Wednesday, September 19, 2012

China Turns On Imperialist US

Getting awfully thick in the world for US national interests -
"The car of the U.S. ambassador to China was surrounded by a small group of demonstrators on Tuesday, who damaged the vehicle and briefly prevented it from entering the U.S. Embassy compound in Beijing. A YouTube video of the incident showed the protesters chanting slogans such as “down with the U.S. imperialists” and, in an apparent reference to the Chinese government’s purchase of U.S. government debt, “return the money!
What is incredibly interesting about these protests that are going on worldwide is that the Republicans are absolutely clueless as to why they are happening. I continually hear analysis of the situation claiming that Muslims are exploding because Obama apologized. Or because Obama is too weak. Or he doesn't love America enough... But as the above quote should demonstrate and as Ron Paul has consistently maintained, they don't hate us because we're free or we're weak, they hate us because we're in their country stealing their wealth.

Most of the time these are not terrorists , they are the other side of the war that we started and they intend to finish it.
In an apparent reference to that dispute and the United States’ security treaty with Japan, some of the demonstrators chanted: “The U.S. government is the mastermind.”
Update: RT explores this very issue...

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