Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Euro-Facists Propose Euro Tyranny

The problem in the economic front is a property issue. The stock market is going down. Why? Because the banks are going down? Why? Because they wrote FRAUDULENT deals in the biggest ponzi scheme of all time and now they have to pay. (And they sold them to everyone too) 

So, what's France and Germany's solution? Make the ponzi BIGGER!!!!
PARIS - Germany, France propose collective 'government' for the eurozone led by EU president.
  • And fade: Sarkozy says "Maybe" Eurobonds imaginable one day
  • Sarkozy says not enough integration for eurobonds now
  • Eurobonds have no democratic legitimacy now, Sarkozy says
  • French president Sarkozy says proposal would elect a Eurozone president for two and a half years
  • Van Rompuy Proposed as Head of Euro Council
  • Merkel says debt brake to be anchored in German, French law. And so the take over of europe by the new axis countries: France and Germany, is complete.
The Real Effect
Imagine for a moment that your neighbor kept moving his mobile fence further into your yard. This is property theft as he is appropriating your yard slowly but methodically. When cornered, he claims that he is now 'using' this land and it is central to his profits in his new sod business.

Nice, you think to yourself, but the fact that my land is central to your profitability has no bearing on who's land it is. So, you protest to him. 

At this point he claims that 'no one knew' that the fence had been moved, but being the overly generous guy that he is, he will move it back to where you say it should go. 

Upon completion, you notice that he has indeed moved his fence, but not back to the original property line. In fact, since he was so "generous", he has since started moving the fence towards your property again.

This time you call the local sheriff and go to retrieve your property records. Going into the file cabinet, you find that your neighbor has been in your house and has destroyed all the relevant records. When the police arrive and question your neighbor, he shows them his documents written in crayon of all things. Of course, he insists they are completely valid and that they show that not only is the land that you are disputing his, but that his sod business is once again in trouble and unless the sheriff wants his cruiser getting all shot up, he had better give him your house too. After all, these are troublesome times and we need to be unified to get out of it.

To your horror, the sheriff completely agrees with him. It is only later that you find out that the sheriff is your neighbor's cousin. Of course by then, it's too late as city hall has officially deemed the land his and in order for you to overturn that ruling, you have to prove it's yours with your non-existent records. 

In the end he is hailed as a great innovator that not only created jobs but did it at such a low cost. No one could quite figure out how he managed that, except you.

This is similar to the situation that we find ourselves in today. The banks have started a business with their capital and they have every legal right to waste it if that is their wish. What they do not have the right to do is to drag us along with them. Yet Europe seems to feel that the solution to their problem is to give the sheriff in our example the title of mayor as well. This does nothing to address the issue of property ownership which is the primary cause of our suffering. 

It ensures that not only will you get shafted, but that it will be legal as well.

Of course a world leader coming out of Europe is no new thing to long time readers.

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