Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Republican Presidency In a Nutshell

"We love Romney! Just check out that coif!"
Uh, he created the precursor to Obamacare in Massachusetts.

"Well, we love Trump! That man is on top of things. And the birth certificate."
He's virtually liberal. And when they unveiled the purported "birth certificate", it was obviously tampered with. Where is he now?

"We love Mitch Daniels!"
His state is basically ending the Fourth Amendment. Where is he on that issue?

"We love Newt Gingrich!"
Are you guys for real? He's a globalist!

"We love Herman Cain!!! He's so conservative and Constitutional."
The guy was a Federal Reserve Chair! You know, the one's that got us into this mess!?! Plus he doesn't even support the Second Amendment!!!

"We love Rick Pe..."
For the love of Pete, SHUT UP!!!

Update: Five months later and the same old record just keeps on spinning...

"We love Herman Cain!!! He's the man with the 999 plan!"
 You again!?! Have you seen the guy talk about Libya? He's brain dead. (And you want to talk about Ron Paul's allegedly "atrocious" foreign policy.)

"Ok, we like Romney again! He's not as bad as Obama."
And Obama is not as bad as Satan. Please just stop while you're ahead!

"Here come's Gingrich! We know he's a globalist. But he tickles our ears so and we can control him."
Sure you can.
"We like NotRonPaul.... He's such a conservative candidate. Besides, Paul can't win."
He can't?!? Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee......


Anonymous said...

Absolutely. Dead on. I'm sorry to sound harsh, but anyone who thinks this is a tough decision must be firmly entrenched in their flouride-induced coma. The only real candidates, Paul and Johnson, are so obviously blatant.

Eric W. said...

I couldn't agree more. Yet we will see another trip around the merry-go-round where we are told that we cannot "afford": to not invade countless nations, to not inject thousands of chemicals into our bodies, and to not vote Republicrat because dontcha know, the terrorists are gonna get us.