Thursday, February 09, 2012

Unintended Consequences and Responsibility

Just why are these Muslims overrunning Europe? I bet it's some weird reason....
Girls as young as 13 have been fitted with contraceptive implants at school without their parents knowing. 
The procedure was carried out in Southampton, Hants, as part of a government initiative to drive down teenage pregnancies.

As many as nine secondary schools in the city are thought to have been involved.

But it has caused a backlash from parents who weren't aware that their daughters had been fitted with the 4cm device, which sits under the skin.

It is currently unknown exactly how many youngsters have taken part in the scheme.
I bet there's a real good reason why this is happening. Let's turn to the techon-fascists to get our answer -
Health chiefs have defended sexual health services going into schools, saying teenage pregnancies had dropped by 22 per cent as a result.
The Real Effect
Oh, well pregnancies are dropping. Whew. We really dodged a bullet there. I mean, pregnancy is the worst thing that can happen to anyone...right? Now that we got the mandatory sarcasm out of the way we can can continue with some real substantive discussion.

I know it's fashionable today to bash 'fundies' and religious folks as being crazy and unthinking. While it is certainly true that some individuals in the religious realm are legitimately crazy the same could be argued of just about any subset of people. At this point it becomes necessary to argue about the merits of a particular argument and its ideal situation actually being applied. History is replete with 'well meaning' individuals who foist off their 'tyrannical chains' of that filthy moralism (cough) only to realize too late that those chains were the only thing holding them in on the ride.

Naturally, these individuals waste little time in pointing the finger elsewhere when the chicken comes home to roost. Indeed, 'didn't see that one coming' is quickly becoming the unrecognized meme of the decade where individuals, households, counties, states and above all look to duck any sort of responsibility and make someone else pay!

But now we find ourselves at the point when not only have we taken all the eggs, but we have subsequently slaughtered, dressed, BBQ'd, and feasted upon the golden goose. Hungry, we turn to the cupboard but find it surprisingly bare.Slowly it dawns on us that we've consumed everything and we produce nothing. True, we'll eat the furniture for a while, but sooner or later we'll perish.

So it is with shades of atheism, amorality, and progressivism. These individuals argued for the removal of certain constraints with the idea that they were making progress. Everything that originated in a moral setting was viewed increasingly with a suspicious eye, then subsequently castigated, demonized and outright rejected.

Nuclear family - Gone
No-fault Divorce - Accepted
Property Rights - Gone
....and so on...

Eventually, covetousness reared its ugly head as we began to hate people simply because they possessed. Since only a select righteous few can now societally possess, the middle class is quickly evaporating.

But who, ultimately is to blame? Specifically it resides with each individual that decides to break just one of these commandments. Most importantly, it resides in the Church. 

If the Church can claim credit for 'society' becoming more civilized, then certainly it bears the blame for its downfall.  But that post can wait for a different day. For now, we get to reap our rewards that we have sown.

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