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New Year Predictions - 2006

Yet another year has passed and we once again find ourselves reviewing what has happened and trying, many times in vain, to predict what will happen in the future. Now the nature of predictions begs that a few things be explained beforehand.

The more specific you are in your prediction, the more likely you will be wrong overall, but gain credibility if you are correct. This causes a bit of a sticky situation for me.

For instance, I can claim that there will be hurricanes in '06, but it hardly takes a genius to figure that out and barely is worth putting finger to keyboard to author. Yet if I claim the stock market will crash on January 22nd and it crashes on the 23rd, I am incorrect, at least to the nature of the timing.

So it is in this framework in which I will strive to be as accurate as possible in my prediction while striving to communicate the nature of what I believe is happening.

While the year 2000 marked the suppose birth of the "Age of Aquarius", I believe that 2006 will be the year that sees the birth of the 'Global Conscience' in the "Year of the Phoenix". In ancient Egypt, the phoenix was a mystical bird that destroyed itself by fire every 500 years in order to rise from the ashes anew. 2005 has seen many images and concepts portraying this concept and I believe it will continue if not culminate in 2006.

It is important to understand why the phoenix is important to attain a "New World Order". Critical to this concept is the idea of sacrifice as nothing important can be obtained without first having one. For instance, in order to usher in the 'Age of Aquarius' of the new millennia a sacrifice needed to be offered.

When you consider the following murders for the past 100 years, their intent becomes disturbingly clear:
  • US Abortion (1973-1999) - 40 million
  • Chinese Abortion - (1990-1999) 100 million
  • Mao Zedong 'Great Leap Forward' - 30 million
  • Ottoman Empire Armenian Genocide (1915) - 1.5 million
  • Khmer Rouge genocide - 1 million
  • World War I - 15 million
  • World War II - 50 Million
  • Russian Civil War - 5 million
  • Soviet Union purges under Lenin - 4 million
  • Soviet Union purges under Stalin - 8 million
  • Sino-Japanese war (1931-1942) - 10 million
  • Afghanistan war (1974-1991) - 1 million
  • Sudanese war (1983-2002) - 1 million
  • Congo war (1998-2004) - 3.8 million
Just dealing with a bare scraping of some of the major conflicts of the last 100 years gives us a net result of 270 million dead. Somewhere along the line someone forgot to tell these yahoos what the true God of this world wants is self sacrifice. Starting to get the picture?

But in order to truly bring in the "New World Order" a sacrifice of a greater scale is going to be needed. I believe that we have yet to see the global war that will create the supposed level of sacrifice needed to attain this and that a much larger one will be required. However, there is definitely a time table for this and it is running short.

The movie Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets featured a savior that was a phoenix and the next movie is entitled Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Undoubtedly one of 2006 biggest movies will be X-Men 3 which will feature the savior from X-Men 2, Jean Grey, as the reincarnated Dark Phoenix. It would seem that the populace's mass psyche is being prepared for something. But what?

A date that I am sure is getting to get much poo-pooing by the mass media is the quickly approaching 6-6-6 date, June(6), 6, 2006. The reference that is obviously being made here is to St. John's penning of Revelation 13:18 referring to the mark of the beast being 666. Note the movie release planned called "The Beast".

*** The Real Prediction - At this point I believe that much of this is designed to distract and dupe normal people into believing the Christian rhetoric about "the Beast", that is to say the anti-Christ, is nothing more than movie-induced fantasy. Never mind the fact that the prediction was made 2000 years ago.

I believe that if we get the awaited 'Phoenix Transformation' we will catch at least a high profile glimpse of new and an upcoming world leader who will stun the world with his seeming courage, morality and amazing solutions to the world's problems, specifically the issue of what to do with the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

For those of you that missed it earlier this year, Ariel Sharon (Israel's Prime Minister) formed a new political party named Kadima. This is forcing a new public election that will be held in March.

*** The Real Prediction - This is a difficult nut to crack. I believe that if Sharon runs for the position, he will win. Why? Who knows. The man sold his people out to a group of terrorist thugs in order to achieve peace.

But perhaps the bigger question is will he run if he is having the reported heart problems as a result of his minor stroke? I believe the answer is yes.

The supposed problem behind the terrorist movement is being portrayed as radical 'fundamentalism'. With former Pope John Paul II and now current Pope Benedict XVI calling for a "New World Order"

*** The Real Prediction - With 'radicals' being blamed for most if not all of the terrorist acts in the world, Look for a start of a clarion call to 'harmonize' and 'unite' the world in their common belief in a creator. The problem? It's a set-up for a one-world religion that defies Satan and man.

BILL CLINTON, U.N. CHIEF - February or July 2006
*** The Real Prediction - Despite growing anti-American sentiment worldwide, Clinton's Tsunani and Hurricane relief work help peg him as a 'great humanitarian' and what more fitting a post than the head of the United Nations?

*** The Real Prediction - As Iraq-weariness begins to set in, Bush shifts strategy to going after Iran and/or Syria as another 'theater' in the global struggle on terror.
Another possibility is that a total surprise retaliation/attack, Russia attacks Israel but is totally defeated.
Yet on the horizon still looms North Korea and most likely China. Perhaps 2009?

