Monday, May 23, 2011

TSA Expands Into Schools

And we wonder why homeschooling is exploding around the country -

Last week it was announced that TSA goons would conduct a grope-down of students during prom night at a Santa Fe high school. The TSA promised to move from airports into the New Mexico high school after two girls said security personnel groped them and a federal judge ruled the TSA should conduct pat-downs at dances or graduations.

See the KOAT video here.

The judge’s ruling indicates the federal government and the TSA believe they should be conducting searches. The TSA has moved from airports to train and bus stations. TSA boss Napolitano has said she envisions the agency ultimately groping citizens at malls and hotels.
The Real Effect
What's funny is not a lot of people argue with me much anymore when I state that the US is becoming a police state. The argument ends up focusing on whether or not such a move is necessary. Needless to say, the cattle car tracks don't stop here folks, rather they end much further down the line in a location quite similar to Germany circa 1943.

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