Thursday, August 23, 2012

Silver Roars to Life, Portends a Destructive Fall in the Markets.

Smart money sees the handwriting on the wall -
The last few days have been 'different'. Equities have relinquished their role as QE-sensitizers as Treasuries and precious metals have taken the reins. Perhaps though, as CNBC's Rick Santelli noted earlier, Gold and Silver are acting as barometers of anxiety - as opposed to clarifying QE expectations - as we see both Gold (> $1650) and Silver (> $30) break above their 200DMA and trade back to near five-month highs.

Silver has surged an impressive 9.4% in the last four days - its largest such jump in 10 months - and broken above its 200DMA...
Now I've maintained that there would be civil war, uprisings and general mayhem leading into the end of 2012. This is to set into the motion the chess pieces that have been methodically placed for the last several hundred years. Now, after all the programming has been set, the elite wish to break the backs of all nations and force them into responding with arms, probably nuclear. The violence is just getting started though, first we plunge to create the rationalization to justify the call to arms. Then we shall see war the likes this world has never witnessed.

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