Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Second Wave

In what is sure to be a critical breaking story over the next 48-72 hours, the Ukrainian plague has spread massively throughout the world over the last month. Countries infected include the Ukraine, Norway, Poland, Belarus, Georgia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Moldova, Hungary, Lithuania, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, India, Hong Kong, China, Brazil, Russia, Israel, the U.K., Canada and it seems to have made it’s way to the United States. With cases in North Carolina, Nebraska, and most importantly Iowa, this is a powder keg waiting to blow.

As if on cue this report from the CDC comes out
Federal officials said today they have noticed "a worrisome spike in serious pneumococcal disease" linked to infections with pandemic H1N1 influenza. Health authorities normally see an increase in such infections associated with seasonal flu, but this year the rate is substantially higher than normal and the disease is striking younger people than normal, according to Dr. Anne Schuchat, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases.

Why would they say this now?
Most of the pneumococcal infections can be prevented with a vaccine called Pneumovax that is recommended for people with medical conditions that leave them at high risk, but only about a quarter of people at risk have received an immunization.

Oh, another vaccine! Splendid!

Pneumovax is manufactured by Merck the company embroiled in scandal because it chose not to share that it’s drug, Vioxx, was killing people.

So what does this new flu look like?

In Dobrush all started with two patients in early November. Temperature may rise to all different ways - to 37, 38, 39 degrees. Shortness of breath increases, there is a cough, pain between the shoulder blades, arthralgia, diarrhea may be a violation of the digestive system. People tend to, when you begin to torment the shortness of breath, cough appeared. The worst thing, when they came already with sputum containing blood - this is aggravating factor, suggests that lung tissue was destroyed.
The Real Effect
I have been following the Ukrainian mutation since the day it was reported. Since that date, I have posted 11 articles detailing the spread in Eastern Europe which are available in the archives. From October 30th

Could this be the dreaded mutation that would be the real pandemic? Only time will tell.
And on the 2nd of November -
My take at this point is this – I believe that there is a new ‘strain’ of the flu circulating in the Ukraine that seems very similar to the hemoraghic pneumonia that was reported being reported by Steve Quayle a few months ago and later sighted. It is very possible that this is being spread via vaccination and I doubt that the reported chemtrailing is helping. If anything it’s probably spreading the symptoms which will increase the panic and increase the vaccination rate.

This version seems primed to hit the Midwest hard. I believe this version is going to be strike the middle class the worst as several trends are appearing:
  1. Spraying first – An area that was reported as sprayed seems to get sick within 48 hours. This has been reported in Iowa and Western Wisconsin.
  2. Fast spread – The virus seems to make a lot of people sick, very quickly and be psychologically traumatizing. (Lightning fast onset and graphic deaths)
  3. Reportedly low mortality rate – While the deaths are scary, the reported death count is low. So it appears to be more of a psychologically tuned illness. Whereas swine flu panicked, Ukrainian plague will terrorize.
Look for increasing cases going into the weekend in the Midwest especially as this appears to be ground zero. I believe that it will continue to increase the infection rate until roughly Christmas when it will slow down.

FDIC Is Bust

Running in the red -
Unfortunately, a dire prediction made by government officials in early 2009 has come true: the FDIC's deposit insurance fund is now broke, according to published reports.
I love how no specific individuals are named.
"The deposit insurance fund dropped by $18.6 billion during the third quarter of 2009 to negative $8.2 billion, as the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. set aside $21.7 billion in provisions for additional bank failures,"
Back in September of last year I posted the following:
Oh and the FDIC is running out of money to "protect" you. Guess you'll be paying yourself to get your money back.
And the following -
The long and short is they are bleeding the real assets out of the United States and passing them into foreign control. Make no mistake, they will bleed this country dry. Savings, checking, 401K, gold, assets, they want it all and will not stop until they get it. The only companies that survive will be those that primarily serve the industrial military complex. Overnight this country will be transformed into the new prison state for the Global Order. Get food, get water, get a gun and get ready to defend yourself.
I might remind the reader that this was posted two weeks before the market collapse of October 2008.
In March the FDIC took steps to stave off the possibility that its insurance fund would run dry, instituting new fees on banks, forcing them to pay to protect consumers.
But, it's ok, they can borrow -
"The FDIC has not yet accessed a temporary $500 billion fund of capital it has available to it from Treasury for the insurance fund," Marketwatch notd. "The FDIC estimates that bank failures will cost the agency as much as $100 billion over the next five years, with the majority of the losses taking place in 2009 and 2010.
The Real Effect

Just so everyone is clear, let's summarize: The banks speculate wildly by leveraging(usury) loans on fraudulent assets certified safe by bogus ratings and make a financial killing doing it. Then, when the inherent position comes back to haunt them, they cry foul and the taxpayers are forced to bail them out with their current assets. They then use this money not to 'fix' the bad loans, but merely shift them to dead carcass corporations that they purchase and then drop the institutions like a bad habit. On top of this they give themselves record bonuses for a job well done.
Just for clarification, robbing a bank/people this way is legal, but if you go in and grab it out of drawer, you'll rightly be put in jail.

