Monday, June 09, 2008

Bilderberg 2008

Well the Bilderbergers have finished with their annual meeting and I have at least some of the info discussed at the meeting. According to Jim Tucker (AFP) speaking on the Alex Jones show today -
  • Defense Secretary Robert Gates was positively identified at the conference. While there, he pushed for a U.S. led war on Iran citing the possibility of nuclear threat. According to reports, the European Bilderbergers (2/3 of the 140 people present) are strongly against this.
  • Under the guise of 'fighting terrorism' governments will report that terrorists are attempting to recruit people 'that don't look like terrorists'.
  • In one of the main hall discussions, the Bilderbergers are talking about going through with microchipping the population in order to fight terrorism.
  • The Sec. of Transportation was pushing for a U.S. national database that will contain everyone's personal information.
The Real Effect
For all of you that reserve that bit of arrogant disdain for ‘conspiracy theories’, ask yourself the following question: How can a group which supposedly doesn’t exist release an official press release? And perhaps more to the point, if they don’t have any effect or set any policy, how is it that they are considerably ahead of the news/tech curve?

“The Conference will deal mainly with a nuclear free world, cyber terrorism, Africa, Russia, finance, protectionism, US-EU relations, Afghanistan and Pakistan, Islam and Iran.”

Let’s pick this apart:

  • “a nuclear free world” “Iran” – Will the globalists attack Iran? (And how can the world be “nuclear free” if the United States does not give up their weapons?)
  • cyber terrorism” – Internet 2 and cyber monitoring.
  • "US -EU relations" - Bush is heading over to Europe.
I would look for much of this information to start leaking out in the mainstream media shortly. Perhaps an editorial in the Washington Post? From there we will know more about where they want to take these points.

Oil Watch

Wow, what to say? Oil is up for the 2nd consecutive day rising $5.49 on Thursday as it closed at $127.79 and $10.75 to close at 138.54 on Friday.

The Real Effect
What is more important than anything is to notice how the globalists react to what the market does. I believe that the market will start off tomorrow with a strong buy as more investors view things as a bull market. Then perhaps after an hour or so, we’ll see some selling as some people start to take in some profits. I do believe that it will finish up for the day again, I will guess up $3.
Once again, this is speculation based on knowledge, not a specific prediction. In addition, I believe gas starts to creep up incrementally. It’s $3.99 now, perhaps $4.09 tomorrow, $4.19