Monday, July 30, 2012

Keep and Bear Arms Shall Not Be Infringed.

Hot on the heels of Scalia stabbing the Republicans in the back, comes this gem -
Some would argue that this is not the time to bring a gun into a theater. But police said James Mapes told them it is exactly the time, telling authorities he brought a gun into a Thornton movie theater Sunday for his own protection.

His handgun was strapped to his waist — he was wearing it so others could see it.

A cell phone video captures Mapes being arrested for possession of a weapon in a liquor and beer establishment, a misdemeanor. Police said he was cooperative and emphasized his right to bear arms.

Technically, police said Mapes was arrested because he was carrying his weapon in a way that caused alarm and fear for others. He received a summons and was later released.

Once theater managers learned of the gun, they quickly evacuated several theaters in the building. About 30 people were affected. Witnesses said it was a frightening ordeal with the Aurora shooting still fresh in their minds.
Remember the 'Theme for 2012'? Are we responsible for our own actions? Let's apply this theme here.

Was Mapes brandishing a firearm?
Brandishing - Wave or flourish (something, esp. a weapon) as a threat or in anger or excitement.
Nope, that wasn't the case here. In reality, others were afraid of his Constitutionally upheld right to carry a firearm, so they complained to the theater owner in order to 'protect' themselves. The theater owner likewise acted to 'protect' his business from the fear of a gun by calling the police. What no one sought to protect was Mapes' right to protect himself from a demonstrated threat that exists in the form of gunmen performing mass shootings in theaters.

A right is only a right as long as it does not interfere with others rights. Put another way, you do not have a right to be protected from risk as the 'right' presupposes the right to remove unwanted behavior from others. For instance, you should be free to paint your house neon yellow as long as it doesn't interfere with another individual's rights. (Note - There is no right to possess value.)

In this instance, all of the individuals 'effected' were projecting their desire to not have scary guns around them over Mapes' right to protect himself if the possibility of assault by a gunmen were to occur. (Consider for a moment that fear was sufficient cause to project a right. Does Mapes' right to not be afraid of being unarmed supersede the fear of others at him carrying a weapon?) Yes, it is frightening to see individuals projecting power, but that is the consequence of the actions of the Batman shooter not Mapes.

The police also perpetrated the ruse that Mapes had no rights, despite the enumerated defense of the Second Amendment to the supreme law of the land, by arresting him for "caus(ing) alarm and fear for others". That arrest reason is nothing but pure garbage perpetrated by cowards who are afraid to do their sworn duty as peace officers and uphold all individual rights, not just those who complain the loudest.

The correct solution to this is for the theater owner to ask Mapes, through the police if necessary, to leave the premises. Through the right of voluntary association this situation could have been completely diffused.

Further, how will this look on Mapes' (cough) permanent record? Will he be denied employment because he was 'arrested for causing alarm and fear in others with a firearm'? Will he be denied other opportunities because he is now a menace to society?

Chilling ideas to consider when the conservative wing of the Supreme Court is floating the concept of disarming the people.

Friday, July 27, 2012

TSA Tyranny Stacking

Consider the following -
Citizen journalist Julio Rausseo, a roaming correspondent for, was labeled a “terrorist” and threatened with arrest for filming a TSA checkpoint at the Union train station in Chicago.

An Amtrack police official confronted Rausseo, telling him that the government had sent them video of him filming the checkpoints, warning them to look out for people filming the station. A week after Rausseo filmed the TSA, Amtrack identified the reporter eating at restaurant inside Union Station and confronted him. That conversation is recorded in the following video:

“I’m telling you to your face, do not video tape us,” the Amtrack officer can be heard telling Rausseo in the video. “If you come beyond that point… if you come like you did before, you’re going to jail, Sir. Because it could be used for terrorist activity. Right now, you’re in violation.”

When Rausseo objected that he was a reporter and not a terrorist, the employee asked: “Did you approach us and ask to take video?”

When the reporter responded, “I didn’t think I had to. I thought this was America,” the Amtrack police official told him, “No, America nothing. You know better.”

The incident continued, with the employee demanding his ID and claiming that illegal activity had taken place, before admitting, incredibly, that the company had been sent video of Rausseo filming the checkpoint. Clearly, the company keeping tabs on such “trouble makers.”

“And the video didn’t even come… it came from the government. They sent it to us because now somebody is taking pictures of us doing our activity,” the Amtrack officer finally admitted.
I love discussing the origins of 'authority' with people. It's an incredibly fun topic and makes all sorts of individuals squirm intensely under its demands. Usually it goes something like this -
The Real Effect - Where did that individual get his authority from?
Other party - What do you mean? They are authorities.
TRE - Yes, they are called that, but their authority had to originate somewhere. Say the Constitution...
OP - (stunned silence)

You see, the problem inherit in the presiding view of authority is that it really has no source, no origin. Literally, the authorities are often imposters. They appoint themselves as authorities on something and then festoon upon themselves new powers. This is one of the ongoing problems with the European Union presently. An argument from them would look something like this -
  • I am Authority Figure A. And by virtue of my office, I hold AF power A. 
  • I will now declare by the use of AF power A, that I now possess AF Power B as well. (It is a good idea after all.)
  • Behold my new title Authority Figure AB! As such, I now grant myself even more powers....

