Friday, August 26, 2011

Oslo - Another Terror Bombing, Another Government Drill

This is worse then a B grade zombie movie -

The Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten reports today police sources have confirmed that hours before Anders Behring Breivik launched his deadly attack at a political summer camp on Utøya island on July 22, police had conducted a drill for a “practically identical scenario.”

“Sources within the top level management of the police in Oslo have confirmed to Aftenposten that the drill finished at 15:00 that same Friday,” the newspaper reports. “All of the officers from the anti-terror unit that later took part at the bombsite at the government buildings and went out to Utøya to apprehend Anders Behring Breivik had been training on the exact same scenario earlier the same day and in the days preceding,” writes Andreas Bakke Foss.
The Real Effect
Darn those conspiracy theorists, what with their police badges and official government positions and all! Don't they know that there are no facts behind their own statements and research?!?

In all seriousness, should we be at all surprised? And yet we want to allow our government to go after so-called terrorists in Iran, after installing them in Libya!?

I'm sure that when these officers end up suicided in a few months time, we can all rest assured that they were just conflicted souls and  that they regretted their prior statements. If only they were alive to tell you.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The day Jesse Ventura met the CIA!

Neocons Off Their Rocker on Ron Paul

Never in my life have I seen such fear of a candidate -
Key Republicans in Iowa -- and around the country, too -- are genuinely baffled by the Paul phenomenon. They understand (and share) many of Paul's views on the Constitution and limiting the size and scope of the federal government, even if they think Paul sometimes goes too far. What perplexes them is Paul's take on foreign policy, especially the threat of Iran acquiring nuclear weapons.

"Why wouldn't it be natural that they might want a weapon?" Paul asked at the Fox-Examiner debate. "They'd be given more respect. ... What's so terribly bad about this?"

As for sanctions against Iran, Paul said, "Countries that you put sanctions on, you are more likely to fight them. ... I say stay out of their internal business."

The crowd in Iowa State University's Stephens Auditorium included a large group of Paul supporters who broke into loud cheers every time Paul spoke, including when he gave his views on Iran. "That audience goes nuts," Limbaugh said the next day. "I think, 'Oh, my gosh, what am I watching here?' "
The Real Effect
Yes Mr. Limbaugh, may the heavens forbid that we actually return this country to a limited government. In practice, we are witnessing many things all coalescing here:
  • Ron Paul is a person of character, you may disagree with it, but his character is genuine unlike most of those on the Hill.
    • His character has continuously and faithfully espoused many key government policies for decades, chief among them his economic view of the destabilization of America.
  • Many people have grown wise to the fact that what Paul has been discussing is the truth and in turn trust him. This is fairly unique.
  • The neo-conservatives have kidnapped the liberty banner to hide behind and constructed a faux wall of freedom to mask their collectivist leanings.
  • People (especially those under 40) are growing wise to the neocon ploys and realizing that the Republican Party will not save them.
    • This has essentially split the party into two bases
      • Neocon - Primarily baby boomer and older - This group is obsessed with "preserving" things the way they are. This is evidenced in their continual support for anything that sounds like old fashioned Americana. (Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, zoning, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, etc...) They have predicated most of their worldview into a belief that they are the greatest generation. They created American prosperity, American superiority and the American Dream darn it! They have spent a good portion of their lives stealing from others, therefore they rightly fear the wave of reciprocity that is coming.
      • Tea Party - Primarily those under 40 - This group is obsessed with restoring American liberty to what it once was. They view liberty as the chief engine of the prosperity that the neocons cling to.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Libya Gets Ransacked By NATO Forces - Installs Puppet Blowback

How could this possibly go wrong -
NATO’s support for the Libyan Al-Qaeda cell known as Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), which was declared a foreign terrorist organization by the US State Department in 2004, will provide the extremist group the opportunity to seize “a stew of deadly chemicals, raw nuclear material and some 30,000 shoulder-fired rockets”

Not only will the group have access to such weapons, it also “may become the real political power behind whatever regime is established once Gaddafi relinquish power,” according to a report in the Asian Tribune.

LIFG was also behind the 1996 attempt to assassinate Colonel Gaddafi, a plot hatched and funded by MI6. British intelligence, along with SAS soldiers, were also instrumental in directing the assault on Tripoli.