*** The Real Prediction - 2005 saw the 777 UK rail bombings and many small terrorist attacks in Bali, Jordan and Iraq. Potential targets include: The Dome on the Rock, Al Aqsa mosque, the Vatican, Chicago's Sears Tower, Italy's 2006 Winter Olympics and Superbowl XV.

With wars waging at home and abroad, America's global defeat seems imminent.

*** The Real Prediction -
* Economy - A further decline as the housing market continues to cool.

* Government - (Elections in November) - The Republicans will begin to pay for their outspoken arrogance. In representative seats. Watch for fallout from Republican scandal, oil prices, overspending, Constitutional encroachment, war fatigue, and Democratic whining to give the Dems control of the House.

* Immigration - New border wall gets defunded or stalled. Border violence escalates.

* Natural Disasters - Perhaps California will be hit by an earthquake, or the super-volcano will blow. Not so sure about this one. If another disaster happens, you can rest assured FEMA will serve some sort of critical role. (Namely spending money)

* Police State - A continuation of the denegration of the Constitution. RealID is integrated into RFID, CCTV nationwide as we begin to 'not tolerate' a lack of identification. Checkpoints begin to solidify into border controls/anti-terrorism measures.

* Terrorism - With 5 years since 9/11 and 6 years between 9/11 and OKC, the number 11 (years) seems to suggest this could be the year for 'The big one' that we have been hearing about since 9/11.

GAS & CRUDE PRICES - April 2006
*** The Real Prediction - Look for the trend that has been established over the last few years to continue. Gas starts to head upwards as it looks for equalization with overseas markets. Overseas, the price starts heading up to with $6 a gallon in the U.K. and much of Europe and close to if not just over $4 a gallon here in the U.S.

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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Total Traffic Surveillance in the UK, Coming to the US

Back in 1998, I was trying to convince many of my friends and family that this nation was headed towards a police state. One of the instances that I cited in my continued evidence in this trend was the continual build-up of government closed-circuit television in the United Kingdom that will lead to the same here in the United States. However, it is difficult to connect the dots when all you can see is one, solitary mark, regardless of it's size.

I argued eloquently, yet my comrades refused to see that perhaps these cameras were part of a larger agenda.
"Yes", I argued, "they want to spy on you. They want to follow every movement: your cars, your transactions and yes, even you."
"Suuuuuure" was the response.
"That's not all, they want to put you in camps."
Boy, that was met with an even more conclusive and condemning proclamations.

Well, well. It appears that the tinfoil hat that was ordered for me was a tad bit premature, don't you think? Consider this:

Earlier this year, I reported how the EU was setting up spy satellites for crime. And now comes the news that ALL TRAFFIC will be monitored and recorded in the U.K. Yes, yes friends here are some of the quotes:
"A new national surveillance system will hold the records for at least two years."
"Using a network of cameras that can automatically read every passing number plate, the plan is to build a huge database of vehicle movements so that the police and security services can analyze any journey a driver has made over several years."

"The network will incorporate thousands of existing CCTV cameras which are being converted to read number plates automatically night and day to provide 24/7 coverage of all motorways and main roads, as well as towns, cities, ports and petrol-station forecourts."
Getting the idea? The following is from another article and I think makes a very important point.
"If the police and security services can show that a national surveillance operation based on recording car movements can protect the public against criminals and terrorists, there will be a strong political will to do the same with street cameras designed to monitor the flow of human traffic."
The Real Effect
Well, the global police state is getting close to fully operational. All we are waiting is for another cataclysmic event in the spirit of another 9/11 to supposedly justify the suspension of all rights. Of course the movement will be disguised as an act to protect humanity, but in truth, it will be to further enslave it.

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Headline News: 12-21-2005

Christian Persecution
Military chaplains told to shy from Jesus
* Expelled lesbians sue Christian high school

Family Destruction

* Canada Legalizes "Sex Clubs" - "14-year-olds will be exploited"

Healthcare & Illness

FDA OK's kids' Tamiflu, Net sales probed


* Governor Napolitano bludgeons border-fence proposal
Smuggling of migrants gets violent
* Mexican drug gangs force Indians to grow opium

Police State

* Britain will be first country to monitor every car journey
* Drudge Fact Check:Clinton/Carter Executive Orders Did Not Authorize Warrantless
* Senate leaders agree to extend Patriot act
* Patriot Act Supposed to Fail?
* Now Executive warns: no smoking at home
* No hate crime: White man dragged by blacks
* More Cameras Used In School Bathrooms

* 9/11: Missing Black Boxes in World Trade Center Attacks Found by Firefighters, Analyzed by NTSB, Concealed by FBI

* Goss Tells Turks to Prepare for Iran Attack
* Ukrainian Cruise Missiles Transported Via Russia to Iran — Israel
* Iran talks tough on nuclear rights

Patrick J. Buchanan - Darwinism on defense
Walter E. Williams - The consumer rip-off

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