Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Gaza World War?

Quick note...

This situation in the Gaza strip has got me a tad bit worried. It seems like an absolute powder keg waiting to go off. This could evolve into an extremely dangerous situation.

The Real Effect
History is replete with examples of countries diving headlong into war over the death of one or a few individuals. Please watch the situation closely.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Eminent Domain Musings

Down in Florida, the reports:

The city (Hollywood) cannot take a family's downtown property and give it to a private developer, a judge ruled Thursday, ending a two-year legal battle and potentially jeopardizing a $100 million condominium complex.
Broward Circuit Court Judge Ronald J. Rothschild's ruling in favor of the Mach family, which has owned the 2,900-square-foot building on Harrison Street for decades, came as a blow to Mayor Mara Giulianti and city commissioners.

They wanted to use eminent domain to replace the Mach structure with a 19-story condo and retail tower as part of downtown revitalization plans.
I found the following line to be extremely interesting. In it the Mayor of Hollywood, Mara Giulianti makes the following statement about the developer (Abele) dealing with the property owners (Machs):
"I just don't want to see Chip [Abele] up his offer to the Machs, because it sends a message to property owners that they can demand whatever they want from developers."
Yes Comrade Giulianti. We would hate to allow the principles of free trade operate here. In addition, the developer gets his 2 cents in as well:
"If the question is, do we need that property to physically build our project, then the answer is no."
"But if you're looking at the whole needs of a community, to make sure that it's safe for pedestrians and foot traffic all around, and that you keep redeveloping the area, then there's no question that we need that property,"
I'm sure that the developer is interested in the "safe"ty of all who are involved. The article continues:
"Now, without eminent domain powers, developers will have to deal directly with landowners."
Oh the humanity, what will these poor developers do? Without all that extra power how will they have enough power to take ove.. er, "redevelop" huge swaths of land?
The Real Effect
World Net Daily and the Drudge Report is running that President George W. Bush has issued an executive order prohibiting Federal agencies from aquiring land in the new Supreme Court issued fashion.

The fact that it was issued on the one year anniversary lends to my thought that this order is solely done for public consumption and not out of any sense of 'justice' that the President may have.

I believe that much of the reviewing of the law and new court opinions will more than likely push the pendulum further towards Socialistic ideals as judges and legislators rule in favor of property owners, yet develop new international guidelines to 'guide' their decisions.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Bilderberg 2006 Reports

This year's Bilderberg conference has just finished in Canada. Some of the important notes from the conference:

Some very important people that attended:
  • Richard Perle, senior foreign policy adviser to U.S. President George W. Bush and an architect of the war in Iraq, member of 9/11 commission.
  • George Pataki, governor of New York state.
  • Ahmad Chalabi, former deputy prime minister of Iraq.
  • Henry Kissinger, advisor to U.S. presidents.
  • David Rockefeller, retired banker, heir to Rockefeller oil fortune.
  • James Wolfensohn, U.S. Mideast envoy, former head of the World Bank.
  • Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands
  • Bernardino Leon Gross, Spain's foreign minister.
  • Richard Holbrooke, U.S. foreign policy advisor.
  • Vernon Jordan, friend and onetime aide to Bill Clinton.
  • Ronald S. Lloyd, chairman of Credit Suisse First Boston.
  • George David, chairman of Coca-Cola.
  • Paul Desmarais, CEO of Power Corporation.
(Click here for the entire attendance roster)
The Real Effect
For a supposed "conspiracy theory" group that didn't "officially" exist up until last year, they certainly do hold a lot of powerful members in their membership. Many events are in-fact, planned at these meetings and this year will be no exception. Hopefully we will get news on the long awaited Iran invasion and other breaking details. As always, I will do my best to bring you the latest news from this powerful "light center" as the details come in.