Monday, August 22, 2011

Libya Under Full Assault

It's almost September and we almost got a ground war -
...reports circulate of well over a thousand dead with thousands more wounded during weekend battles, led by by NATO warships and fighter jets as part of “Operation Mermaid Dawn,”which led to the capture of Gaddafi’s sons as Gaddafi himself reportedly went into hiding.

RAF fighter jets were deployed to attack key regime targets while the media pretended the whole assault was an organic uprising by the Libyan people, endlessly replaying footage of celebrating crowds.

In another report published on July 15, we stated that NATO powers and the rebel army would launch a final bombardment of Tripoli within 6-8 weeks if Gaddafi refused to step down, which is exactly what unfolded just shy of 6 weeks later. 
Barack Obama and David Cameron are now busy milking the spectacle with tough talk as if they led the assault personally. In reality, the conquest of Libya represents little more than another act of colonial looting on behalf of the NATO war machine, with Syria the next target in its cross hairs.
The Real Effect
We now wait for the newly sainted rebels to bless parts of Israel or the US with their holy munitions in what can only be described as a completely unforeseeable coincidence in modern warfare.

In totally unrelated news, Al-Qaeda has been sighted around America sporting GOP smoking jackets and trying to pose as 'white America' when in fact we know that they are now the newly annointed 'Western wing' of this ultra-deadly terrorist group. Reports indicating that this deadly new group is in fact American citizens is nothing more than conpiracy propaganda and all suspected participants should be directed to their local checkpoint Big Sister Free Love Station for a trial by jury a freedom check.

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