Friday, August 03, 2012

Houdini Suspect Shoots Himself, Police Mystified

Darn those invisible, wrong handed guns always shooting people -
Jonesboro Police claim a man who was searched, handcuffed, double-locked and bundled in the back of a patrol car shot himself in the head, an explanation the man’s mother dismisses as a cover-up for murder.

After officers claimed Chavis Carter was in possession of drugs, they searched him before handcuffing him and putting him in the back of a patrol car. The handcuffs were double-locked, making it harder for the lock to be picked.

Police then claim they heard a “thumping noise” before turning around to see Carter slumped on the back seat shot in the head.

“They’re still investigating but they think Chavis, somehow managed to pull out a hidden gun and shot himself in the head,” reports WREG Memphis, despite the fact that officers found no weapon on him during the search.

“I think they killed him, my son wasn’t suicidal,” said the man’s mother Teresa Carter.

She adds that Chavis was shot in the right temple and yet he is left-handed.

Carter also points out that Chavis called his girlfriend while pulled over and assured her that he would be in contact again when he got to jail.
Perhaps the key question that everyone seems to figuratively ask in all of these situations is 'Would an authority figure, lie, steal and abuse/murder you?' One needs to only slightly skim an encyclopedia to find the definitive answer - Uh DUH! History is chock full of sadists, rapists, thieves, and power-mad schemers conspiring (read as PLANNING) to use the power of the State to destroy the innocent. If I am not mistaken, I believe there might be a touch of that pointed out in the Bible as well.

What Americans seem to struggle with, especially Christians as of late, is the possibility that the authorities would commit actual crimes in order to retain their power. It as if the mere concept of Romans 13 absolves a person with power from any responsibility in criminal malfeasance. Just try raising the specter of the DoD or NORAD's abject failures  to protect the country on 9/11; you will assuredly receive some upside-down response to the effect that a system designed specifically to prevent foreign entities from sneaking up on us abjectly failed when it came to dealing with mediocre individual actors with a tactically simple plan. This does not automatically convict the government, merely that there is more than one suspect possible.

Yet, millions react as though this idea is repugnant. They are 'authorities' therefore they are innocent. I maintain that this is exactly how tyranny flourishes. When our founders set up such a government that treated themselves like potential criminals, liberty, prosperity and wealth absolutely exploded in this country.

Let's make this simple. There are 2 sets of suspects in this case. 1) The deceased and 2) The officers. Who has the motive? Who has the weapon? Who has the ABILITY?

Do we know for certain? No. But that's why we go to court, isn't it?

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