department of Homeland Security: ADVISE

Update (2/17/2006) - Houston's police chief suggesting putting surveillance cameras in apartment complexes, ASBO TV, Tesco Tele-screens

Disclaimer - This post is a resource only and will be updated and changed regularly to reflect current and accurate information.