Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Red Alert: Liquidity Freezes Up, Behold the Slow-Motion Death of the Eurozone

Too bad this was all planned in advance -

This morning Germany had a failed Bund auction.  That's not particularly noteworthy; it happens from time to time.
But what's noteworthy is what happened to bond yields everywhere through Europe in response: They blew out.
The Greek and Italian "problem" is no longer about Greece and Italy.  It has been creeping into Spain and more-recently France, but this morning jumped into Germany and everywhere else "all at once."
Capital has said "no more" to the lies in Europe.  While this does not mean an instant implosion it does mean one important thing: The willingness of capital holders to continue to permit deficit spending is coming to an end, and with it the false "GDP" that this lie has "supported" will also come to an end.
The Real Effect
As predicted (Before the first crash)-
Notice how on the above picture that the bottom of the "Great Depression" didn't come until much later than the intial plunge? The market is reacting like an addict, convulsing with desire for more goods (I.E. - Fiat debt-based liquidity). This will only make the fall that much harder.
Just 'who owes this debt?' is at the center of this debate? The private banksters would like you to think that when profits are to be made, this is a capitalistic country, but when losses abound we all need to share the burden. This strikes to the heart of the private property issue. Anyone that believes that we should be bailing these institutions out does NOT believe in the rule of private property and as a natural extension of that, capitalism.

This is the large bulk of the OWS position and to a lesser extent the Tea Party position. What will be telling is if the people can raise among themselves principled individuals to see to it that the rule of law will be respected in this country. More then likely, corrupt individuals will see this as a chance to seize the ring of power and use it for their own ends. There are plenty of shady criminals waiting in the wings, biding their time and when the situation arises, they will speak in grand terms and talk of unification and love in order to usurp the power as their own.

Make no mistake, this IS going to blow out in the Americas and from there the call will go out to emulate the new EU model. We must resist this at all costs.

So where are we going?
All Americans would do well to consider the implications of these items in light of our current ongoing currency/economic collapse. Once the Union hooks are in, you can't get out and those politicians are going to make sure that they get their pound of flesh.

The EU will make it through this in one form or another (It might cease to be called the EU but it will still be the EU.) However, the globalists will see to it that America and vestige of independent thinking burns.

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