Sunday, July 16, 2006

Mideast Notes - The Real Effect On Target

I just wanted to get some quick points down for the record. Here is my take on the situation in the Mideast as it currently stands.

The Real Effect
We all know by know that the basic formula for world events is "problem + reaction = solution". In other words, create a problem, that causes a reaction and then you are free to offer a solution. Using this formula, let us think backwards.

We know that the endgame solution is to create a one-world government with a universal world leader. So the question becomes how to create a situation bad enough to warrant a world dictatorship? This is where the Mideast comes in.

I see the situation as going a little something like this:
  • Israel continues to assert their right to "defend themselves". Something that they have been virtually unwilling to do for the last twenty years.
  • This leads to more and more involvement with neighboring nations such as Syria, Iran and to a lesser extent China, Russia, Venezuela and North Korea.
  • Hezbollah continues to schalack Israeli cities. (Tel Aviv told to be on rocket alert)
  • Other countries begin to remove their people and send in peacekeepers/forces to assist which inevitably become targets. (U.S. Evacuation Teams Arrive in Lebanon)
  • Fixed intelligence links the aforementioned nations of Iran, Syria and then Russia and company justifying war. (Bush Suspicious of Iranians
As I predicted -
"As Iraq-weariness begins to set in, Bush shifts strategy to going after Iran and/or Syria as another 'theater' in the global struggle on terror."
As I predicted six months ago, the situation devolves into open war in order to stabilize the world. (Us vs. Them mentality)
"But in order to truly bring in the "New World Order" a sacrifice of a greater scale is going to be needed. I believe that we have yet to see the global war that will create the supposed level of sacrifice needed to attain this and that a much larger one will be required. However, there is definitely a time table for this and it is running short."
 As I predicted, oil continues to climb to $4 a gallon (Crude climbs back near record high $78)
    "Look for the trend that has been established over the last few years to continue. Gas starts to head upwards as it looks for equalization with overseas markets. Overseas, the price starts heading up to with $6 a gallon in the U.K. and much of Europe and close to if not just over $4 a gallon here in the U.S."
    As I predicted, during this the U.N. is helpless and only exasperates the problem, leading to the call to a more efficient system. Thus the call for the world leader starts.
    "I believe that if we get the awaited 'Phoenix Transformation' we will catch at least a high profile glimpse of new and an upcoming world leader who will stun the world with his seeming courage, morality and amazing solutions to the world's problems, specifically the issue of what to do with the Israeli/Palestinian conflict."
    This also extends the Bush doctrine of "If you're not with us, you're with the terrorists.", except this will be converted into a worldwide call against organized religion and eventually be specifically targeted against Judaism and Christendom.
      That's it for now. If I get some time later, I'll post some more.