Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Police "Protecting" You, Despite Your Intentions

The thuggery continues -
BEVERLY (CBS) – Thieves are finding easy targets on the North Shore: Cars that aren’t locked with valuable items inside.

If your car door was unlocked, or an officer spotted your GPS, wallet, or something important in plain view, you might have found a warning on your windshield in Beverly this weekend.

Police were willing to stir-up a little proactive controversy to warn folks they were easy targets for some very busy thieves. Any car doors they found unlocked they opened up and locked themselves for the owner. They admit they did get some angry calls from drivers — who left their keys inside their unlocked cars.
The Real Effect
Of course the real egregious part of the story is the fact that they locked your doors despite you leaving them open!  You can't be trusted to make decisions on your own now lest something bad happen. The absolute arrogance of that move would have me chewing some detectives ear plain off.

Once again, this is all nothing new as The Real Effect covered this back in December in Canada.

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