Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Jericho Looks to Target Iran Again

Once again Iran becomes a target as Israel becomes increasingly restless -
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is trying to rally support in his cabinet for an attack on Iran, according to government sources.

The country's defence minister Ehud Barak and the foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman are said to be among those backing a pre-emptive strike to neutralise Iran's nuclear ambitions.

But a narrow majority of ministers currently oppose the move, which could trigger a wave of regional retaliation.

The debate over possible Israeli military action has reached fever pitch in recent days with newspaper leader columns discussing the benefits and dangers of hitting Iran.
As if that's not enough, they're firing Jericho missiles too -
Israel test-fired a missile from a military base on Wednesday, two days after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned of the "direct and heavy threat" posed by Iran's nuclear program.

The noon launch near Tel Aviv, which had not been announced in advance, coincided with a week-long surge of speculation in local media that Netanyahu was working to secure cabinet consensus for an attack on Israel's arch-foe.

Netanyahu's office declined comment on the reports, which were unsourced and unconfirmed, and which some commentators suggested might be disinformation designed to jolt war-wary foreign powers into stepping up sanctions against Tehran.

The Defense Ministry described the launch from Palmachim base as the test of the propulsion system of a missile on which it declined to elaborate.
Surely the significance of the nickname Jericho, should not be lost on anyone.

UK -
Britain’s armed forces are stepping up their contingency planning for potential military action against Iran amid mounting concern over Tehran’s nuclear enrichment programme, the Guardian has learned.

The Ministry of Defence believes the US may decide to fast-forward plans for targeted missile strikes at some key Iranian facilities. British officials say that if Washington presses ahead it will seek, and receive, UK military help for any mission, despite some deep reservations within the coalition government.

In anticipation of a potential attack, British military planners are examining where best to deploy Royal Navy ships and submarines equipped with Tomahawk cruise missiles over the coming months as part of what would be an air- and sea-launched campaign.
Of course the US, has no idea why Israel is doing such things and playing the part of the good lap dog to Israel -
Fearing an uncoordinated Israeli attack against Iran, the United States is working on several levels to pressure the UN's Security Council into imposing harsher sanctions on Iran, Yedioth Ahronoth reported Monday.

A senior US State Department official said there was growing concern among Obama administration officials ahead of an IAEA report set to be published in November indicating considerable progress in Tehran's development of its military nuclear program.
The Real Effect
This is certainly sounding more and more like a done deal, but I relent in part. The neocons have been salivating over Iran as The Evil That Threatens the Whole World for the last decade plus. No matter how much devotion they try to muster, it continually proves to be the impossible nut to crack. Perhaps because the whole world recognizes that taking on Iran (and by proxy Russia and China) is sheer folly if not abject lunacy.

Undeterred at the missed opportunity at the hands of the resignation of Admiral Fox Falun in 2006 and yet another unfavorable intelligence report in 2008, the steady propagandic stream that Iran is pure ee-vil has yet to see a scenario where Iran has actually acted against the West in much of a fashion. True, there are steady reports of destabilization in various regions at the hands of Iran, some of which turned out to be pure nonsense and others hold some elements of truth. Yet how does one reconcile such reports with the fact that we have invaded every major country surrounding the Evil One and sent Spec Ops into the minor ones? (In one case almost initiating WWIII with the Russians.) Surely if Russia was staging troops in Mexico we'd be having daily conniption fits about regional stability and the like.

Yet the term sovereignty only enters the Neo-Tea Party lexicon after we've done enough to "secure" our country. (Read as steal assets from other countries to ensure another decade of Defense, Social Security and Medicare funding.) Going one step further and using our own logic against us, Iran would be justified in preemptively invading the US to stop us from invading them.

The timing on this is getting awfully close to the "dreaded" 2012 Mayan dates. Not that one should put much stock in such things, rather you should pay attention to what flag the globalists are waving. Look for continued escalation resulting in a strike that sets off the Religious War if the Israelis can get their people to look the other way.  (Possible dates include the 7th - 13th of November)

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The picture is of Indian Prithvi series missile's displayed in republic day parade.