Monday, July 23, 2012

Boomers are a Funny Lot

It appears the boomers have a bit of a problem with the police thugs -
During Independence Day celebrations on July 3, State Police troopers were called in to help maintain order in the mostly senior-citizen community. A 70-year-old man says they used excessive force when arresting him, leaving his arms bruised and wrists bleeding.

“Every time they talk to you it’s in a threatening fashion,” long-time resident Emory Langlolies said during Sunday’s meeting.

Langlolies described his experience with law enforcement on the 3rd as overkill. He claims he was playing patriotic music when town officials marched onto his private property and unplugged his stereo. Langlolies says an officer then crushed the plug to keep him from starting the music again.

“They told my wife, ‘we’re going to come back to clean this mess up. We’re going to charge you $300 an hour and we’re going to take our time doing it,’” Langlolies recounted.

“What’s occurring down here is a slow deterioration of our constitutional rights,” said another Humarock resident speaking at the meeting.
Welcome to Amerika Dad.

I would be very curious to know just how this community voted over the last 20 years. Was McCain the candidate of choice in 2008? Do they support Romney now? Most importantly, do they still support Social Security and Medicare?

The main reason why countless Gen X and Yers despise as many boomers as they do is not some sort of 'class warfare' being perpetrated against the poor, poor Millenial's elders, rather the generations are correctly responding to the class warfare being waged against them. Many of these generations have gravitated towards the message of liberty coming from the likes of Dr. Ron Paul, Judge Andrew Napolitano, and others of like character. They correctly observe that the threat that is destroying this country is not existential in nature, say from the countries of Korea, Vietnam, USSR, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Iran and Syria but more succinctly as emanating from the likes of the Locust Generation

As it has been demonstrated repeatedly, this generation is rarely concerned about an issue unless they perceive it directly threatens their personal wealth and prosperity. For instance, look at the ravages that NAFTA has wrought upon the job prospects of the current crops of young workers. Look at the runaway healthcare costs incurred in the name of 'protecting' the senior citizens. Yet this generation will not bare the load for these bills. No, they will ensure that the current 'lazy, welfare dependent, pot-smoking, back-talking' Gen Xers do their time in the crucible of tax hell.

And to ensure that these rebellious youfs will stay in line, these locusts have supported the increasing hordes of fully armed, war-ravaged veterans, becoming "Law Enforcement Officers". (Note they are NOT peace officers) These individuals are like a loaded weapon pointed at Gen X and Y, stripping them of their Constitutional rights. (Try getting your stolen items back once, you'll likely get a cold shoulder from the LEOs.) Indeed, the locusts often support checkpoints, licensing, zoning, property taxes, Federal schooling, countless foreign wars, Medicare, Social Security, bailouts, etc, with 'exceptions' for their class of course.

Tellingly, when the gun is pointed at the boomers they bray and prattle on about the founding fathers spinning in their graves. they festoon themselves in ribbons and medals and hold parties dedicated to the greatness of themselves. 'I served in Vietnam, support Romney, I love my country.' Patriotism to these individuals is not the observation of something greater than themselves like liberty, it is the flat out idolatry of their collective selves, their country.

Now, I know for a fact that there are a minority of the boomers that are incredibly liberty minded that have literally paved the way for those that are now taking their place at the wheel of history. But ask yourself these questions - If the boomers and to a lesser extent the generations before them haven't committed these iniquities upon their children and grand-children, just who did? Certainly not Gen Y and one would be very hard pressed to argue that Gen X, in their twenties created the spendsational policies of the 1980s. 

So here they find themselves, now reaping the fruit of the poison tree wondering at just how when the spent their entire lives perfecting their country, Gen X and Gen Y managed to screw it up soooooo fast... 

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