Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sarkozy, A Guy to Watch

The Real Effect
I'm going to cut right to the chase on this one. Quite frankly, this guy worries me. He is supposedly pro-U.S. and democracy, yet he is invoking an authority that smacks of a new breed of globalist. In the past the globalist have stated opinion and suggested that we the uneducated masses should adopt them as some sort of universal solvent. Now, Sarkovy speaks in broad, almost empowered, ideas as if we are already present in the New Utopia and he is issuing a clarion call to look around and behold it's grandeur.

Let's look at a few statements:
The United Nations should avail itself as an instrument for a "new world order of the 21st century," French President Nicolas Sarkozy said Tuesday in his first address to the General Assembly.
"In the name of France, I call upon all states to join ranks in order to found the new world order of the 21st century on the notion that the common goods that belong to all of humankind must be the common responsibility for us all,"
French President Nicolas Sarkozy told the U.N. General Assembly that allowing Iran to arm itself with nuclear weapons would be an ``unacceptable risk to stability in the region and in the world.''
That's it for the moment, but I believe this guy is dangerous. Very dangerous.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Iran...Pull the Trigger Already

Let us consider the developments over the last few weeks in the forthcoming Iranian/Syrian war:

* August 15, 2007 -
The United States has decided to designate Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps, the country's 125,000-strong military branch, as a "specially designated global terrorist," according to U.S. officials, a move that allows Washington to target the group's business operations and finances.

* August 30, 2007 - NY Times -
A B-52 bomber took off from Minot Air Force base in North Dakota with six nuclear warheads. They were supposed to be detached from cruise missiles before the flight.

Larry Johnson raises the possibility that the nukes were headed to the Mideast via Barksdale Air Force Base.

*September 4, 2007 - Infowars reports -
Dick Cheney has ordered top Neo-Con media outlets, including Fox News and the Wall Street Journal, to unleash a PR blitz to sell a war with Iran from today, according to Barnett Rubin, the highly respected Afghanistan expert at New York University.
* Septemer 6, 2007 -According to the UK Independent, Israel has found nuke sites in Syria
Israel believes that North Korea has been supplying Syria and Iran with nuclear materials, a Washington defense official told the New York Times. “The Israelis think North Korea is selling to Iran and Syria what little they have left,” he said.
In addition -
Israeli jets "bombed a Syrian-Iranian missile base in northern Syria that was financed by Iran... It appears that the base was completely destroyed."
* September 7, 2007 - Fox News - Iran fined
Iran must pay $2.65 billion to the families of the 241 U.S. service members killed in the 1983 bombing of the U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut, a federal judge declared Friday.
* September 9, 2007 -
U.S. General David Pratreus testifies to Congress of a "proxy war" in Iraq against Iran. He strongly implied that it would soon be necessary to obtain authorisation to take action against Iran within its own borders, rather than just inside Iraq.

* September 10, 2007 - According to the Wall Street Journal -
The Pentagon is preparing to build a military base near the Iraq-Iran border to try to curtail the flow of advanced Iranian weaponry to Shiite militants across Iraq

Quoting Maj. Gen. Rick Lynch, the commander of the Army's 3rd Infantry Division, the Journal said the Pentagon also plans to build fortified checkpoints on major highways leading from the Iranian border to Baghdad, and install X-ray machines and explosives-detecting sensors at the only formal border crossing between the two countries.

"We've got a major problem with Iranian munitions streaming into Iraq. This Iranian interference is troubling and we have to stop it."
*September 12, 2007 - Again, the UK Independent, we are sending British troops to the Iraqi/Irani border -
The UK operation, in which up to 350 troops are involved, has come at the request of the Americans, who say that elements close to the Iranian regime have stepped up supplies of weapons to Shia militias in recent weeks in preparation for attacks inside Iraq.

The mission will include the King's Royal Hussars battle group, 250 of whom were told at the weekend that they would be returning to the UK as part of a drawdown of forces in Iraq.

