Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Chertoff - U.S. Needs More Authoritah!

Department of Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff made the following statement on Sunday -
There is no evidence that terrorists were working within the United States as part of a plot to detonate explosives on airliners, but U.S. officials remain on guard after last week's arrests in Britain and Pakistan.
He continues -
"As we speak right now, we have not found any indication of active planning in the U.S. or plans to conduct operations within the U.S.,"
But Chertoff reasons, arrests in Britain demonstrate the need for more "security". According to the AP -
The nation's chief of homeland security said Sunday that the U.S. should consider reviewing its laws to allow for more electronic surveillance and detention of possible terror suspects, citing last week's foiled plot.

Michael Chertoff, secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, stopped short of calling for immediate changes, noting there might be constitutional barriers to the type of wide police powers the British had in apprehending suspects in the plot to blow up airliners headed to the U.S.
So basically Chertoff is saying there is NO evidence that ANYTHING is being planned that they are aware of, yet we need MORE surveillance and security. Darn those constitutional barriers!
The Real Effect
On Friday I stated the following -
Watch for the story to die down, yet the call to "vigilance" and "protection" grows while pushing the conclusion of the story aside.
So what does Chertoff say?
"the U.S. is remaining vigilant for other attacks"
So, let's sum up. No threat to the U.S., no new threats to the U.S. but more power and authority needed to stop future non-threats.

Sheer brilliance.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Foiled Terror Plot - A Dry Run On Martial Law?

Another day and experts are hoisted in front of the camera, relieved passengers are interviewed and yes, we give up more liberty. Why? Because a group of people claim that we are under attack from a shadowy master enemy. Didn't some German dictator blame some Jews for the world's problems not that long ago?

But wait, what are we in danger from.

Gatorade... yes, explosive Gatorade.

Jokingly, when I was watching this unfold late last night, I said to myself, "Watch the TSA ban everything but baby formula."

I hate it when I'm right.

But why do this? Look at the highlight/result. An "unprecedented" red alert on U.K. planes to the U.S., a ban on almost all liquids on U.S. planes and a sudden 'interest' in Operation Bojinka. In addition, as if needing to prove that they are "serious about terror" governors Mitt Romney and Arnold Schwarzenegger are deploying the national guard.
So is this one real or another fake alert like all the alerts before them? Here are just a few recent fakes:

    And people mock conspiracy theorists...at least we don't get BILLIONS of dollars from your pocket and prove ourselves WRONG on a regular basis. This is not to say, however, that the trigger could not be pulled at any time and 'validate' the government line. Just look at Bush's comment to understand just what they want us to think -

    "The American people need to know we live in a dangerous world, but our government will do everything we can to protect our people from those dangers."
    Let's restate that -

    'You need to know that it's scary out here, but if you give us more power, it won't happen to you, our people.'
    How is that any different than "protection money"?

    The Real Effect
    I will go over this real slowly, so all may understand. If you create a terrorist and then your own 'experts' to testify to the nastiness of this terrorist and then the aforementioned terrorist does something scary, you get billions of dollars in funding and tons more control over a populace. I believe that it is the oldest trick in the book.

    Watch for the story to die down, yet the call to "vigilance" and "protection" grows while pushing the conclusion of the story aside. And all it takes to solidify it in your mind, is one terrorist attack that they tell you is from the "terrorist" and liberty becomes a forethought reserved for the annals of history.

    As a matter of fact, as I type this, the British Home Secretary John Reid is on MSNBC declaring that he will have a "long, wide, deep struggle" and "vigilance".

    Thinking about this some more, I have to add that there might be a couple of "terrorists" still out there, planning, waiting. They just might use this to foist some power on themselves over the next few weeks. Then again, this might get pulled off, justifying the war in Iran.