Such is this case in the example article above. Tyrants often becomes so enamored with their own power that they often grant themselves more power that often conflicts with other powers. Let's look at a few points.
  • Since when does the 4th Amendment have limits?
  • Where does the TSA derive it's right to police individuals at a train station?
  • Filming an activity may be considered potential terrorist activity, but it is not a crime.
  • Does the entity filming the people filming the TSA commit potential terrorism when they engage in filming to catch potential terrorism?
  • Since when did the TSA's powers extend to arresting people AND sending them to jail?
  • When the 'official' stated that reporter was ' volation...', notice how the TSA doesn't cite what he is violation of. Perhaps a rule that the TSA has? (Note, rules apply to the TSA, NOT the general public.)
So, to summarize - The government derived a power through the Constitution, which itself prohibits these kinds of searches, the right to commit a potential terrorist activity  to prevent citizens from committing a potential terrorist activity and in doing so threatens a suspect of "violating" something which warrants jail.

Yeah, that is what we like to call...messed up.

Why the Government Does Such an Inferior Job

Monday, July 23, 2012

Boomers are a Funny Lot

It appears the boomers have a bit of a problem with the police thugs -
During Independence Day celebrations on July 3, State Police troopers were called in to help maintain order in the mostly senior-citizen community. A 70-year-old man says they used excessive force when arresting him, leaving his arms bruised and wrists bleeding.

“Every time they talk to you it’s in a threatening fashion,” long-time resident Emory Langlolies said during Sunday’s meeting.

Langlolies described his experience with law enforcement on the 3rd as overkill. He claims he was playing patriotic music when town officials marched onto his private property and unplugged his stereo. Langlolies says an officer then crushed the plug to keep him from starting the music again.

“They told my wife, ‘we’re going to come back to clean this mess up. We’re going to charge you $300 an hour and we’re going to take our time doing it,’” Langlolies recounted.

“What’s occurring down here is a slow deterioration of our constitutional rights,” said another Humarock resident speaking at the meeting.
Welcome to Amerika Dad.

I would be very curious to know just how this community voted over the last 20 years. Was McCain the candidate of choice in 2008? Do they support Romney now? Most importantly, do they still support Social Security and Medicare?

The main reason why countless Gen X and Yers despise as many boomers as they do is not some sort of 'class warfare' being perpetrated against the poor, poor Millenial's elders, rather the generations are correctly responding to the class warfare being waged against them. Many of these generations have gravitated towards the message of liberty coming from the likes of Dr. Ron Paul, Judge Andrew Napolitano, and others of like character. They correctly observe that the threat that is destroying this country is not existential in nature, say from the countries of Korea, Vietnam, USSR, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Iran and Syria but more succinctly as emanating from the likes of the Locust Generation

As it has been demonstrated repeatedly, this generation is rarely concerned about an issue unless they perceive it directly threatens their personal wealth and prosperity. For instance, look at the ravages that NAFTA has wrought upon the job prospects of the current crops of young workers. Look at the runaway healthcare costs incurred in the name of 'protecting' the senior citizens. Yet this generation will not bare the load for these bills. No, they will ensure that the current 'lazy, welfare dependent, pot-smoking, back-talking' Gen Xers do their time in the crucible of tax hell.

And to ensure that these rebellious youfs will stay in line, these locusts have supported the increasing hordes of fully armed, war-ravaged veterans, becoming "Law Enforcement Officers". (Note they are NOT peace officers) These individuals are like a loaded weapon pointed at Gen X and Y, stripping them of their Constitutional rights. (Try getting your stolen items back once, you'll likely get a cold shoulder from the LEOs.) Indeed, the locusts often support checkpoints, licensing, zoning, property taxes, Federal schooling, countless foreign wars, Medicare, Social Security, bailouts, etc, with 'exceptions' for their class of course.

Tellingly, when the gun is pointed at the boomers they bray and prattle on about the founding fathers spinning in their graves. they festoon themselves in ribbons and medals and hold parties dedicated to the greatness of themselves. 'I served in Vietnam, support Romney, I love my country.' Patriotism to these individuals is not the observation of something greater than themselves like liberty, it is the flat out idolatry of their collective selves, their country.

Now, I know for a fact that there are a minority of the boomers that are incredibly liberty minded that have literally paved the way for those that are now taking their place at the wheel of history. But ask yourself these questions - If the boomers and to a lesser extent the generations before them haven't committed these iniquities upon their children and grand-children, just who did? Certainly not Gen Y and one would be very hard pressed to argue that Gen X, in their twenties created the spendsational policies of the 1980s. 

So here they find themselves, now reaping the fruit of the poison tree wondering at just how when the spent their entire lives perfecting their country, Gen X and Gen Y managed to screw it up soooooo fast... 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Syrian - Hezbollah Bombings and Coincidences - Snd Only

Bulgaria, Day 2

Let's start with Israel, we surmised yesterday that Israel would be loud and insistent if they had some sort of axe to grind with Iran, let's check in on Netanyahu -
Interesting, so why would Israel think this, surely there has to be some sort of reason right -
...Netanyahu was quick to point out that the Bulgarian bus explosion came on the 18th anniversary of a bombing that took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, at the Argentine Jewish Center that killed 85 people. Argentine prosecutors also blamed this attack on Iran.
Well, since according to Israel, correlation proves causation, we've got this all down right? Unfortunately, it appears that this is actually the 1760th anniversary of "Emperor Julian arriving at Antioch with a Roman expeditionary force (60,000 men) and staying there for nine months to launch a campaign against the Persian Empire." So as you can plainly see, Israel was not the real target, Rome was. Hezbollah just got on the wrong plane and, well, missed.

But certainly we know who the allleged bomber was...this guy right?

But wait, Bulgaria has something to say about this dreaded IRANI....errr...Swedish?!? bomber
The Bulgarian police said that footage from airport security cameras captured the suspect roaming the airport for at least one hour, the Bulgarian news agency Novinite reported. According to the report he was a long-haired Caucasian in sportswear.

The body suspected as belonging to the terrorist had a U.S. driver's license issued in Michigan – apparently fake.

