Thursday, March 01, 2012

Sec. Clinton Confirms Syrian Rebels are Al-Quaeda

Remember this from December?
Now what would US force possibly be doing in Jordan? Could they be thinking of invading Syria to provoke Iran? Naaaaah...
As if there is any other conclusion to assume? Of course we're attacking Syria to get to Iran and Mrs. Clinton just confirmed it -
In an interview with BBC News (watch video), Clinton states, “We have a very dangerous set of actors in the region, Al-Qaeda, Hamas, and those who are on our terrorist list, to be sure, supporting – claiming to support the opposition [in Syria].”

Clinton’s admission that Al-Qaeda is supporting the armed insurrection in Syria dovetails with reports that the same Al-Qaeda terrorists who helped overthrow Colonel Gaddafi in Libya were airlifted into Syria by NATO forces.

Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri’s has also publicly expressed support for Syrian rebel forces.
The Real Effect
This playbook is soooo old and worn out, a 5 year old could predict this stuff. However, we can assure you that The Real Effect is composed of super 5 year olds to bring you even better news.
Dec 2011-
Troops are appearing near Syria -
Nov 2011 -
The terrorists are now our allies as we start going after Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya,  Syria. (And by proxy Russia, Iran and China) Of course, we've got that covered too.

June 2011(This one is especially good) -
 'We might invade Syria and the local powers might try and stop us. So we have to deploy enough force to repel them.' How did we get to this point? Easy -

  • A target is identified, in this case Syria.
  • The media runs cover for the political class covering the latest "injustices" occurring in someone else's country. (Forget the accuracy of such reports, we must do something.)
  • This reporting founds the moral basis and justification for eventual intervention.
  • Money is funneled through foreign aid programs ostensibly designed to help the "poor". This money is generally confiscated by the "bad guys" via arms or fraud.
  • This action provides further fuel for the media's reporting.
  • Private organizations and mercenaries are hired to cause problems in the target country.
  • The media portrays this as "freedom fighters" desperately trying to win their liberty.
  • The target country tries to exert their laws via force to prevent the coup of their government. (Libya is a recent example)
  • Some "horrific" event takes place which justifies the rationale for a military invasion. This is generally staged or exaggerated. (Think incubator babies in Iraq.)
  • Eventually the public somewhat rallies behind the idea of fixing the situation in the target country.
  • As part of the final settlement with the rebels, a central bank is installed.
If you can grasp this, you can understand the bulk of events in human history as the same script is relentlessly recycled to justify yet another tyrannical move.
Jan 2011 (Deals with the IMF riots) -
The Muslims are sure getting whipped into a frenzy. Gee, I wonder who's doing the driving? I expect that it will emerge that the U.S. is behind this via some alphabet soup agency. It appears that side 2 and 3 are getting goaded, one of the questions becomes when is side 1 (The Christians) going to receive the same treatment?

I believe that is being positioned for possibly late 2011, probably mid-to late 2012. (As stated in 2011 predictions)
August 2010, July 2010, and so on... If you wish to read all the reports, click on the "Syria" label.

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