Monday, October 13, 2008

A New Day in Infamy?

I start with a brief explanation:
Around the beginning of July I was updating some of my news research looking for possible angles in the Illuminati master game plan and attempting to discover any heinous acts they might commit. In doing so I generally come up with a list of possible dates and events and then attempt to see if anything lines up in such a way that would cause me to investigate further.

Usually I come up with quite a few of such dates, in the neighborhood of 3-4 a month with about 1-2 every 3-6 months causing me some form of discomfort. This time however, there were several dates that were lining up in such a fashion that were bothering me signifcantly.
The first such date was August 1, 2008, the day of the total solar eclipse that was to pass near the Olympic site in China roughly six days before the start of the games. I thought to myself, just how convenient is that?
The second such date was August 8th, 2008. (888) I had marked it on my calendar as being a possible war date, but seeing as how the Olympics were scheduled to commence that day, how could they possibly go to war? Therefore, I reasoned nothing would happen and decided not to post what was a building suspicion of mine. How wrong I was.
The final date in that sequence bothered me even more. At first, something just rubbed me the wrong way about that date. I don’t know what it was, it just got to me significantly. Then, on May 13th, I had a dream about something entirely disturbing.Could it be that something was going to happen this day? To make matters even worse, in July, Freeman comes on the Alex Jones program and states that we need to watch October the 13th. Finally I met with a good friend of mine in September who stated that he had a friend who was in special forces and that we needed to “watch out” for that day. This whole thing was starting to stink.
So I watched, prayed and watched some more…. And ran smack dab into a dilemma. If I post something and nothing happens, I will be regarded as crazy. However if it occurs, the question becomes “How did you know”? Much less than an unpleasant position either way…
So after wrestling with my conscious for months, I decided to post, if for no other reason than for posterity's sake.
So what do I think is going to happen? I believe there will be an attack, nuclear or the device they used in Pakistan recently, on the Whitehouse or a prolific target in the immediate area (House of Reps/Senate).
Why do I state this? In part for previously stated reasons, but in addition to that I present the following: The 13th is the 216th anniversary since the laying of the foundation of the Whitehouse. But why is this important?
  • Try multiplying 6x6x6
  • The following formula 33 + 43 + 53 = 63 = 216
  • The sum of a twin prime (107 + 109)
  • In the Ab urbe condita calendar 216 is 969
  • 144,000/666 is 216.216216216 (look into the book of Revelation for that one).
  • The ever popular Left Behind series prolific use of this number.
  • 216th verse of the Apocalypse: (Revelation 13:4) " And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast"

Any way you slice it, this is one freaky number. The long and short of it is that the Illuminati believe that man(6) can wield dark magic(66) to achieve evil things. (6+66).

Other points to note:

  • It was 6 Days from the end of the Total solar eclipse 8/1/2008 to the beginning of the Beijing Olympics 8/8/2008
  • 66 Days from the start of the Beijing, Olympics 8/8/2008 to 10/13/2008.
  • It will be also be 2589 days since the attacks of 911 (2520(360 x 7) + 69). Think of it as God's plan being turned on it's head.
  • Add in Operation Brimstone, the global economic suicide, 3rd Infantry’s 1st Brigade Combat Team is returning from Iraq to defend the Homeland, a D.C. power outage on June 13th, Bilderberg meeting there this year and the comments about an October surprise and terrorism and we have some really messed up situations.

The Real Effect

Watch yourselves out there. I desperately pray that I am wrong. Either way, we’ll see in a few hours.