Here's a good question, has anyone asked Iran if they did it?
Iran’s Foreign Minister condemned “all terrorist acts” on Thursday after a suicide bombing in Bulgaria killed seven people Wednesday.

“The Islamic republic, the biggest victim of terrorism, believes terrorism endangers the lives of innocents… is inhumane and so strongly condemns” it, the Arabic-language television channel Al-Alam cited foreign ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast as saying. “Iran’s position is to condemn all terrorist acts in the world,” he added.
While this doesn't preclude their involvement, it's certainly worth noting.

The details that are starting to emerge about the bombing are basically telling us this. Israel is pointing fingers at Iran because of the date, Bulgaria is guessing that the guy that did it is some dude that was wondering around in the airport with a suspicious backpack because he came from Gitmo and was closest to the blast. (Please note that the backpack does not appear to be all that heavy). This is also a contradiction of an earlier report that the blast originated in the luggage area. So in reality, no one has really proven much of anything.

Wait, there's more!
One other interesting note concerning the technical aspects of the attacks. After the bus had exploded, Oren Katz, an Israeli onlooker, was forced by circumstance to assume the role of emergency worker. This is because the Security agents themselves were essentially doing nothing, another strange circumstance that may, or may not, indicate a possible false flag.

Katz recalls, “It was strange that there were so many security people around but none of them seemed to be focused on actually helping the wounded people, and I couldn’t believe that I of all people was the one taking care of this burning woman and stopping her from burning up.”

Strange indeed. However, it is not only strange that the “security people” would not be focused on helping the wounded people, it is strange that they would be there to begin with. More than one Bulgarian citizen has told this writer that security presence – any security presence – at public bus terminals in Bulgaria is an extremely rare event.

In fact, it was stated to me that, “there would be no security at all. They [security personnel/police] would not have been there at all unless they had prior knowledge of something going on.”
What do I think? So far, I believe that some alphabet soup agency told this guy to get on the bus. They told him to bring the backpack and gave him a script. Do I think he did it? Most likely not. This guy is the fall guy. The face that frames the argument. I also believe that the explosive were planted in the luggage container by someone else and that security was around to make sure everything happened like it should.

Who did it? At the moment, you got me. If I had to venture a guess, I would state a Free Syrian/Al-Quaeda type that came through Turkey (Especially given their proximity to Turkey) that was being managed on the ground by an arm of the CIA or Mossad. We'll see how accurate that is as the details come out....

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bulgarian Airport Has 2 Buses Blown Up - False Flag?

An interesting timing of events....
According to Bulgarian press, and confirmed by other wire sources, a bus with 40 Israeli tourists was "blown up" at 5:30 pm local time at the local airport of the seaside town of Bourgas. Sega says that according to BTV "it is an assassination attempt." The bomb was located in the trunk of a white bus with Israel tourists from Israel who were en route to the seaside town of Sunny Beach according to an airport source. The mayor of the city, Dimitar Nikolov confirmed the news according to Sega. Furthermore, according to the airport's website, an Air Via flight from Tel Aviv landed at 4:50 pm local time. The shock wave was so large it also exploded two neighboringing buses located in the arrival area of the airport. The number of casualties is currently unknown, but at least three people are dead according to the local police, with dozens wounded. Sega adds "the flames are huge with three firetrucks on the scene and seven ambulances driving out charred people."
Of course, Iran did it, at least so says Israel -
Benjamin Netanyahu says "all signs point to Iran" in Wednesday's blast in the Bulgarian Black Sea city of Burgas, some 400 kilometers (250 miles) east of the capital, Sofia.

At least three Israeli tourists were killed.

Netanyahu noted that the attack follows similar attempts in India, Georgia, Thailand, Kenya and Cyprus in recent months.

He said "this is an Iranian terror attack that is spreading across the world" and that "Israel will react strongly to Iran's terror."
I believe the key to knowing whether or not a side is lying is to look at the timing, rhetoric and surrounding facts that point to key indicators in complicity and guilt. In this instance let's look at the following facts -
Look for Israel to scream about this in the 'international community' and demand strong and swift condemnation of Iran. The less factual their position, the louder their screaming will be. This is not to say that Iran didn't do it, rather that Israel simply doesn't care one way or the other and is looking to kick start the invasion.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The great intergenerational con

Reprinted from Vox Popoli ~

America should have known the Boomers were evil from the moment they made "never trust anyone over the age of 30" mantra. It's always the liar who assumes everyone else is lying:

Today’s youth, both here and abroad, have been screwed by their parents’ fiscal profligacy and economic mismanagement. Neil Howe, a leading generational theorist, cites the “greed, shortsightedness, and blind partisanship” of the boomers, of whom he is one, for having “brought the global economy to its knees.”...

The screwed generation also enters adulthood loaded down by a mountain of boomer- and senior-incurred debt—debt that spirals ever more out of control. The public debt constitutes a toxic legacy handed over to offspring who will have to pay it off in at least three ways: through higher taxes, less infrastructure and social spending, and, fatefully, the prospect of painfully slow growth for the foreseeable future.

In the United States, the boomers’ bill has risen to about $50,000 a person. In Japan, the red ink for the next generation comes in at more than $95,000 a person. One nasty solution to pay for this growing debt is to tax workers and consumers. Both Germany and Japan, which appears about to double its VAT rate, have been exploring new taxes to pay for the pensions of the boomers.

The huge public-employee pensions now driving many states and cities—most recently Stockton, Calif.—toward the netherworld of bankruptcy represent an extreme case of intergenerational transfer from young to old. It’s a thoroughly rigged boomer game, providing guaranteed generous benefits to older public workers while handing the financial upper echelon a “Wall Street boondoggle” (to quote analyst Walter Russell Mead).
It's not just in the USA either. The "youth movement" was international, and so, unsurprisingly, is the cancer of Boomer-created debt. It's fine to blame today's young for taking on credit card and school loan debt, but let's not forget that it is the Boomers who created the massive public debt as well as making it impossible for those who followed them to do what they did, and shed their school loan debt in bankruptcy.

