Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Amero - Not So Conspiratorial, Is it?

The following is from CNN -
KING: E-mail from Mrs. Gonzalez in Elizabeth, New Jersey. "Mr. Fox, I would like to know how you feel about the possibility of having a Latin America united with one currency?"

FOX: Long term, very long term. What we propose together, President Bush and myself, it's ALCA, which is a trade union for all of the Americas. And everything was running fluently until Hugo Chavez came. He decided to isolate himself. He decided to combat the idea and destroy the idea...

KING: It's going to be like the euro dollar, you mean?
FOX: Well, that would be long, long term. I think the processes to go, first step into is trading agreement. And then further on, a new vision, like we are trying to do with NAFTA.
From World Net Daily -

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox confirmed the existence of a plan conceived with President Bush to create a new regional currency in the Americas, in an interview last night on CNN's "Larry King Live."
According to a transcript published by CNN, King, near the end of the broadcast, asked Fox a question e-mailed from a listener, a Ms. Gonzalez from Elizabeth, N.J.: "Mr. Fox, I would like to know how you feel about the possibility of having a Latin America united with one currency?"
Fox answered in the affirmative, indicating it was a long-term plan. He admitted he and President Bush had agreed to pursue the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas – a free-trade zone extending throughout the Western Hemisphere, suggesting part of the plan was to institute eventually a regional currency.

And some more from Prison Planet.com -

Fox called for U.S. immigration reform stating "It's my impression that fear is guiding public opinion here and xenophobia.
When asked if he supported globalization through NAFTA, Fox responded: "Yes, absolutely, NAFTA has been good, as a matter of fact we should have a new vision, go further, integrating and working together to build a better future for both. "That happened with Spain and with the European Union with them joining the union and having access to those huge cohesive bonds, they were able to overcome poverty and today Spain, or Ireland or Greece or Portugal are all very successful nations, what you need is a little bit of solidarity." Stewart then went on to ask "Would you like to see a North American Union with the U.S. Mexico, and Canada, you want Canada in there?" To which Fox responded "Yes long term, yes."

In yet another separate interview Fox also stated that he believes "racists" are preventing increased immigration into the U.S.: "The xenophobics, the racists, those who feel they are a superior race ... they are deciding the future of this nation," he said in an interview with The Associated Press.
The Real Effect
This is one of the first steps in acclimating the public as a whole to the idea of a possibility of a North American Union. The logic goes something like this: March out a semi-credible figure (Fox) to speak about the possibility of a Union, then have this figure speak in Utopian lingual of the glories of harmonization while simultaneously decrying all who would oppose just a mere idea. After all, we don't criticize ideas do we?

Look for figures in the U.S. government to begin to echo bits of this rhetoric as they begin to sell us, the sheeple, on the North American Union. Over the next few years we should start to see a solid push to implement the FTAA and NAU.