As we have previously highlighted, shortly after the start of the conflict in March, Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi, the leader of the anti-Gaddafi rebel army, admitted that the rebel ranks include Al-Qaeda terrorists who have killed U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The Real Effect
 One doesn't exaclty have to think very long or hard to figure out how this situation will progress. Just like it is not in the best interests (read profit) of the banksters to have a stable economy, it is not in the interests of the makers of war to have stable governments. Therefore they have a conflict of interest when it comes to promoting 'policy'. Indeed it is their policy to generate as much disturbance as possible, many times funding both sides of a conflict to double their profits. Aren't they generous?

In this situation, Gaddafi (A stooge) has promised to strike back at international targets. If this happens, this will be interpreted as an act of terrorism by the world governments. (But not one of war,  well, because this is just a kinetic military action) Enraged, we demand that we put an end to the stooge before any more people are hurt. Of course, a government (and a central bank) are necessary to support this fledgling democracy. (Funny, I don't recall anyone voting) All of this results in a disenfranchised populace ruled by a colonially imposed governor that imposes sharia law. Blowback anyone?

Now someone please explain how this is better then Gaddafi?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Engdahl: Oil-field fight, tribal power-grab part of post-Gaddafi greed-fest

Libya Under Full Assault

It's almost September and we almost got a ground war -
...reports circulate of well over a thousand dead with thousands more wounded during weekend battles, led by by NATO warships and fighter jets as part of “Operation Mermaid Dawn,”which led to the capture of Gaddafi’s sons as Gaddafi himself reportedly went into hiding.

RAF fighter jets were deployed to attack key regime targets while the media pretended the whole assault was an organic uprising by the Libyan people, endlessly replaying footage of celebrating crowds.

In another report published on July 15, we stated that NATO powers and the rebel army would launch a final bombardment of Tripoli within 6-8 weeks if Gaddafi refused to step down, which is exactly what unfolded just shy of 6 weeks later. 
Barack Obama and David Cameron are now busy milking the spectacle with tough talk as if they led the assault personally. In reality, the conquest of Libya represents little more than another act of colonial looting on behalf of the NATO war machine, with Syria the next target in its cross hairs.
The Real Effect
We now wait for the newly sainted rebels to bless parts of Israel or the US with their holy munitions in what can only be described as a completely unforeseeable coincidence in modern warfare.

In totally unrelated news, Al-Qaeda has been sighted around America sporting GOP smoking jackets and trying to pose as 'white America' when in fact we know that they are now the newly annointed 'Western wing' of this ultra-deadly terrorist group. Reports indicating that this deadly new group is in fact American citizens is nothing more than conpiracy propaganda and all suspected participants should be directed to their local checkpoint Big Sister Free Love Station for a trial by jury a freedom check.

Friday, August 19, 2011

TSA Confiscates Woman's Insulin - An Example of Failed Policy

It's a good thing the TSA is stopping terrorism (Oh and tourism too) -

A pregnant woman had her insulin and ice packs confiscated by the Transportation Security Administration because a screener claimed they were an explosives risk.

The diabetic woman was travelling alone from Denver International Airport to a baby shower in Phoenix when she was questioned by a TSA agent as she went through security.

'He's like, "Well, you're a risk,"' the woman, who did not wish to be named, said. 'I'm like, "Excuse me?" And he's like, "This is a risk ... I can't tell you why again. But this is at risk for explosives."
The Real Effect
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.
Do we really need an explanation of above? Or do we really despise liberty that much?

