Thursday, May 19, 2011

Medicare to Get the Pruning Axe?

Well, well, well. Looky here, the compassionate ones, the Democrats, want to talk about cutting entitlements
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told CNBC this morning that Medicare was on the table to be cut to tackle the federal deficit.

Pelosi (D-CA), House Minority Leader at 11:30AM ET on CNBC: "Yes. I think Medicare is on the table. I think Social Security is probably on its own table."

Pelosi at 2:30PM ET on Bloomberg: "We are listening to every suggestion. But onne suggestion we are not open to is the abolishment of Medicare and that's what the Republicans have put forth in their budget. We do not support that. Every initiative that we have where federal dollars are spent must be subjected to scrutiny -- make sure we are getting our money's worth and the public well served. But, abolishing Medicare, that is not on the table."
The Real Effect
I thought these things were RIGHTS!?!You know, the kind that couldn't be taken away by the man.

So it turns out all the evil bastards that wanted granny to eat cat food were right after all. We need not only a balanced budget, but a discussion on property rights as well! The only issue with having that discussion with the banksters now, is it's akin to "recognizing rights" after the bandit has made off with the bank vault.
See, the way I reckon it, since the cash is in our hands, the loot done belong to us.
Of course the thieves want to discuss "rights" now. They want police protection from the mobs with the pitchforks who would seek to "rob" these beneficial "capitalists" with their hard looted earned money. And to further rub your nose in it, they want to stick you with the enforcement bill.

Let's go over some priorities:
  1. The biggest thief is the central bank, the Federal Reserve.
    1. When they create "money" for trade, they "loan" it to us, for a nice profit of course.
    2. This turns the right to trade using a medium of exchange into a burden to the population.
    3. This debt MUST BE repudiated. 
  2. The next layer of thieves is the large banks that created the CDS, CDO, etc. frauds.
    1. These include the "Too big to fail" institutions. Yes, they must fail.
    2. They must mark down their inflated assets using 'Mark to Market'
  3. Next we must jail bankers who committed further fraud in the housing crisis.
  4. Next we crack open all of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports and use government assets to balance the budgets.
  5. We end silly, wasteful and outright criminal government poaching off the citizenry. Including:
    1. Property taxes
    2. Asset forfeiture seizure
  6. Stop the molestation in any form of non-commercial travel including:
    1. Shut down the TSA
    2. End driver's licensing
    3. Stop ALL "checkpoints"
ANYONE that refuses to do these simple steps must be driven out of office, immediately!

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