Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Russia Responds In Syria

Who wants a real war?
The Obama administration says Russia is sending attack helicopters to Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime and is warning about a dramatic escalation in the Arab country's 15-month conflict.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton says the delivery represents the "latest information." She says the U.S. is concerned as the helicopters "will escalate the conflict quite dramatically."
I love how Assad has a regime. It's not his government, it's an e-vil nasty thing specifically because we, the all-powerful United States, disagree with it. Of course, the rebels aren't anyone bad, like say Al-Quaeda. and there aren't any false reports, like baby slaughter going on... but you, my longstanding readers know better. Let us jump to the begining of 2011 -
Look for continued unrest with some governments getting overthrown. But as I indicated earlier, the globalists are literally banking on this to occur. We are still not there yet though. More riots need to take place, some shots, some new faces and then, we go to war.
and from this year's predictions -
  • Syria  - It appears that the road to Iran lies through Syria. The US will try to draw in Hezbollah through "regime change". (Q1)
  • Iran - Time will tell on this one. Iran is a tough nut to crack as opinion is running contrary to Western interests here. IF the US gets Syria, Iran is next. There has been a lot of posturing in 2011, but no one has been able to capitalize. Look for the moral justification route being presented via Iranian "guerrilla forces" "destabilizing Syria and attacking US or NATO "peacekeepers".
Russia getting involved is utterly predictable.(2006) We have been stomping around their territory (Georgia) for quite some time and they are not going to wait until we show up in Moscow to start doing something about it.

Personally, I feel this sort of escalation is good provided both parties restrain themselves. Imagine for a moment that you had a neighbor that liked to jump over your fence and violate your territory. So you install security cameras and an automated turret system. Yes, the situation has gotten ostensibly more hostile, but this is good because either the neighbor is going to cease and desist or is going to get his rear end handed to him. Either way, the conflict ends.

How does that saying go? Good fences make good neighbors...

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