To illustrate further, this is what happens with bad policy and government. When bad policy is enacted by businesses and individuals, the public can usually avoid these clowns. However with government, you are compelled to use their policy under force of law. And the consequences of such bad policy are typically not immediately discernable. For instance -
  • Terrorists attack the United States
  • "Do something!" is the clarion cry. The point here is not to punish the terrorists, but to prevent further events. In some cases, this is possible, but rarely is this true.
  • The Transport Security Administration is created. (Quite expensive I might add)
  • The TSA has an incentive to grow larger and have more regulations. (This is where their paycheck comes from) So the TSA grows makes things safer.
  • What is not seen is the micro-hidden cost. To some, the harassment might jeapordize their livelihood, so they find ways around it. To the rest, there is a monetary cost (money) as well other costs. (Loss of time, liberty, scissors)
  • Eventually, the incentive of the policy conflicts with the life of an individual. (Our example above) Sometimes this is able to be worked around, but every so often there is a genuine threat to the life of that person. In this case, what she supposed to do? Give up her medication and pray she makes it? Refuse to give it up? Attack the guard?
No, each individual has an incentive to protect themselves and to this end, we turn the "citizen" on the guard. It is not the guards fault that he is making a living. It is also not the fault of the woman that this policy could cost her her life. But in the end the ones that end up suffering are not the ones who make the rules, but the ones who are affected by them. These individuals are not hard of hearing, they are flat out deaf.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Euro-Facists Propose Euro Tyranny

The problem in the economic front is a property issue. The stock market is going down. Why? Because the banks are going down? Why? Because they wrote FRAUDULENT deals in the biggest ponzi scheme of all time and now they have to pay. (And they sold them to everyone too) 

So, what's France and Germany's solution? Make the ponzi BIGGER!!!!
PARIS - Germany, France propose collective 'government' for the eurozone led by EU president.
  • And fade: Sarkozy says "Maybe" Eurobonds imaginable one day
  • Sarkozy says not enough integration for eurobonds now
  • Eurobonds have no democratic legitimacy now, Sarkozy says
  • French president Sarkozy says proposal would elect a Eurozone president for two and a half years
  • Van Rompuy Proposed as Head of Euro Council
  • Merkel says debt brake to be anchored in German, French law. And so the take over of europe by the new axis countries: France and Germany, is complete.
The Real Effect
Imagine for a moment that your neighbor kept moving his mobile fence further into your yard. This is property theft as he is appropriating your yard slowly but methodically. When cornered, he claims that he is now 'using' this land and it is central to his profits in his new sod business.

Nice, you think to yourself, but the fact that my land is central to your profitability has no bearing on who's land it is. So, you protest to him. 

At this point he claims that 'no one knew' that the fence had been moved, but being the overly generous guy that he is, he will move it back to where you say it should go. 

Upon completion, you notice that he has indeed moved his fence, but not back to the original property line. In fact, since he was so "generous", he has since started moving the fence towards your property again.

This time you call the local sheriff and go to retrieve your property records. Going into the file cabinet, you find that your neighbor has been in your house and has destroyed all the relevant records. When the police arrive and question your neighbor, he shows them his documents written in crayon of all things. Of course, he insists they are completely valid and that they show that not only is the land that you are disputing his, but that his sod business is once again in trouble and unless the sheriff wants his cruiser getting all shot up, he had better give him your house too. After all, these are troublesome times and we need to be unified to get out of it.

To your horror, the sheriff completely agrees with him. It is only later that you find out that the sheriff is your neighbor's cousin. Of course by then, it's too late as city hall has officially deemed the land his and in order for you to overturn that ruling, you have to prove it's yours with your non-existent records. 

In the end he is hailed as a great innovator that not only created jobs but did it at such a low cost. No one could quite figure out how he managed that, except you.

This is similar to the situation that we find ourselves in today. The banks have started a business with their capital and they have every legal right to waste it if that is their wish. What they do not have the right to do is to drag us along with them. Yet Europe seems to feel that the solution to their problem is to give the sheriff in our example the title of mayor as well. This does nothing to address the issue of property ownership which is the primary cause of our suffering. 

It ensures that not only will you get shafted, but that it will be legal as well.

Of course a world leader coming out of Europe is no new thing to long time readers.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Republican Kabuki Theater

As if we had any doubt that this is what would happen -

During a heated back and forth with Rick Santorum regarding a potential conflict with Iran, Paul showed true statesman qualities, arguing that merely slapping sanctions on the country and refusing to even entertain the idea of negotiating with the Iranian leadership would lead directly to conflict further down the line.

“They have no evidence that they are working on a weapon,” Paul said. “At least our leaders and Reagan talked to the Soviets. What is so terribly bad about this? Countries you put sanctions on, you are more likely to fight them. I say a policy of peace is free trade, stay out of their internal business. Do not get involved in these wars and bring our troops home.” The Congressman added.