Fortunately, the time is rapidly approaching when the younger generations can band together and permit the Boomers to experience the consequences they deserve by shutting down their overly generous pensions and refusing to pay for their medical care. They'll keep voting for anyone who promises to serve their self-centered interests, but that will become increasingly irrelevant as more states and localities simply don't have the wherewithal to live up to their contractual obligations.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Iran, Gulf Closure Plan Finsished

The Country Formerly Known as Persia shows that it's serious about closing the Persian Gulf -
Iran has confirmed that its plan to close the Strait of Hormuz has been finalized and is ready to be put into action as soon as confirmation is received from Supreme Leader Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei, amidst reports that President Obama has earmarked the first week of October for a potential attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

“We have a (contingency) plan for the blockade of the Strait of Hormuz, but its implementation requires the decision and order of the commander in chief (the Leader),” Major General Hassan Firouzabadi told reporters.

By now, you should be no stranger to the Gulf strategy as we have covered it here repeatedly, specifically in the Religious War Series where we cover the Iranian response to an Israeli attack -
Phase III - Iranian counterattack against Israeli (Gaza)/US forces closing of gulf (Turkey, Saudi Arabia)

  • Will lead to closing of the Straits of Hormuz, 
    • Gas up to $7 -10 a gallon
    • attacks on our aircraft carriers (I'm guessing they will be placed strategically to get shot up by their new attack boats by being too close to the shores of Iran.) We will most likely lose a Nimitz aircraft carrier.
  • Barricade/Mine the Strait of Hormuz. This would be an assertion of Iranian dominance
  • Probable Iran attacks Saudi refineries in retaliation for logistical support of the Israeli plan
  • Super Sunburn Missiles longer range Shahab 3 and 4. Tor M-29 &; Tor M1 9M330, SCUD-B launchers, At one point Iran possessed possibly 100 missiles
    • Shahab-3, a variant of North Korea's No Dong missile. It can be outfitted with high explosives, nuclear devices, EMP's (Electro Magnetic Pulse), and chemical weapons
Like it or not, the Persians are going to fight to win, not to fulfill some semi-strategic UN worshiping world policeman roll like the US. It is my contention that the Iranians realize that by stopping the flow of oil they could possibly bring the US to its knees. This is a ploy that could very well work, especially if they receive the backing of China and Russia.

Of course, if the US is to win it needs to make sure it hits the correct targets -
An American Navy ship fired on a boat in the Persian Gulf today, killing one person and injuring three others aboard the craft, a U.S. naval official told ABC News.

A spokesperson for the Navy's 5th Fleet, which is based in nearby Bahrain, said that a security team aboard the oil supply ship U.S.N.S. Rappahannock fired a .50 caliber machine gun at a "small motor vessel after it disregarded warnings and rapidly approached the U.S. ship" off the coast of Jebel Ali, a city approximately 30 miles from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

The Navy is investigating the incident as details continue to emerge. A Navy official said the offending vessel was a white pleasure craft, but a UAE official told ABC News it was a fishing boat with four Indians and two Emirates on board. There doesn't appear to be any indication the incident was terror-related, the UAE official said.
I have to admit that I am curious. Is " disregarded warnings and rapidly approached the U.S. ship" police speak for 'Man, we really screwed up here. We better paint them as the aggressors so we can continue to protect people!'?

Update: Well, well, well...look at that
The fishermen, hospitalized with gunshot wounds after the incident near Dubai's Jebel Ali port, said on Tuesday that they received no warning before the U.S. craft opened fire, and that their craft had attempted to avoid any contact with it.

"We had no warning at all from the ship, we were speeding up to try and go around them and then suddenly we got fired at," 28-year-old Muthu Muniraj told Reuters from hospital, his legs punctured by the rounds of the U.S. craft's .50-caliber gun. 
The US is attempting to mislead, either through the media or the ship that fired. How do we know this? Easy, look at how the US is painting themselves and the victim -
"Non-lethal measures were taken while attempting to signal the vessel," he said, adding that the fishing craft did not respond. "That was when the security team fired rounds from the .50-caliber ... Our ships have an inherent right to self-defense against lethal threats."
The United States has been particularly wary of attacks on its ships since two al Qaeda suicide bombers rammed an explosives-laden boat into the USS Cole in 2000, blowing a massive hole in its side and killing 17 U.S. sailors.

Perhaps the Obama regime was attempting to dust off the old Dick Cheney stage a false-flag attack with fishing boats plan...

Thursday, July 12, 2012

On Rights, Freedom, Liberty and Logic

Let's look at our latest example of police violating the rights of citizens -

Using the excuse of attempting to apprehend illegal immigrants, Border Patrol agents have set up a network of unconstitutional checkpoints inside the United States. In this video clip, informed citizen Steven Anderson provides a sterling example of how to stand up for your rights and prove that such checkpoints are unenforceable because they violate the 4th amendment.

