Monday, April 16, 2012

They Were Wrong Part 2

Continuing in the vein of the earlier post (Part of the critical 2010 prediction series, 2, 3, 4, 5) here at The Real Effect, Zero Hedge brings us the absurdity of today's political theater -

Geithner April 2011:  “Is there a risk that the United States could lose its AAA credit rating? Yes or no?” - Tim Geithner: “No risk of that.”
Geithner April 2012:  “If we don't deal with these debt problems we are going to be Greece in two years” - Tim Geithner: “No risk of that.”
The Real Effect
As you should be aware, the U.S. did get a downgrade only a short four months later. (Coincidentally, if you want to even try to argue about whether or not Timmy was aware that a downgrade was coming, you belong in a special place with padded rooms.) Looking at the aforementioned posts that came back at the beginning of the prediction series in 2010, one is to assume that there are only two logical conclusions to the question of just why so many government officials get it wrong:
  1. They are grossly incompetent and as such should be removed from office, immediately.
  2. They are liars who use their position for political and economic gain.
Now, which do you feel is the more likely answer? (Hint - If you answer 1, not only do you have a notable attention span issue, you also  have a padded room reserved right next to the one mentioned earlier.)

This leaves the only historically verified and logical answer which The Real Effect has been proclaiming since the beginning...'s ok...take your time... might want to sit down...

...this is hard stuff...I know....


...whew. Rough stuff.

While we're at it, why do you think the DHS is buying these?

Maybe to use here?

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