When Santorum insisted that Iran had “killed more American men and women in uniform in Iraq and Afghanistan than the Iraqis and Afghans have,” Paul urged the American people to see through such examples of war propaganda.

When Santorum added that Iran had been “at war with us since 1979″, Paul countered that it was the meddling of the CIA in Iran in the 1950s that had directly caused such “blowback”.

“The senator is wrong on his history,” Paul urged. “We’ve been at war in Iran for a lot longer than ’79. We started it in 1953 when we sent in a coup, installed the Shah. The reaction, the blow-back came in 1979, it’s been going on and on because we just plain don’t mind our own business. That’s our problem!” The Congressman asserted as the crowd in attendance erupted into riotous applause and cheering.
The Real Effect
This is where we move from the theater of the absurd to abject lunacy. Perhaps Santorum and Bachmann have noticed that the United States received a debt downgrade recently? I wonder exactly how they would plan to pay for such military exploits? By borrowing from China? The country that has stopped buying our treasuries and has alliances with Iran? Or perhaps we can just print money and destroy our country in a way that Iran never could?!?

There are reasons why we elect leaders and not individuals who will kow tow to the 'Israel first' lobby. If Israel has a beef with Iran, let them deal with them. But 100 years of interventionist policy and forced democracy has helped foster countless wars, a bankrupt economy and millions of deaths that have made our country significantly less secure as a whole.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

China Building Military Assets, The US Wants to Know Why

As if China owes the US an explanation -

The United States said Wednesday it would like China to explain why it needs an aircraft carrier amid broader US concerns about Beijing’s lack of transparency over its military aims.

“We would welcome any kind of explanation that China would like to give for needing this kind of equipment,” State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland told reporters when asked whether the carrier would raise regional tensions.

“This is part of our larger concern that China is not as transparent as other countries. It’s not as transparent as the United States about its military acquisitions, about its military budget,” she said.
The Real Effect
What do you think they're going to do with it? Water the plants in their ghost cities? Yeah, that's the ticket! As if this isn't funny enough, this comes on the back of a high-tech US experiment dominating the news -
The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency says contact with its experimental hypersonic glider was lost after launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base on the central California coast.

The agency says in Twitter postings that its unmanned Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle-2 was launched Thursday atop a rocket, successfully separated from the booster and entered the mission’s glide phase.

The agency says telemetry was subsequently lost, but released no details..
Coincidentally, quite an interesting phoenix reference. Could this be some sort of symbolic gesture? Ah, I digress...

Following logic, shouldn't China be demanding to know about the US and its lack of transparency? By what right does the US assert that China owes them an explenation while denying China and the world one? Oh, that's right. This is what passes for reason and logic today, ...cough, cough...excuse me while I clear my caveman throat -
U.S. good. We more moral cuz we say so. China bad cuz we say so. Therefore Trogg say that US can kill at whim and owe no explanation to anyone for anything. Cuz we say so.
Update: With reports of your entire stealth fleet being grounded, should you really be picking fights with China -
...after building more than 170 F-22 Raptors and a handful of F-35 Joint Strike Fighters, not a single one is available for service. The Air Force currently has zero flyable stealth fighters. None.

The vaunted F-22 has been grounded with a possible faulty oxygen system since May. Production of the last few Raptors is even on hold, because the jets can’t fly from the factory.

Last week, test flights for the newer F-35 were suspended, too, because of a valve problem in the plane’s integrated power package. It’s the third time this year that JSFs have been forbidden to fly. Ground tests have resumed, and flight tests may resume as early as next week. Then again, they may not.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

London Burns, The Script Plays On

Consider the following -
Two men have been sentenced to 10 weeks and 16 weeks for their part in last night's disorder in Manchester, Greater Manchester Police reports. The force tweets: "Swift justice," adding they will be the "first of many".
Much ink has been spilled over these riots, the reason for them and the solutions to deal with them. We will look at the reasons why much of it has transpired the way that it has. To simplify, we will assume several points in our Initial Action -

Initial Action -
Protesting commences due in part to immigration, social policy, taxes, mis-representation and the ongoing depression.

Stimulus -
Police training creates an atmosphere of fear and hostility for police towards most political dissidents.