The full exchange, courtesy of SHTF Plan, went as follows.
Anderson: Is this Nazi Germany now, that I have to show my papers?
Officer: It’s a simple yes or no. I need an answer or we can detain you until we figure out whether you’re a U.S. citizen.
Anderson: Well, you know what’s more simple is the fact that my freedom is a little more important than you seem to think. Setting up checkpoints where people have to prove that they’re a citizen is not something that America is supposed to be about. So, I’m not sure if you understand that.
Supervisor enters scene: Grunt
Anderson: Grunt
Supervisor: Just pull up over there (points to line of detained cars)
Anderson: No, thank you… I want to go free on my way. Here I am just going about my own business and I don’t need to stop at a checkpoint to prove who I am because this is America. Correct me if I’m wrong – did I stumble into Mexico or is this still the United States?
Supervisor: This is the United States.
Anderson: Therefore, I should have the freedom to travel unmolested, because I’m in America here.
Supervisor: Ok, go ahead and go.
Part of the problem with the current batch of right wing idealists is that they literally do not know what they think. They circle around concepts endlessly and frustratedly throw their arms up wildly and proclaim that they are 'right' simply because they are. There is no discussion, there is no reason, there is merely an axiomatic appeal to 'Americana'. Follow the logic with me for a moment here...

We should search bags.
Because terrorists might get us.
True, but what about the 4th Amendment?
(Note the disconnect here)
What, you want to let the terrorists get us? You're FOR the terrorists. (Indeed, Bush said as much)

These conversations literally jump from logical step 3 to step 10 in one fell swoop. The arguer often switches back and forth between logic, history and emotional appeal not to win an argument, but to implement an agenda. Such is the state of many discussions happening across the country right now. The arguments put forth are commonly shifted into some sort of dualistic thinking there is only two teams playing and to not support the home team, is tantamount to treason.

But this is not the case as it can be effectively argued that the Republic is no longer alive because, as the book of Revelation stated -
Yet I hold this against you: You have forsaken your first love. ~ Rev 2:4
Simply put, the Republic is built upon an idea that all men should be free to pursue their ambitions, free from government interference, provided they are not  violating the rights of their fellow man. It is to this end, that the laws, edifices and protectors of our nation, be they a police officer or a soldier are erected. They exist to protect the object of our sacrifice, namely our liberty. To the extent that an individual worships the sacrifice and not the object, is the extent that they have abandoned their duty and have begun to serve the creation instead of the creator. In the spiritual sense, this is the root of idolatry, as soon the individual can find no reason not to do something because they literally serve themselves.

More if I can get to it...

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

TSA and the Government, A Long Train of Abuse and Usurpations

Glad to see that many of the people are coming to the party, albeit late. True to form, The Real Effect starting covering this in 2005, shortly after it's inception. Let's revisit one such article -
As little as 10 years ago, the American spirit was largely resistant to any government controls proposed on our movement especially in our autos. The globalists, undaunted, started a massive PR war against the public to persuade the people to accept a large level of intrusion as being necessary to preserve the integrity of the Democracy.

I believe it began by convincing the populace that driving was a "privilege" not an inherent "right." After all, if you pay for the roads, car, gas, and police, why should you have access to something that you built? This eventually took form through licensing and registration in state DMV's and was used to centralize control of all movement to a state level.

Today, we have been convinced that we should accept tracking chips (pay-tolls), GPS and surveillance cameras on the road to improve manageability of a given city or road.

We have seen the "Click it or Ticket" campaign which has resulted in an increased 'awareness' in safety. And checkpoints. All in the name of safety of course.

Then came the Transport Security Agency's federally run intrusions into our personal lives by preparing us to dump our effects and get used to 'ID please' mentality. Ultimately, I and many others knew that this would lead to some type of tracing system to track all movements.
To illustrate just how bad the situation has become, consider the following examples of recent TSA abuse:

Military and Law Enforcement Powers



Crippling of response times
Deployment in non-airport zones
Visible Intermodal Prevention & Response (VIPR) "a randomized search "where anyone entering an impacted area has to be screened."
Political Targeting

To illustrate the egregious nature of the beast, consider that Congress is exempt at the 68 airports. Furthermore, this type of behavior is not isolated to just the TSA, rather it is a true endemic that immediately threatens Americans freedoms, property and ultimately their lives.

Military Takeover

Why even the lawmakers themselves are engaging in this behavior

Let's assume for a second that all the attacks are real,  why should we even be afraid of the terrorists when the government admits they created them in the first place and continues to aid them? No, we need to be afraid of he who makes the monsters.

Here is a partial list of the fake/government sponsored terror attacks thus far:

Further, let's assume that you think you can avoid these checkpoints. The truth is, they will be coming to a city, train, and auto near you soon.
Soon after taking over the TSA earlier this year, the former FBI deputy director Pistole told USA Today that he will work to expand airport Gestapo zones. “Protecting riders on mass-transit systems from terrorist attacks will be as high a priority as ensuring safe air travel, the new head of the Transportation Security Administration promises,” the newspaper reported on July 17.

“Given the list of threats on subways and rails over the last six years going on seven years, we know that some terrorist groups see rail and subways as being more vulnerable because there’s not the type of screening that you find in aviation,” Pistole said. “From my perspective, that is an equally important threat area.” In addition, Pistole said he would like to see TSA workers, including 47,000 screeners at 450 airports, to operate as a “national-security, counterterrorism organization, fully integrated into U.S. government efforts.” He wants to “take TSA to the next level.”

This is a resource and will be updated as necessary.

Monday, July 09, 2012

Right Foot!

The coming Republican storm builds in earnest -
Texas Gov. Rick Perry said Monday his state won't expand Medicaid or set up an insurance exchange, joining a growing number of Republican governors who are rejecting two key parts of President Obama's health care law.

"I will not be party to socializing health care and bankrupting my state in direct contradiction to our Constitution and our founding principles of limited government," Mr. Perry said.

He joins more than half-dozen GOP governors who have already said they won't increase the size of their Medicaid programs to cover Americans up to 133 percent of the poverty level, after the Supreme Court upheld most of the law last month but said states could opt out of the Medicaid expansion.