The Iranians have threatened military action in response to attacks launched from Iraqi territory while the Pentagon has announced the building of a US base and fortified checkpoints at the frontier.
Fox News -

Political and military officers, as well as weapons of mass destruction specialists at the State Department, are now advising Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice that the diplomatic approach favored by (Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Nicholas) Burns has failed and the administration must actively prepare for military intervention of some kind.
Consequently, according to a well-placed Bush administration source, "everyone in town" is now participating in a broad discussion about the costs and benefits of military action against Iran, with the likely timeframe for any such course of action being over the next eight to 10 months, after the presidential primaries have probably been decided, but well before the November 2008 elections.
The Real Effect
Could we be going into Iran? Nah... Fox News and the Wall Street Journal are pushing a war? Nah...

I believe that it is likely that the U.S. is asking the U.K. to get closer to the action so they'll get shot at, stay in Iraq and help with Iran.

I am close to amazed that it is taking as long as it is for the U.S. to go after Iran. I started researching the topic in early 1997, predicted an attack on Iran by 2005 in 1999 and for the last 2 years have been listening to the shrill cries of how we should invade, but it has not seemed that we have had the political guts to back up our rhetoric.

I have said and will say again that this is escalation warfare designed to destroy the American will and ultimately the United States itself. With the logical progression being: Afghanistan -> Iraq -> Iran/Syria -> North Korea -> China/Russia(Japan?)

Friday, September 07, 2007

American Union Driver's Licenses are Here

From World Net Daily -
The first "North American Union" driver's license, complete with a hologram of the continent on the reverse, has been created in North Carolina. "The North Carolina driver's license is 'North American Union' ready," charges William Gheen, president of Americans for Legal Immigration. Gheen provided WND with a photo of an actual North Carolina license which clearly shows the hologram of the North American continent embedded on the reverse. "The hologram looks exactly [like] the map of North America that is used as the background for the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America logo on the SPP website," Gheen told WND. "I object to the loss of sovereignty that is proceeding under the agreements being made by these unelected government bureaucrats who think we should be North American instead of the United States of America.

So being at least a semi-decent news agency, WND contacted the North Carolina DMV and asked if this was for real. Here is their response -
Marge Howell, spokeswoman for the North Carolina DMV, affirmed to WND the state was embedding a hologram of North America on the back of its new driver's licenses. "It's a security element that eventually will be on the back of every driver's license in North America," Howell told WND.

Did everyone catch that? Let me repost just for clarification -
"It's a security element that eventually will be on the back of every driver's license in North America,"
This begs several questions:
  1. How does a North Carolina DMV representative know what Canada, Mexico and all other North American countries are planning on doing with their driver's licenses?
  2. How would all the aforementioned countries be able to implement such a thing if there where no such plan for an North American Union?
  3. Why would these countries use the same security feature if not participating in this Union?

The article continues -
Howell explained the hologram of the continent was the creation of the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators, a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization that, according to the group's website, "develops model programs in motor vehicle administration, law enforcement and highway safety." Founded in 1933, AAMVA represents state and provincial officials in the United States and Canada who administer and enforce motor vehicle laws. The government of Mexico is also a member, though the individual Mexican states have yet to join. According to the group's website, AAMVA's programs are designed "to encourage uniformity and reciprocity among the states and provinces." "The goal of the North American hologram," Howell explained, "is to get one common element that law enforcement throughout the continent can look at on all driver's licenses and tell that the driver's license is an official document."

Of course it's got to get weirder -
AAMVA supplies member motor vehicle agencies with a quantity of North American continent hologram OVD foils to use on their driver's licenses and ID cards as needed. As the AAMVA guidelines document explains, each North American hologram OVD foil is embedded with a unique set of control numbers that permit law enforcement electronic scanners to identify the exact jurisdiction and precise individual authorized to hold a driver's license or ID card. "AAMVA understands its unique positioning and the continuing role identification security will play in helping the general public realize a safer North America," King explained to WND in an e-mail.

The Real Effect
Here is what I stated on 1/24/2007 -
This is one to watch. This will more than likely morph into the National ID system when the Real ID act comes into effect in 2008. Imagine a database in which you must report in order to get a job, pay taxes, travel, and in general live life.
More in depth info can be found on 9/22/2005 and 9/20/2005.

The globalists are being discovered and rather than stop the agenda and play dumb, they are attempting to pretend that it either does not exist by using coy word games or imploring us that this is the only true way that we can be safe from those nasty terrorists.

Look for the DMV officials and other politicians to pretend that this is nothing more than a cost-saving technique designed by some innocent people that has absolutely nothing to do with anything remotely NAU orientated.

Edited for appearance and labels on 5/4/2010.