Reaction -
Police shoot and kill one of the protesters.

Reaction -
Protests turn into local riots.

Stimulus -
As massive unrest plaguing the United Kingdom spread from London to other cities last night, claims emerged that individuals calling themselves journalists were offering to pay youths to start riots, suggesting an effort to provocateur some of the violence.

Reaction -
Local riots spread and intensify.

Stimulus -
According to eyewitnesses to the initial riots in Tottenham, police were seen “standing back and allowing rioters to cause havoc,” a trend that continued during subsequent nights before Prime Minister David Cameron ordered 10,000 extra police officers to patrol London last night.

This has now been confirmed by sources within Scotland Yard who said police were ordered to “stand and observe” even as brazen acts of violent crime were committed against both people and private property, a directive which prevented them from arresting any of the troublemakers.

Reaction -
Police and citizenry rightly fear and despise rampant acts of vandalism and desire some sort of police response.

Stimulus -
The most despicable of these drooling nonsensical knee jerk calls comes from Conservative MEP Roger Helmer, who suggested via his twitter account yesterday that it was “Time to get tough. Bring in the Army. Shoot looters and arsonists on sight.”
There must be some sort of need for nominal conservatives to appear 'tough'. Perhaps one to many 80's action flicks or Saturday morning cartoons. These individuals seem to think that every violation of codified law should result in some sort of standoff in the wild west which requires them to do what no other man could do. No sir, you need to do what you get paid to do, think. Ya know, with your brain.

Reaction -
According to a YouGov poll, a third of the British population wants to see live ammunition used on rioters in the streets. 77% want the army on the streets, 82% want curfews, and 90% want water cannons.

Of course shooting the 'criminals' would end much of the rioting overnight. However, it would also most likely accomplish the following:
  • Injure or kill innocent bystanders who are merely trying to carry on with life. (Where would the recourse for the bystanders be?)
  • Create a rationale for shooting 'criminals' in the future. (The 'It worked before' mantra)
  • Create a rationale for shooting potential 'criminals in the future. (The 'We can't let it happen again' mantra)

This also returns in the form of stimulus as the politicians cite the polls as the reason they have to do it. We're simply following the populace's wish is all...

Note: This is a resource and may be updated as necessary.

Monday, August 08, 2011

UK chaos: RT in the midst of London riots in Enfield

Wall, Meet Face - The Collapse of the United States

The financial pillaging restarts again in earnest -
Stocks tumbled sharply in heavy volume Monday after Moody's said they are maintaining the U.S.'s AAA status, but the rating depends on how the budget deficit is handled in the future.

This comes after rival S&P downgraded Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Federal Home Loan Bank in addition to cutting U.S.'s credit rating from triple-A for the first time in history last week.
The Real Effect
A somewhat obvious statement is that 'Things will continue until they don't'. On it's face, it seems silly, as though such notions should be blindingly obvious to even the most dense of observers, however it sometimes is necessary to use such Idiocratic concepts to demonstrate that which in retrospect should have been completely obvious all along. Let's review our prediction from May 16, 2011 (I have highlighted the sheer brilliance in bold)-
What do I think will happen? Simple. I believe this is a test run designed to frighten people. They will seize "limited" funds claiming they have the legal right to do so. (Whether they do or do not.) They will drag out the 11 week Congressional process to "avoid default" all the while pretending that we are in trouble that we are not actually in. (If we do not pay our bills, then we will default. However, we could balance the budget now and not default. Borrowing more money from a Chinese populace that isn't willing to lend more just exacerbates the situation and kicks the can down the road. Throwing more logs on the fire will succeed, in burning more logs.)

Next, they will institute temporary measures and will scream of a "Crisis being averted!" and all will hail the leaders as being courageous and great political statesmen. This will avoid further issues for another time period (6 months?), but once again will only kick the can down the road. Meanwhile, this will create the public perception that if the government is allowed to seize private property, they can Fix the problem! (This technique will then be seized upon and copied ad infinitum around the country on lower levels.)

But, quietly in the background, investment firms will begin to downgrade the US debt, resulting in a climbing interest rate and depreciating dollar. That will be where the real pain lies. The result will be a panic flight out of the dollar and into other asset classes.
Whoooooa boy, DEAD ON ladies and gentlemen.  Not only did we call the situation correctly, we called the Republicans and the Democrats moves before they even thought of them!!!

