Wednesday, October 24, 2012

TSA Absurdity Results In Legal Prosecution and Sentencing

The first 'legal precedents' for refusing to be assaulted come back -
A woman who stood up to TSA screeners and refused to allow them to grope her or her 14 year old daughter has been found guilty of “disorderly conduct” and sentenced to one year of probation by a court in Tennessee. Back in July 2011, Andrea Fornella Abbott of Clarksville, was arrested by Nashville airport authorities for expressing outrage at the TSA procedures.

A police report stated that Abbott would not allow her daughter to be “touched inappropriately” or have her “crotch grabbed”. Abbott also refused to submit to a full body scan, saying that she did not want her or her daughters’ naked bodies revealed by the scanner.
This is not a left or a right issue, this is a liberty issue and both sides refuse to address it.
So what's a mom to do? Gather evidence -
The report noted that she attempted to take cell phone video of the incident but was prevented from doing so by the TSA screeners.
So, we're a free nation, unless they decide we're not? How about the 4th Amendment?
When police were called to the scene, Abbott reportedly cursed at them and referred to the TSA screeners as pedophiles, leading to her arrest.

The Associated Press reports that the prosecution argued that Abbott’s behavior “prevented others from carrying out their lawful activities,” and held up two security lines for thirty minutes.

“You can speak your mind, but you can’t do it in an illegal manner,’ said Assistant District Attorney Megan King, adding “What the defendant did was a crime.”
Word to the wise. This is exactly why you need to be blameless in your actions. The script was effectively flipped on her from 'the outrage expressed over her child being molested' to 'illegal activity' which in actuality amounted to nothing more than admitted swearing at some cops. I think most of America would have been swearing at that point.
The defense argued that Abbot was exercising her right to free speech. “Telling a police officer your opinion, even in strong language, to me that’s a First Amendment right,” Abbot’s attorney Brent Horst told reporters.

Abbott herself admitted that she may have cursed at police officers, but considered the exchange to be a “normal conversation” regarding the inappropriate nature of pat-downs on children.

Horst presented surveillance video of the incident, and claimed that Abbot was the one being yelled at by police. Although the video had no audio, it showed that other passengers were walking around Abbot and the police officers, and that security lines were still moving.
Consider for a moment that absolute absurdity of this situation - Becoming irate that your child is about to subjected to policy by being groped, in violation of the law, is a crime which needs to be prosecuted and punished whereas actually sexually grabbing a child in clear violation of law is not.

This is the kind of pure garbage which causes riots.

Of course the TSA is going to stop there, right? They're done with their slippery slope?
The TSA is also operating bizarre obedience training programs, including the ridiculous “all stop” policy where travelers are ordered to freeze on the spot for no reason whatsoever. Again, the TSA has admitted that travelers are not mandated to comply with these bizarre displays of security theater.

The TSA has characterized people who do not fully comply with airport screening procedures, no matter how bizarre or invasive, as “domestic extremists.”
 So basically in the end game, you are a terrorist if you disagree with the policy.


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