Monday, June 18, 2012

Egypt Reverts to Tyranny

Proving once again that foreign entanglements just make the situation, worse -
Militants crossed from Egypt's turbulent Sinai Peninsula into southern Israel on Monday and opened fire on civilians building a border security fence, defense officials said. One of the Israeli workers was killed, and two assailants died in a gunbattle with Israeli troops responding to the attack.

Several hours after the attack, an Israeli airstrike killed two men riding a motorcycle in the northern Gaza Strip near the Israeli border. The Islamic Jihad militant group said the men were members on a "reconnaissance" mission and vowed revenge. Military officials said the incident was not connected to the earlier infiltration from Egypt.
In attempting to identify the chess pieces in the Religious War series, I posted to following about Egypt -
Egypt - health of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, elections? Who do they view as a bigger issue - Israel or Iran?
A good question will be - Will Egypt want to reconquer Gaza after 43 years of Israeli domination?

It appears that the question, accurately asked, has been answered. I had always viewed a resurgent Egypt as going over to the Muslim side, because the spiritual and psychological impact of this, especially upon Christians who are paying attention to eschatological  issues would be far too huge to pass up. It appears that position has been verified, if at least for the time being.

Of course, The Real Effect once again correctly identified this situation, before, during (2) and after it started occurring and will continue to predict where this situation is going. Look for the Muslims to continue coalescing into a collective army and for the Christians to start to do the same.

...war on.

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