You see, this stuff is scripted. Not in the fashion of absolute control over all parties involved, but in a far more practical typecast sort of way. For instance, notice that the day after our country implodes financially, the Uber-Patriotic Seal Team 6 was gunned down in a vile and dastardly attack? (Or were they?) Kind of makes you want to go out and wrap yourself in a flag doesn't it? (As thoroughly evidenced by all the Facebook statuses over the weekend). Wait, weren't we talking about something important? Like money or debts or something?

You see how easy that is? Like a magician's assistant, the alluring veneer of patriotism is waved at you to help you forget your troubles. It's quite alright, just put your trust in the magic box with the statesmen on and you will soon be calm. They've got this all figured out.

So, where do we go from here? Act II ladies and gentlemen! This is where your hard earned money, disappears!

Look for political infighting to distract the masses from the solution. Just whose fault was it anyways? This will become the political fuel as the politicians set fire to everything. Financially, the moneymakers are stuck now, if they pull support for the economy, in the form of free stuff, the economy collapses. If they don't the dollar collapses and then the economy...collapses. Of course the politicians love this latter idea, because 'It's not their fault! It's those dirty dirty !' (China, Iran and Russia, we're looking at you.)

Of course, if you expect to keep your property during these times of trial, you will be branded as unreasonable, unpatriotic, and eventually a terrorist. This is where Section 802 of the Patriot Act comes in quite handy. Oh you foolish, foolish Republicans, you thought that was for Muslims didn't you? SURPRISE.

Now, if it seems like we've danced to this tune before, it's because we have. Roughly around the mid-1930s. Except this time, we're Germany and the U.N., they get to lead.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

2011 Predictions - First Half Review

Time for review - (This is going to be a work in progress due to the enormity of the research required.)
I redacted much of the filler material and left most of the "meat" in the post. August responses are in red.

Total: ()