"I stand proudly with the growing chorus of governors who reject the Obamacare power grab," Mr. Perry said. "Neither a 'state' exchange nor the expansion of Medicaid under this program would result in better 'patient protection' or in more 'affordable care.' They would only make Texas a mere appendage of the federal government when it comes to health care."
You stand proudly Mr. Perry? If by stand, you mean awkwardly stumbling to a position after testing the political climate, ok we agree with you.

Perry is a shrewd, lying, cheating, political loser, not a principled individual as he continually demonstrates his support of illegal immigration, meeting with foreign heads of state and forcing drugs upon defenseless children.(Read this for most of his issues) If he really supported all of his bluster about 'leaving the union' and "rejecting power grab(s)", then he would have not supported half the issues he has and more importantly he would have not torpedoed the anti-TSA efforts in his home state in 2011.

Just as I predicted a rise in the Democrats due to Republican fatigue in 2006, it's easy to see the upcoming rise of nationalistic fascism that is brewing in the Republican party. The Democrats were allowed to take control to in part take the focus of the military misadventures of the US since 9/11. They were allowed to install a Marxist individual extolling the virtues of a Federal utopia via Hope and Change. But the populace is getting wise to Obama's antics and his half-life on the presidency is fading fast.

So it becomes time for the right shoe to take its step forward into an equally fascist, Christian system. Much like Germany got behind the rising star of one Adolph Hitler in the beginning of the 20th century, so too shall the supposed 'right' get behind an increasingly nationalistic and quasi-theocratic regime that will take all of the Federal power and aim it square at the Muslim Brotherhood Mideast and Russia, eventually targeting the Far East as well. (It's like they're working off a script...)

But just as the march to the police state in Germany was born out of a embarrassed national pride due to crushing war reparations incurred with the Treaty of Versaille, so too shall an economically castrated United States seek to regain its former glory by embarking on a program of progressive, systemic increase in death and destruction that first targets minorities and fringe people as well as the poor.

Indeed, we anxiously await its Phoenix rebirth.

Friday, July 06, 2012

TSA Wants Passengers to "Freeze"

Another policy goes into effect -
According to a friend of political commentator Lew Rockwell, the federal agency is now ordering travelers passing through security to “freeze” on command.

Explaining how he had arranged with his family to split up as they were passing through airport security, the correspondent, whose story is posted at, explains how he heard a commotion from a different security lane.
We heard a “freeze, freeze” or something like this coming from the output side of (false) security (where my wife was), followed by further barking of commands. From where I was, I couldn’t see much.”

“It turns out they were doing a new drill. They want all passengers to freeze on command. My wife told me later that she didn’t follow this order fast enough, so the subsequent barks I heard were directed at her.”
TSA supervisors expressed little other than disinterest when the man’s wife complained at being ordered around in such an overbearing manner.
This is exactly when I love to lambast the right on their myopic love of regulations. They claim they like free markets and yet when one shows up, the first thing they say is 'That ain't right, "WE" ought to fix that." Take for instance a commenter who runs a fairly prominent blog in SE Wisconsin posted to The Real Effect way back in 2005 in response to the Fourth freakin' Amendment being posted -
Come on Eric, what should we do?
At the time I opined -
We have to ask ourselves, 'Do we really want to continue suspending our only guarantee against the invasion of our rights by any dictatorial power now or in the future?'
Now, let's be honest here. We live in an entirely risk adverse society. Whole industries have cropped up around suing perfectly legitimate products produced by honest businesses because a research team failed to protect you from your own idiocy. Societal hand wringing shifts into overdrive as the shrill matronly harpies whore themselves out to the media demanding that 'someone stop this from happening to another person'.

Indeed, we live in the age of mandatory insurance everything and zero tolerance for anything the government deems unnecessary in our daily pursuit of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness safety. Is it any wonder that we find ourselves a collective nation of mama's boys asking the government not to impose another tax on us? Begging and pleading with the left not to take our sodas away? Groveling at the feet of the right to not support a national health plan. (Romney and the Catholic Church, I'm looking at you.)

And yet, we keep believing lie, after lie, after lie appealing to our oppressors to ease the yoke, to just, ya know, let us breathe...

History dictates that this is not going to end pleasantly for the oppressors or the oppressed. An armed populace will only take so much death before they start fighting back and when they do, the oppressors will quickly become the hunted.

Ask yourself, which side am I on? What principles do I support? How long until they arm these fools? What side of history will I be on when the axe falls?

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Pension Chaos as System Furthers Unfunded Narrative

...and 'poof', it's gone...
U.S. states and localities have run up more than $2 trillion of unfunded pension liabilities, Moody's Investors Service said on Monday, citing data on plans offered by 8,500 local governments and over 14,000 individual entities.

The Wall Street credit agency said that according to its estimate, the total liabilities for fiscal 2010 were more than three times the amount reported by local governments.

"Pension liabilities are widely acknowledged to be understated," Moody's Managing Director Timothy Blake said in a statement. Most states end their fiscal years on June 30.

