Friday, June 10, 2011

Anti-Bilderberg Protests? Cue the Government Hysteria

Cry me a river -
The Bandera County Sheriff's Office issued a warning Thursday to citizens about an anti-government movement known for acts of domestic terrorism.The law enforcement agency said followers of The Sovereign Citizens Movement have been known to carry out violent acts, including killing law enforcement officers and other public servants.

The sheriff's office told KSAT-12 News the warning was prompted by the recent shooting death of Bexar County Sheriff's Deputy Sgt. Kenneth Vann."We have domestic terrorism right at our doorstep," said Capt. Charlie Hicks of the Bandera County Sheriff's Office.Hicks said while there's no evidence Vann's death had any links to the Sovereign Citizens, it's the same type of crime followers are known for.
See that? "No evidence".

The Sheriff's office has zip, zero, nada on any sort of deadly antics by the shadowy Sovereign Citizens Movement. Yet here they are donning their tinfoil cap and turning the Sheriff's office into a PR front for the Department of Homeland Security. And yet people who just want to discuss alternates points of governance, no, they're the crazy ones.  But wait, it doesn't stop there -
Hicks said followers are often very vocal about their beliefs.
 "They've very serious in their beliefs, and very serious when they do go to violence," Hicks said. "They'll kill you in a New York minute."
The Real Effect
Who here is willing to bet that you, Joe Citizen, have a much, much higher statistical probability of being killed by a police officer, then by one of these Fed infiltrated "militia" groups? Yet these same offices will strip people of rights, harass, cajole, arrest, imprison and even murder in the name "protecting people". Many times with no evidence at all.

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