Monday, March 04, 2013

The Construction of the US Police State

  • 7,000 "assault rifles", for DHS defense - a combined synopsis/solicitation for commercial items.& 5.56x45mm NATO (9/2012)
Ammunition Purchases
Checkpoints and enclosures
  • DHS purchased bullet proof booths that include ‘stop and go’ lights.
  • Border patrol "internal" checkpoints - Within 200 miles of the border
  • Seatbelt checkpoints
  • IATA unveiled a mockup of the "checkpoint of the future" that includes three sensor-lined tunnels that divide passengers into high-, medium- and low-risk threats.

Riot Gear
Federal Protective Service requested:
  • 147 riot helmets – which must have an “adjustable tactical face shield with liquid seal” and be able to fit the “3M Full Face Respirator FR-M40B masks.”
  • 147 sets of upper body and shoulder protection – which will “effectively protect the torso and shoulders from blunt force trauma” and “safely absorb blows delivered from blunt objects…”
  • 152 sets of thigh and groin protection – which “protects the thigh area and has an adjustable and removable groin protector.”
  • 147 hard shell shin guards – which can provide “substantial protection from flying debris, non-ballistic weapons, and blows to the leg” and should have an “optimized protective design for severe riot control or tactical situations.”
  • 156 forearm protectors – which should shield the “entire forearm from the wrist to the elbow” and weigh approximately six ounces. 
  • 147 pairs of tactical gloves – which should ensure that the “Kevlar on back of hands is flame/flash retardant as well as cut protective” and that they utilize a “rolled finger tip design for excellent trigger sensitivity and fit.”

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