Investors in the $3.7 trillion municipal bond market are focused on whether states, counties, cities and towns can afford the pension benefits granted public workers.
So the local governments are lying about how much money is in the system and what their obligations are. Gee, where have we heard all that that before? In May 2011, after correctly identifying the debt ceiling crisis and its subsequent management, I continued with the following -
When austerity reality comes blaring through sometime in late 2011 to mid-2012, the perception of the public will continue to be that the government just needs more tools to fix the problem, if only those blasted patriots would give them to them. This will cause resentment to build on the part of some sheep orientated public towards some of those that perceive the correct problem. This resentment will be seized upon and used to conduct personal attacks on those who wish to actually solve the problem resulting in a despotic slide into semi-overt tyranny in the name of liberty and prosperity.
One has to only observe the absolute insanity which has gripped the state of Wisconsin to begin to see this playing out. One year ago, I covered the scenario under which this present system labors -
Pretend for a second you hired an individual to manage your finances. In turn, he would arrange schooling, water, police services, and a few other important items for you and your family of 4. Naturally, you would expect a bill. When that day comes, it says 50% on it... Not $10, not $500, but 50% of your $120,000. Outraged, you demand an explanation. What does it matter how much money you make you demand to know. I want to know how much you are charging. At this point, the individual feigns fear and arranges for the police that you paid for to arrest you and take you to jail for bill avoidance. 10 years later when you get out, you get a bill for not only his services, but your jail upkeep and food and just to rub it in - another bill for $250,000. His "debt" that you supposedly owe.
This is precisely why Romney will not change anything substantially. He is beholden to the same banksters that are robbing us blind. He is a trustee/puppet that dances long enough to distract the poor sheep so that the banksters can get away.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

New Year Predictions 2012 - Review

New for 2012!

We've hit the half-way point of the year and as such, it's time to review our yearly predictions. The original post is posted here unmodified with all of the comments and scores listed in red text.
July Review: 36/75 - 48% accuracy (Not bad for 1/2 way through the year)

Yearly Theme: Are we responsible for our own actions?
This question becomes the fundamental litmus test for most every action and decision in the future.

War - 2012
The idea of a World War moves into the mainstream by becoming a probability instead of a possibility. People begin to realize that the only way presented to get out of this will be to fight. Let us pray that they realize who the correct people to fight are.(+0/1)

War Starts With Civil War and a Resurgence of Nationalism
Civil war leads the way as regional conflicts devolve into national wars. (Trayvon Martin in the US stokes racial tensions, the Chicago NATO summit stirs the pot and gets violent, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Iraq, lead the way. +1/1)
Nationalism takes center stage again as there is a temporary shift away from the "Union / Globalism" mentality in order to demonize and bury Nationalism once and for all. This can be observed in patriotic displays of loyalty to one's home country as the globalists demand fealty to their flag in an attempt to demonize it. (Well, well, well, it turns out that Bilderberg has been preaching the evils of Nationalism for almost 50 years. Pat Buchanan notes the 'rise of nationalism', Russia is "united", Israel is "united", +1/1)

The draft discussion becomes prevalent again. "Not enough boots to go around" combined with talks of "National Pride" and "Supporting one's country" (Nope, not yet. +0/1)

Outright War 
Start of the Asiatic war (Late Q3 - Q4) - With the US being over committed, it can't back up its positions in other countries, the East sees this and starts moving. Fires break out faster then they can be put out. (The US moves to 'defend' the Phillipines. +0/1) 

