Thursday, May 17, 2007

Street lockdowns proposed for Baltimore

This can only be described as martial law -
A city council leader, alarmed by Baltimore's rising homicide rate, wants to give the mayor the power to put troubled neighborhoods under virtual lockdown.

"Desperate measures are needed when we're in desperate situations," City Council Vice President Robert W. Curran told The (Baltimore) Sun. He said he would introduce the legislation next week.

Under Curran's plan, the mayor could declare "public safety act zones," which would allow police to close liquor stores and bars, limit the number of people on city sidewalks, and halt traffic during two-week intervals.

Police would be encouraged to aggressively stop and frisk individuals in those zones to search for weapons and drugs.

Baltimore has tallied 108 homicides already this year, compared to 98 over the same period last year. Police and prosecutors also say they are facing a "stop snitching" culture that discourages victims and witnesses from cooperating with investigators trying to get criminals off the streets.

Councilman Keiffer J. Mitchell Jr., a mayoral hopeful, said Curran's idea was an interesting concept but it raised questions about civil liberties.

"We have to make sure we're not declaring martial law," he said.

The Real Effect
Let me get this straight you can close legitimate tax-paying businesses at will, prohibit people from traveling either by sidewalk or vehicle and then "aggressively" search them (probably without warrant) thereby violating their rights guaranteed by the fourth amendment and this is not martial law? Ridiculous!

Friday, May 11, 2007

The Amero Push Is On

The Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) is making a push to end "monetary nationalism" in their policy piece The End of National Currency.

Offering up their view on a supposed problem, which in reality is a manufactured crisis -
"The economics profession has failed to offer anything resembling a coherent and compelling response to currency crises."

"Antiglobalization economists have turned the problem on its head by absolving governments"

"This is a dangerous misdiagnosis. In fact, capital flows became destabilizing only after countries began asserting "sovereignty" over money..."
 "...even if the march of globalization is not inevitable, the world economy and the international financial system have evolved in such a way that there is no longer a viable model for economic development outside of them."

"The right course is not to return to a mythical past of monetary sovereignty, with governments controlling local interest and exchange rates in blissful ignorance of the rest of the world. Governments must let go of the fatal notion that nationhood requires them to make and control the money used in their territory. National currencies and global markets simply do not mix; together they make a deadly brew of currency crises and geopolitical tension and create ready pretexts for damaging protectionism. In order to globalize safely, countries should abandon monetary nationalism and abolish unwanted currencies, the source of much of today's instability."

The Real Effect
From The Real Effect, October 4, 2005 -
I am on record predicting that this will lead to something, specifically a call to globalize the western hemisphere into a 'competitive market', the new American Union. I have also heard rumors that this will come complete with a brand new currency, the Amero.
Once again, those who are in the know and pulling the strings are "pro"gressive and those opposed to world tyranny are "anti" something. Notice the sense of futility that they are trying to create? 'Well, world government is the only viable option and national currency is "dangerous" so the only solution is to create global currencies.' Whew! At least they are thinking of us.
Need more info? Read an article by Jerome R. Corsi. and another article dealing with Michael Medved. Don't believe it's real? Check out the government website.

Combine all of this with the massive inflation (I believe I saw 10.8% per annum), a collapsing housing market, aggressive energy prices and massive government spending which shows no sign of slowing and we have a recipe for disaster.

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