Monday, July 14, 2008

D.C. - Let's shut down the roads!

Washington D.C. has traded what few marbles that they have left for a shot in the foot.
D.C. leaders are considering traffic changes that would make driving in the city more challenging for commuters. One change would end the reversible middle lane on 16th Street in through Mount Pleasant and Columbia Heights in Northwest. Mayor Adrian Fenty also is considering a plan to close the section of Interstate 395 that connects to New York Avenue. Both routes are popular with suburban commuters.
Now why would they do such a thing? Is it because they feel that's the best way to manage traffic, or perhaps grow some sort of industry. Nah, the reason being is far more self-serving -
City officials said they are considering the changes because they want to promote pedestrian safety, use of public transit, biking and walking.
The Real Effect
Gone is the assumption that Big Brother is here for our benefit. They are now here officially to tell you, the sheeple, what you should be doing with your time, money, and very being. There is a very good chance that other cities begin to mimic this policy to save money, deal with traffic congestion, and promote "healthy" lifestyles. Just wait until we get an actual carbon tax in place... something that both McCain and Obama support.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Welcome the Mediterranean Union

I knew I disliked Sarkozy for a good reason as he attempts to do through treaty what Hitler couldn't do 60 years ago via force.
In the splendour of the Grand Palais, which was built in 1900 for an exhibition of French imperial power, most of the presidents and prime ministers of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East are to endorse the plan by Nicolas Sarkozy for a north-south community.
The Real Effect
Could this be the precursor to the treaty with Israel that sets the world on fire? I don't know, but it's an important to be sure. I have several theories on this, but I believe I will hold them for a little bit.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Economy Chills

Indymac capsizes and the banking crisis deepens into less of a cut and more of an infection with the 2nd largest closing in the United States history.

On August 10, 2005 I posted the following:
1) I believe that the globalists are attempting to strip the American Economy by devaluing the dollar, weakening the American military through multiple prolonged conflicts and the removal of what was outstanding American influence over many countries in order to prepare us for a Global Union.
2) In order to achieve a Global Union, the current global problem solver, the United States, must be effectively removed from the picture. I believe that this will be accomplished by plunging the American economy dramatically, suddenly and then selling off her assets gradually over the next year ending roughly in June of next year.
I will maintain that while my timing is sometimes suspect (off a few months to a year) my analysis is generally spot on. Let's look at my prediction again -
1) The dollar continues to tank with countries virtually lining up to fling it off the monetary cliff. This is while costs stack up from the Afghan/Iraq conflict.
2) The Unions continue to develop and while the economy took more of a prolonged sell-off, one is hard pressed to explain that I called this weakening while the "experts" were claiming we'd climb out of it. (Feeling foolish yet?)

The Real Effect
The bleeding is worsening as the globalists loot the American people of everything. Pensions are starting to disappear, savings are gone, debt is piling on and the elite are laughing. After all, you got your "stimulus" check right?
This is going to get much worse everyone with a domino effect knocking off many long-standing institutions as they become "Federal". With the harpies screaming about Iran, God forbid they actually invade that country and they close the Straits of Hormuz.

Bohemian Grove 2008

Bohemian Grove 2008 is on. With news of John McCain, Barack Obama and George Bush attending, can one really doubt that we're being shafted here? Can we just drop all the pretenses and get on/off with the tyranny?

Sunday, July 06, 2008

FEMA Encounter

A few days back, the Federal Emergency Managemeny Agency was offering emergency assistance to those affected by the flooding in the area. I thought I would share the pics I got while inspecting their operations. Enjoy.