Theaters of war
  • Asia East - The riots and revolutions that the citizens have been participating in need an outlet. The rulers will direct this to local conflicts. Police crackdowns will be brutal, efficient and deadly. (+0/2)
  • Western Asia - especially deteriorate
  • Mideast
    • Syria  - It appears that the road to Iran lies through Syria. The US will try to draw in Hezbollah through "regime change". (Q1) (Nothing but net here! Kofi's plan fails and is resurrected, the US is planning "strategic communication" +1/1)
    • Iran - Time will tell on this one. Iran is a tough nut to crack as opinion is running contrary to Western interests here. IF the US gets Syria, Iran is next. There has been a lot of posturing in 2011, but no one has been able to capitalize. Look for the moral justification route being presented via Iranian "guerrilla forces" "destabilizing Syria and attacking US or NATO "peacekeepers". (+0/0)
    • Iraq - Destabilizes into sectarian violence with the north being especially unruly. (Bombings targeting Shi'ites kick things off, +0/1)
  • Africa
  • North America
    •  US
      • Terror attacks - Like the 888 event, London's 2012 Olympics (+0/1)
    • Mexico - The War On Drugs steps up on the borders in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California (Decapitation on the border, gang warfare +1/1)
      • This authorizes a FEMA reaction to stem the violence. We might get to see U.N. refugee action (This is already starting to an extent) (+0/1)
  • South America
    • Venezuela (Chavez is still dealing with cancer, building drones with the Russians/Chinese, +0/1)
The major economic focus shifts dramatically from Europe to Asia. The economic downturn moves to Asia, setting the stage for war with these countries later. Stagflation takes hold most everywhere (+1/1)
  • Asia
  • Russia, China (Too bad I didn't articulate a prediction here - Russia embraces China +0/0)
  • Europe
  • North America
    • Canada staggers (Protests over tuition rises lead to riots, riots,  +1/1)
    •  The United States
      • Asset prices file in giant fits (20 - 40%) as positions are sold to protect themselves (Silver starts out +20% for January, Gold 11%, 2/29/2012 Silver flash smash to the tune of 10% in 1/2 hour, Electricity is spiking massively,. +1/1)
          • Commodities
            • Oil - Oil has solidified above $100. $130 - $150 is the next target with a Iran led upside of $200 - $250. (And the rally starts at $110, oil exploded upwards in Q1 but pulled back harder in Q2, +0/1)
            • Gold - Gold and silver have temporarily bottomed. Gold takes out $1700 easily and quickly closes in on $1800. After it breaches $1900, there is a sell off as the wild market fluctuations come into play. (Q1 +  Q2-) Target range is $2000 - $2300. (Gold takes $1700 in the first month, $1800 in the second and collapses back to $1650. +2/4)
            • Silver - Silver takes off like a lion again but also suffers just as badly. Initial stop is at $48 as it takes out the previous high. At this point speculators pile on and take it to $75. After this it gets destroyed back to the low $50 range. (Practice in Q1 gets it to $37 + 0/3)
            • Copper - Decouples from industry and becomes a poor man's silver investment. (10 - 20% gains) (Copper takes off like a rocket +16% and then collapses back to the bottom. +1/1)
            • Cotton
      •  US Dollar officially goes inflationary. Printing comes in one form or another (Operation Twist 1 and 2, +0/1)
      • Posts first official negative GDP. (In response, the market tanks) (GDP posts negative,+0/1)
        • In response a Constitutional Crisis emerges (In truth it has existed for a long time) (Obama appoints positions and then 'chides' SCOTUS, North Dakota looks to jettison its property tax, Florida is suing the Feds over votes, Eric Holder invokes the magic words, Washington Times weighs in, Holder might be arrested, +1/1 - Seriously, there should be bonus points for this)
          • More "desperate" Keynesian solutions are floated as a dramatic attempt to "shock" the economy back to life. If enacted, it will ultimately fail. (Ex-head of the FDIC 'humorously' floats giving every household $10 million!, Krugman just can't get enough,  +1/1)
          • Citizens favor giving less people more power to "fix" it (Note - This is one of the goals these bloodsuckers want) (+0/1)
          • Social programs are demanded in an attempt to 'restore America' but the economic argument now trumps 'societal values'. This leads to screeching about the inherit "injustice" present in the system as the freebies come to an end in austerity. (The Wisconsin recall election is the case model +2/2 )
          • Things break down. As resources continue to dive, local alliances are formed to compete for these resources. (+0/2)
        •  Corporations now rule (Corporate profits are up, JPM loses BILLIONS,)
          • Repatriate the money - Corporations attempt to hide behind the Congress and demand a return of 'offshore funds'.(+2/2)
      • At least one state (Illinois?) seriously contemplates bankruptcy (In the end it ends up being bailed out by the Fed) (Could it be California? Or perhaps Michigan? Obama floats 'helping', cities declare emergency, including Stockton CA,  +0/2)
      • Food stamp use soars (College students are using it, +1/1)
      • The U.S. College bubble begins to pop as longstanding institutions begin to slash their budgets to remain solvent. Some even discuss closing outright. (Start of the "education crisis".) This will be a long recovery as the perception that "education" = "money and success" will be difficult to break. (The problem is significantly worse then previously reported. Univ of California and one in N.C. is cutting departments, Univ of Florida is playing games and cutting IT. ACC has lost 10,000 students, student debt deliquincies surge.  +2/2)
        • Student loans start to slow (Rate) Teachers will lead the calls for more funding to be thrown at colleges in an attempt to "save education". (The rate is still increasing +0/2)
      • Existing home sales (SAAR) plummet by at least 10% with 15-20% being the more likely range. (4.5 million units to a bottom of 3.3 million units) Certain areas that were big on expansion before the crash, begin to resemble (Chinese) ghost towns. Eventually, gangs move into these areas abandoned by the local populace. (+ 0/3)
      • Unemployment 
        • Unemployment Weekly Claims rise again (450,000 to 525,000) range. (2Q)
        • Unemployment Rate - Note: In 2011 I intentionally predicted a rise in the rate along with all of my other stunning positions for one reason. This is a non-lose scenario. If I predicted it would stay the same, it would obviously be correct. However, seeing my stunning clairvoyance on every other issue, why would I be so wrong on this one? Simple, because the government is fudging the numbers. By inaccurately predicting a rise, when one did not occur, it stands in sharp contrast to all the other prediction. One is left pondering - Just why is this number staying the same? (+ 0/1)

The mantra "The future is our hope" begins to become center to the recovery.  What is lost on everyone is that in order for this concept to work, you have to sacrifice now. You can't borrow from tomorrow at an inflated rate (interest) and expect tomorrow to be better when the underlying fundamentals have NOT changed. (+0/1)

Men want to marry less (See the rise of the "Sugar Daddy" enterprises +1/1) due to the parasitical nature of women. This results in a "marriage/woman crisis" down the road. (Marriage at lowest level ever +1/1) Churches begin to brow beat men into "growing up" and "accepting responsibility". (Already happening) (+0/1) This leads to a further schism in the churches as many churches become void of patriarchal leadership and shift aggressively to matriarchal influence. (This does not mean that men will not lead, but rather the male leadership will be massively influenced to the "injustices" being carried out on women. They will then accordingly enforce the desires of the female population.) (+0/3)

Feminism takes one in the eye as mothers decide it's not economically worth it to work, but would rather stay home and raise their children. (Commentators are beginning to call for a repeal of women's suffrage +1/1)

Metrosexual males start losing market value as they begin to be perceived as weak in the eyes of women everywhere as society stops valuing "fashion". (+0/1)

Crime nationally rises dramatically. + 20 - 30 % (Theft skyrockets, homicides increase and assault is up. Suicides increase.) (NY subways become even more dangerous with 31.8% increase in robberies, 'Organized shoplifting' rises,  +1/1)

Police become a gang (Us vs. Them mentality intensifies) Small - medium riots emerge as the police overplay their authority. (Nationalize?) The cost of policing goes up substantially due to hazard pay, deaths and low enrollment. (Already starting to happen.) This leads to turf wars - (Black vs black, black vs Mexican, cop vs gang, cop vs Fed) (Cop vs gang, the Black Panthers seize on the Trayvon Martin killing, racial shootings increase, summary executions, police shootings rise dramatically,  +3/4 )

Customers begin to get violent. (Ding, ding - McDonald's specifically is getting some issues and more, +1/1) The mantra has been get more for less these last 30 years, now individuals who have heard this their whole lives will run into the laws of supply and demand. (McDonald's raises their price of the $1 menu)
(They're doing it incognito. Change habits to $2 items and then remove the $1 items sloooowly. +1/1)