These government programs are black holes because they were designed that way. They are a "legal" way of committing the otherwise illegal.

Anyone else notice how gold has gone up like 30%? Seem odd to you? That's because it's not, the dollar is going down. Look for the tidal wave to continue, taking the dollar with it.

Sure are a lot of zombies out there...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Reality Creeps In

The public is starting to take notice of the enormous white elephant that has taken up residence in the middle of the economic living room:

“Job seekers now, outnumber openings six to one, the worst ratio since the government began tracking..."

50% of US children, one out of every two children, will need to use food stamps to eat. That is starvation for half of America’s children.
Capitol Wealth
"Workers between the age of 55 - 60, who have worked for 20 - 29 years, have lost an average of 25 percent off their 401k."

"They were the worst three months of all time," said Rick Sharga, spokesman for RealtyTrac, an online marketer of foreclosed homes. During that time, 937,840 homes received a foreclosure letter -- whether a default notice, auction notice or bank repossession, the RealtyTrac report said. That means one in every 136 U.S. homes were in foreclosure, which is a 5% increase from the second quarter and a 23% jump over the third quarter of 2008.
"3.4 million homes are expected to enter foreclosure by year’s end, with some experts estimating that next year will be even worse."
State Bankruptcies
Been there, done that.

Federal Government
Neck deep in debt. And what happens if we cannot raise the debt ceiling? It won’t be able to send out Social Security checks or make payments for Medicaid and unemployment insurance to state governments. And, it will not be able to make interest payments on government bonds, effectively defaulting on the national debt."
The Real Effect
Of course the Feds will raise the debt ceiling, they're not that dumb. However state and local governments don't have the benefit of an unlimited checkbook. Basic boil down - the consumers are broke, this is breaking the states and the Fed will back some amount of state debt. This is and will lead to a Federal debt bubble. This is the last line of defense and when this bubble breaks, all hell will break loose. The question I have is, who's head will be in the noose?
But at least the government is spending! That will save us, right? Right?!? Hello?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

WHO Releases Test Results

The WHO is hiding something -


17 November 2009 -- Preliminary tests reveal no significant changes in the pandemic (H1N1) 2009 virus based on investigations of samples taken from patients in Ukraine. Analyses are being performed by two WHO influenza collaborating centres as part of the global influenza surveillance network.

Preliminary genetic sequencing shows that the virus is similar to the virus used for production of the pandemic influenza vaccine, reconfirming the vaccine's efficacy at this time.


The World Health Organization says tests on swine flu samples from Ukraine show no significant mutation of the virus. The global body said Tuesday that preliminary genetic sequencing at laboratories in Britain and the United States showed that the virus in Ukraine was similar to that used for production of the pandemic flu vaccine. The Ukrainian Health Ministry has registered some 1.4 million cases of flu and respiratory illness since the start of the swine flu outbreak. WHO says most cases are likely swine flu and the infection rate is in line with neighbouring countries such as Russia and Poland.

The Real Effect

Why the 13 day delay in the release of the sample results? Did they take samples from individuals that weren’t exhibiting pneumonic plague symptoms?

Their bottom line – Nothing to see here, just take the vaccine.

I suppose getting 1.4 million cases in two weeks is normal? Correct me if I am wrong, but obliteration of one’s lungs wasn’t a symptom of the swine flu? Right? Reports of planes spraying the region right before the outbreak, all of that is just happenstance.

So far a little over 3% of the country is officially infected and the mortality rate is reportedly low. As of 11/15. it appeared that the infection rate is slowing down a bit, however today the numbers are showing another uptick in infection and hospitalization. “and the infection rate is in line with neighbouring countries such as Russia and Poland.” That’s because it’s spreading to those countries. Nice cover.

Is WHO just a hopelessly corrupt and useless organization?
No doubt.

Monday, November 16, 2009

States Going Bankrupt

WND reports that the State’s situation deepens -
The National Governor's Association has reported state revenues across the nation were down 11.7 and 16.6 percent in the first two quarters of 2009, respectively.

The study further observed that state revenues will not return to 2008 levels in real dollar terms until fiscal year 2014, under the most favorable assumptions that the economy has already begun a slow and largely jobless recovery.

Red Alert reports that among the most severe problems facing the states is the outstanding liability of about $2.73 trillion in employee retirement, health and other benefits coming due over the next several decades, of which more than $271 billion is unfunded.

