Monday, October 08, 2012

2012 Election Predictions

Roughly two years ago I started tracking the public positions, admissions and reported flops of various candidates in an attempt to provide some visibility into the usually sordid and murky political machine. While its success can be debated (It was hot linked on the Huffington Post and it seems to have anticipated Romney's lackluster support if one considers that I gave him a 50% chance of winning, exactly where he is polling now), it did not achieve the result that I anticipated that it would.

An individual such as myself who relies not only on faith, but a fairly rigorous intellect to cut through the jingoistic garbage that has led so many voters down the deceptive road, reasoned that it would only take a revealing of the positions of the major politicians to effectively expose them as fraudsters and sway a significant majority towards a position of liberty and economic freedom.

While the 'Liberty' movement achieved some amazing goals and almost reached critical mass, what was even more amazing was the absolute cognitive dissonance displayed by many individuals. During the election cycle, the right adopted the ideology, if not the mantra -

Anyone but Ron Paul.

As the cycle progressed and every candidate was tried and ultimately rejected, the reasoning boiled down to this axiom:

Romney not good, Obama worse - Vote Romney

Of course we now know this doctrine as  -

Anyone but Obama.

This does absolutely nothing to address our proactive concerns - 'What are we for?', not 'What are we against?', let alone deal with the relevant observations that other countries have survived significantly longer with dedicated socialists and fascists helming the country. What the right seemed to be arguing is that Obama = the death of liberty.

Years of social studies classes came flooding back in which candidates were trotted out before the masses who then legitimatized their servitude by voting for one of the oppressors. Back then, I reasoned that the masses in these countries must have been unaware of the disastrous futures they were creating for themselves and their progeny. 'You must sacrifice now if you want prosperity later!' was my cry despite their collective embrace of stockholm syndrome.It wasn't until years later that a quote would shed some light on this -
In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.
- Notebook, 1904 ~ Mark Twain
Anyways, I digress. On to the predictions -

I believe that Romney will win.
  •  The results will be close. I'm guessing a 51.5% to 48.5% popular vote for Romney.
    • Democrats are currently over represented in polls
  • Turnout will be low, very low in general. 
    • Moderate among Republicans, low among Democrats.
  • There will be allegations of cheating by the Democrats 
    • Democrats will cheat as well.
    • At least one state will have major irregularities. (As many as 3)
      • This will result in medium scale riots (at least 3)
After the election...
Whereas Obama was a puppet in a suit, Romney is a bankster through and through. He's here to oversee the receivership of the United States into the global financial order and everything he does will emulate his time at Bain, asset strip the entity while simultaneously claiming the opposite. This will be achieved politically by blaming Democrats and achieved financially through austerity and war.
  • Romney will waste little time in setting up a statist unification platform laced with religious overtones. Perhaps something like 'Believe in America again.' (Update 11/5: "Believe In America" is in fact the campaign's slogan since April 2011. I don't recall hearing it, but I must have heard it somewhere and internalized it into a prediction. We'll leave this one off.)
    • Romney will quickly take up the power of the state to fix the world. (Come to Israel's aid) This will play huge with the Religious Right.
    • Christians will begin to bristle that a Mormon is telling them what to do. (Don't we have a 1st Amendment?!)
  • The Republicans will quickly adopt the mantra that 'The other side messed up the economy!' (Democrats have been pinning this on Bush and now Republicans will now policy-wise return the favor.)
  • I think Obamacare will be repealed but the focus will shift to replacement immediately. (Perhaps some sort of 'augmentation' to Obamacare to fix it.

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