  • Europe detonates, especially in the east - (Occurring now. +1)
    • Eastern Europe sinks to crisis level with reports of food shortages, rioting and widespread Depression. (+1)
    • Western Europe contracts massively, putting extraordinary pressure on the Euro. (+1) But the call out of Belgium isn't about revoking the Euro, rather about the preservation of the European Union and the need to 'pull together'. I would expect that we could begin to see propaganda calling for a United Europe in the face of "x" (economic crisis, terror, war). Ultimately in the endgame, foreign creditors feel the massive pinch as they try to protect their investments, but the lack of a favorable response by the people will lead to war with the far east, but not yet.
      • Bonds play an absolutely critical role with the European Financial Stability Facility taking center stage. (+1) The days of "free money" are coming to an end.
  • United States
    • No recovery. The public is aware, but the media begins to be aware that all of the so-called recovery talk was nothing more than statistical nonsense.(No recovery and LOTS of crisis. +1 )
    • Consumer spending hits a wall and continues to decline moderately.(Reports are all falling. +1)
    • The country faces the worst Christmas in at least 25 years. (I haven't found the numbers on this yet. +0/1)
      • As this plays out throughout the first quarter, this kills off many struggling chains or at a bare minimum, (barring "bailouts") sets the stage for later Corporate Death. (Even Wal-Mart is getting hit.)
    • Massive Unemployment U-3 goes to 11%, U-6 to 18.5%  (Yes, I know I'm asking for it) (The trend is finally moving back up to 9.2%, not 11% yet, but when the government bond bubble pops, it will get there in a hurry. +0/1)
    • The Employment rate continues to plunge (Yup, less people in the workforce. +1)
  • Actual Inflation is rampant and MASSIVE (+10-20%)(+1)
    • Commodities - MASSIVE increases in cost
      • Oil becomes a political issue again (Due to being dollar driven) It will easily top $100 a barrel and probably aim for $150 again. (Oil hit $110 not too long after this, but has been hugging $100 ever since. +1)
      • Gold - $1800 - $2000, Silver - $40 - 60 (Gold hit $1600+, silver $50 +1)
        • Expect a massive rally in the first quarter of 2011, cooling off for the summer and then another strong rally at the back half of the year.
        • Silver becomes especially difficult to physically source as the Comex cracks and demand goes up. (Perhaps hitting $40 in Q1, then cooling down until winter)
      • Cotton - Clothing becomes expensive. This will eat away at many "cheap" clothing alternatives like Wal-Mart and Target. (+0/1)
      • Food becomes more expensive, shortages continue. (+1)
  • Local governments collapse
    • Municipalities disband and declare bankruptcy to avoid liabilities. (Chicago and suburbs are close. Some smaller municipalities have declared bankruptcy. +1)
  • State governments stagger
    • Deficits swell as many budgets were predicated upon the "summer of recovery" which turns out to be less of a recovery and more of a flat-line. (We are learning now that many budgets were in fact based on growth scenarios in the range of 5-8% in some cases. Absurd. +1)
  • Federal government surges nominally. While appearing to die, the federal government starts consuming everything in a dire attempt to stay solvent. (Sink or swim mentality)
    • Pensions are gradually shifted to state/Federal funds. (Congress defaults, or illegally default +1)
    • Bond rates collapse further (Having a hand in this is Russia dumping US Treasuries +1)
    • FDIC is still insolvent and its line of credit at the Treasury Dept. legally runs out (+0/1)
    • Food stamp rates will continue to soar. (A new record of 45.8 million people and in increase in the rate of new applicants.)
  • Foreclosure-gate rocks the world (It is entering the next phase, lawsuits)
    • Housing prices decline nominally by at least 5% (As Vox Day points out this is the amount of the 2009 tax credit) more likely 10% and perhaps it gets as bad as 20%.
    • H.R. 3808 is resurrected by the Republicans and signed into law. (This will be seen as bipartisanship)
    • Individuals and companies attempt to protect their capitol by investing in anything that is inflation proof. (Silver and Gold are starting another bull run that will be eclipsed when QE3 is announced.)
      • Minor to moderate bank runs (This is true in Greece, no overt signs here yet.)
  • Stocks sell off nominally, finally. (When priced to inflation, which is absolutely necessary, the markets are not only down nominally for the year, but tanking to the tune of 5% +1)
    •  Many of these institutions are holding a certain "value" on their books with regards to housing prices. If these values start plummeting, the banks will either be forced to seek another bailout or get crushed.
    • HFT (High Frequency Trading) becomes a mainstream term due to increasing exposure to the concept by the mainstream media. (Adobe(+0/1)
With much of the fallout from "The Currency War" devastating the global economies, the action leaves the banks and hits the courts eventually ending on the battlefield. (More towards 2012) (Starting already with 5 US wars. +1)
  • Worldwide, America is blamed for the global economic fallout.  (CDS, MBS securities) (Russia and China continue to point fingers. +1)
    • This stokes anti-American/liberty resentment which will find a place to mature later.
  • A world war by the end of 2012 (See the Religious War Series for details)  (+0/1)
  • North Korea/South Korea trade volleys, but do NOT go to war. (The North is flexing its nuclear muscles, The South is shooting at what it thinks are North Korean passenger planes)
  • The neoconservative version of the Tea Party takes its seats and promptly sells/blows out.
    • To be sure there will be plenty of grandstanding about "austerity", but sacred cows like defense spending, corporate welfare and education will be supported by the NeoTeas. (We saw this recently with the support for the debt ceiling increase. +1)
    • Critical legislation and opportunities (Like an End the Fed bill) are torpedoed by the appropriate sides.(+0/1)
    • I will go so far as to say that a major 'patriot' will betray the movement. (+1)
  • January - A lot of rhetoric, but not a lot of results. Talks by Republicans will resume of obstructionism and "dirty politics" by Obama. (+1)
  • Presidential Race heats up - May?
    • The third party "change" meme becomes more palatable, but not yet as frustrations lead to a party that will eventually become the Global Party
    • The cry will go out that 'In this hour, we cannot afford to be divided.' (+0/1)
After a massive downturn over the last 5 years, the remnants of much of the "religious right" get fed up with the left's "societal engineering".  This leads to the following -
  • Nationalistic denominationalism - The Christians return to the forefront with a vengeance as the Glenn Beck rally/Palin crowd embrace "Americana" nationalism and go after the infidels. (Look at that, there's Beck, whipping up the Christians and promoting war. Looks like Rick Perry is getting in on the act as well. +1)
    • The "founder's intent"/"What this country was founded on" ends up fueling a nationalistic religious fervor that seeks to incarcerate and make war anyone who doesn't see their light. (+0/1)
But the rub lies in the fact that the left and the right are destined to destroy one another and lead to a new left/right party. (+0/1 - I don't know that we'll get this before 2012.)