The National Governor's Association presented the reality that "it will take states nearly a decade to fully emerge from the current recession."

Just last week, Red Alert reported that the real unemployment number, including those who have dropped out of the labor force because they have become discouraged after looking for a job for a year or longer, was 22.1 percent for October 2009, not the 10.2 percent reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Red Alert continues to predict that as the state budget crisis deepens, the Obama administration will propose federal guarantees on state loans, even though the move would add trillions to the contingent liabilities of the United States.

The Real Effect
As I posted back on June 15 -
States will declare bankruptcy, Republicans will point at Democrats and Democrats will blame Republicans.
While it hasn't happened yet, we are at most a one to two years away from this realization. Now the Feds may come in and guarantee that debt and we might see some bookkeeping shenanigans, but the states will be bankrupt none-the-less.

Edited for appearance and labels on 5/4/2010.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

900,000 Norwegians Infected

From Norway -
Less than 17 percent of Norway's population is now infected with the swine flu. The estimates of Public Health (FHI) for the latest updated situation report that was published late Wednesday night.

Both the incidence of influenza-like illness and the number of confirmed flu cases has increased sharply throughout the country in recent weeks. Men i forrige uke gikk kurven bratt oppover. But last week was a steep upward curve.
We estimate that just under 900,000 Norwegians are now infected and that nearly half a million were infected just last week. There are a large number and it tells us that we are in the middle of a new and powerful wave of infection which is significantly stronger than the one we had this summer, "said Hans Blystad, superintendent at the NIPH.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

WHO Silent on Ukraine Flu Sequences

From Recombinomics -

It has now been more than a week since samples from Ukraine were sent to the WHO regional lab, Mill Hill in London. Although comments have been made that at least 15 samples were H1N1 confirmed, and the sequences showed no large changes or resistance to oseltamivir, there have been no updates. The absence of additional information or release of sequences, increases concerns that small changes undergoing further analysis are causing delays.
In the days post shipment, cases in Ukraine have quadrupled to over 1 million and the reported fatalities have grown from 30 to 174. The clinical presentation of 90 of the fatalities was classical H1N1 linked hemorrhagic pneumonia, which led to the "total destruction" of both lungs. These fatal cases were hospitalized 3-7 days after disease onset, highlighting the rapid progression of the infection in a large number of patients, suggesting genetic changes in the H1N1 virus.
Although politicians and media reports continue to downplay the significance by citing a small number of lab confirmed cases or more traditional pneumonia deaths, the number of fatal hemorrhagic cases was unusually large. These deaths involve hemorrhagic pneumonia in previously health young adults. Most deaths were 19-40 years of age. The age group with the second highest totals was 41-55. Thus, the age profile of these cases parallels those seen in other countries in H1N1 infected patients.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Ukraine Official Numbers - One in 45 sick

Here are some statistics on the deepening situation in the Ukraine -

1,031,597 SICK (1 in 45 or 2.24% of the population)

52,742 IN HOSPITALS ( 1 in 872 or 0.11%)

174 DEAD (1 in 264,335)

All of this after only about two weeks. Following the same percentages, if just half of the Ukraine gets sick it will result in 1,175,765 Ukrainians hospitalized and 75,869 dead. Sobering statistics.

205,000 sick in Ukraine Swine Flu Pneumonic Plague

Friday, November 06, 2009

India Infected as Well?

India has the plague as well?
Thirty-five patients with swine flu-like symptoms died in the last 45 days at the hospital, and not one of them tested positive for swine flu. The doctors still don’t know what caused the death of these patients.
It took 45 days to realize that we don't know why these patients were dying? Let me guess this is the new H1N3?

Belarus Now Reporting Pneumonic Flu

Belarus is reporting 10 pneumonic flu deaths and has now closed their schools:

In recent weeks, the Belarusian capital Minsk has seen an estimated 10 deaths of persons suffering from pneumonia preceded by flu-like symptoms. Public health workers were working to identify the virus causing the illnesses.

Pneumonic Plague Drill In U.S.

From the state of Illinois:

Citizens infected with a fictitious pneumonic plague will line up outside Lincoln Prairie Elementary School on Saturday to help test the site as a medication dispensary in case of an emergency.

The Lake in the Hills Police Department is carrying out the test as part of a grant from the McHenry County Department of Health for its emergency health plan. In case of a biological terrorist attack or widespread disease outbreak, the site would be able get medicine to the community, Lake in the Hills Chief of Patrol Services David Brey said.

The event will use volunteers pretending to have been stricken by the plague to help test the flow of the site, from initial triage through receiving proof of being medicated.

