Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Roberts - The Republicans Cross The Rubicon

It appears that I'm not the only one comparing the Republicans to Nazis, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts chimes in -
It was the German left-wing’s weak opposition to the National Socialists that gave the world Hitler.

The Republican Party has become the Party of Hate. Decades of frustration have made Republicans mean. They object to everything that has happened since the Great Depression in the 1930s to make the US a more just and humane society.

The Republican Party wants power so that it can smash all vestiges of regulation and welfare and all those of whom Republicans disapprove: the poor, the minorities, liberals, the imagined “foreign enemies,” war protestors and others who challenge authority, those American weaklings who have compassion for the unfortunate, the US Constitution, that pinko-liberal-commie document that coddles criminals, illegal aliens, and terrorists, and all dissenters from the policy of enriching the one percent at the expense of the 99 percent.

Above all else, the Republicans want to turn Social Security and Medicare into profit centers for private corporations.

Would the world be surprised if Republicans donned brown shirts? America has declared itself to be “the indispensable nation,” justifying its hegemony over the world. Any country that does not submit to Washington is “a foe.” The neoconservative propaganda that America is the indispensable nation with a right to world hegemony sounds a lot like “Deutschland uber alles.”
The rallying cry of the right has become "Anyone but Obama" based in part upon the erroneous assumption that no one could be worse. This is exactly the way the left felt about Bush in 2008. From their perspective Bush had destroyed the economy, engaged in several illegal wars, spied on the American people and oppressed the poor.

We must get rid of Bush! They reasoned correctly.

However, in their myopic drive to push someone out, they let someone worse in.  And to make the matter all that more egregious, he was not only worse, he was exponentially worse! More wars, usurpation of congressional power, assassinations of American citizens, were all permitted because the good people of the Democratic party listened to the liar Obama.

Four years later and Republicans are about to prove that they have learned nothing at all from their colleagues across the aisle.

Anybody but Obama indeed. Don't come complaining to the rest of the country when Romney dusts off his leather boots and begins to stomp your parents with them. You've been warned.

Update: Here's a flashback to bring some of this home for you. Hot on the heels of the now discredited 'liquid bomb' plot, then Governor Mitt Romney was all too eager to roll out the National Guard to 'protect' things at the airports.

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