  • Worldly obsession with 'otherworldly' entities picks up steam but does not reach critical mass. Such items will include:
    • Aliens/Project Bluebeam (+0/1)
    • Angel/Demon gates (+0/1)
  • In reaction to rampant criminality, virtues become fashionable/marketable again.
  • Crime increases - The desperate lower class sees the upper class as the reason for their suffering. Except the middle class will be their target, not the bankers. (Witness the riots in Wisconsin.)
As Obamacare takes hold, in order to make the "system" solvent, the Government moves to do the following:
  • The licensing and eventual banning of vitamins and nutritional supplements. (Competition is a sin) (+0/1)
  • Healthcare shortages are realized (Medicare is eyed up) as workers retire early en-masse in order to avoid being part of the system. Doctors especially become more scarce as new recruits refuse to enter the field. (+0/1)
    • A black market for health care becomes viable. (+0/1)

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Senate Approves Increase - It's a Trap!

Now witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational battle station! -
The American people sent a wave of new lawmakers to Congress in last November’s election with a very clear mandate: to put our nation’s fiscal house in order. Those of us who’d been fighting the big-government policies of Democrat majorities in Congress welcomed them into our ranks. Together we’ve held the line. And slowly but surely, we’ve started turning things around.
The Real Effect
Boy Mitch, you really showed them. 'Gee gosh golly, now we're all serious and stuff.' Excuse me while I clean the BS out of my ear. Let's see - How is the market taking the news? Dow is down almost 2%, (Unicredit (is) locking out down-limit day after day? Why are European indices collapsing as I write this, with the ATX down 2.5%, the Dax down 1.6%, the CAC down 1.7%, Stockholm down 2.6% and the Swiss, usually the bastion of stability, down 3.68% with a rampaging Swiss Franc?) precious metals are surging and anybody with a brain can see that this is not going to help the economy.

I really hate to see what the Republicans grand plan is here. Are we going to now demolish hospitals so that we can increase production? Perhaps set children on fire with napalm to save th...oh wait, that's already going on all over the world already.

To all of you bench warmers out there, THIS is what happens when you give the keys to the car to liars and madmen. You end up with psychopaths who destroy the entire country. Just remember, the Democrats may be marginally driving at the moment, but the Republicans just handed them the keys without a fight.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Debt Redux - When Will People Learn

That's right, you just keep on believing that the Republicans are going to save you -
No plan under serious consideration cuts spending in the way you and I think about it. Instead, the "cuts" being discussed are illusory, and are not cuts from current amounts being spent, but cuts in projected spending increases. This is akin to a family "saving" $100,000 in expenses by deciding not to buy a Lamborghini, and instead getting a fully loaded Mercedes, when really their budget dictates that they need to stick with their perfectly serviceable Honda. But this is the type of math Washington uses to mask the incriminating truth about their unrepentant plundering of the American people.
The Real Effect
Obviously the right is now taking hits off the hope and change bong. I love listening to the local talking heads who keep referring to this as an imperfect plan and a potential political victory. Yes, yes. We all know that you graduated last year and got your big boy pants, but you were wrong in 1994, wrong in 2000, wrong in 2008 and YOU'RE WRONG NOW. Quite honestly I don't know why we can't jettison half these brain dead ignoramuses.

Put simply, you spent the family (government) budget on giving our neighbors all of our tech advantages who chain their kids in the basements and the local trade board imparts massive trade tariffs on us. (Some free trade) Then, you open up the household refrigerator to the next door neighbor kids who proceed to pig out. Finally, after maxing out all the family credit cards, you scream and yell at the populace that if they don't let you get another credit card after you downsize from your Lamborghini to your Mercedes that it's our fault that our family is broke?!?

Nice one there Dad. Nice. Now save us some headaches and go jump off a cliff.