Very interesting coincidence. The pneumonic plague is in the Ukraine and China and we're practicing to get it here.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Martial Law in the Ukraine?

Here are a couple of key points from a Ukrainian Presidential address -
The conclusions of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, my numerous consultations with national and international experts show that.

First. Unlike similar epidemics in other countries, three pathogens of viral infections came to Ukraine at the same time: two of them are seasonal flu and the third is the A/H1N1.

According to virologists, such a combination of infections due to mutation may produce a new, even more aggressive virus. Second. The A/H1N1 virus is easily mutating. It has travelled across half of the globe before coming to Ukraine.

This means that the virus has become particularly pathogenic.

This means that medical aid must be urgently reinforced by emergency, critical care treatment.

The third risk factor. It is generally known that the only way to prevent any infection is vaccination. At the same time I instruct the Government and the Ministry of Health to immediately start preventive and promotional work in areas where there is no epidemic, targeting primarily the special risk groups.

I demand the Government to immediately cancel the existing order of registration of medical supplies, including vaccines. We must change the system. We must change the entire system of government in Ukraine.

But now, in this moment there is no time for waiting or remonstrance. National Security and Defense Council should become the center of decision-making.

Failure to comply with its orders will immediately result in application to the law enforcement authorities. With my decree I put Minister of Health and Chief Sanitary Inspector of Ukraine into the Council for National Security and Defense.
On a related note, it seems to be the pneumonic plague,
Ukrainian News Agency "Fraza" reported that, according to informed sources, "it has been confirmed 100 % Pneumonic Plague in Ukraine".
The Agency asserts that "the head physician of the medical institutions has sent out an informal disposal - not to sow panic, to refute the information about the plague, and to speak only of swine influenza".
According to the "Fraza" agency, "today in Ukraine pneumonic plague is going in parallel with swine flu. The plague has killed over 60 people, and about 14 from the flu.
Meanwhile, the press service of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine reported that there is only one death from "California" virus A/N1N1 in Ukraine.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Ukraine Situation Escalates

This situation becomes more disconcerting in the Ukraine.
It was reported that light aircraft were seen over the Forest market area of the city (close to the Forest metro station) and they were spraying an aerosol substance intended to “counter swine flu”, this of course would constitute forced medication of the population.

The editors of local newspapers in Kiev received dozens of phone calls from concerned residents and shop owners in the Forest market area of the city reporting they had observed several light airplanes circling in the sky during the day spraying an unidentified aerosol into the atmosphere.

Reports of helicopters and light airplanes spraying aerosols over Kiev, Lviv, Ternopil, and other cities throughout Ukraine are tonight flooding online forums and websites, hundreds of people have verified the reports with their own eye-witness accounts.

An order from President Yushchenko is expected soon that will effectively place Ukraine under “martial law”.

Nine regions of Ukraine have declared a quarantine around the country and public events have been banned (including the elections).The Clergy have been ordered not to hold any Church or religious services on Sundays or to gather a congregation for any reason whatsoever. Police are also enforcing the compulsory wearing of protective face masks, any driver caught not wearing a mask faces harsh legal penalties.

Another report states:
The Health Ministry says 53 people have died over the last week from flu and other respiratory diseases. Almost 185,000 people are suffering, and more than 7,000 have been transferred to hospitals. Of those, 123 are in critical condition.

Ukrainian government has made an emergency purchase of Tamiflu medicine from Switzerland. A shipment of 300 million doses, worth $2.5 million, was airlifted on Sunday night.
And they’re treating it with Tamiflu. Useless.

What doesn’t help matters is this report that -
The Huffington Post reported on a a man named Joseph Moshe who was arrested after a hours long standoff with the police because he had supposedly made threats against the White House. The man was able to withstand multiple rounds of tear gas.

However, the internet community was very skeptical of the true reasons behidn this man’s arrest. Comments on the Huffington Post website immediately began pouring in about an unreported side to this story, namely that Joseph Moshe was a Mossad Agent specialized in biological warfare who called into a radio show to warn people about a biological weapn that was being made by Baxter international that would be spread through vaccine and would cause a plague upon it’s release.
The Real Effect
My take at this point is this – I believe that there is a new ‘strain’ of the flu circulating in the Ukraine that seems very similar to the hemoraghic pneumonia that was reported being reported by Steve Quayle a few months ago and later sighted. It is very possible that this is being spread via vaccination and I doubt that the reported chemtrailing is helping. If anything it’s probably spreading the symptoms which will increase the panic and increase the vaccination rate. A win-win for the pharmaceutical companies. And to make maters even more interesting, China has some cases too.

At a bare minimum, facts and logic will not rule and fear will drive the response. How far will this go? I can't really say now.

Edited 8/2/2010 for appearance.