Thursday, July 12, 2012

On Rights, Freedom, Liberty and Logic

Let's look at our latest example of police violating the rights of citizens -

Using the excuse of attempting to apprehend illegal immigrants, Border Patrol agents have set up a network of unconstitutional checkpoints inside the United States. In this video clip, informed citizen Steven Anderson provides a sterling example of how to stand up for your rights and prove that such checkpoints are unenforceable because they violate the 4th amendment.

The full exchange, courtesy of SHTF Plan, went as follows.
Anderson: Is this Nazi Germany now, that I have to show my papers?
Officer: It’s a simple yes or no. I need an answer or we can detain you until we figure out whether you’re a U.S. citizen.
Anderson: Well, you know what’s more simple is the fact that my freedom is a little more important than you seem to think. Setting up checkpoints where people have to prove that they’re a citizen is not something that America is supposed to be about. So, I’m not sure if you understand that.
Supervisor enters scene: Grunt
Anderson: Grunt
Supervisor: Just pull up over there (points to line of detained cars)
Anderson: No, thank you… I want to go free on my way. Here I am just going about my own business and I don’t need to stop at a checkpoint to prove who I am because this is America. Correct me if I’m wrong – did I stumble into Mexico or is this still the United States?
Supervisor: This is the United States.
Anderson: Therefore, I should have the freedom to travel unmolested, because I’m in America here.
Supervisor: Ok, go ahead and go.
Part of the problem with the current batch of right wing idealists is that they literally do not know what they think. They circle around concepts endlessly and frustratedly throw their arms up wildly and proclaim that they are 'right' simply because they are. There is no discussion, there is no reason, there is merely an axiomatic appeal to 'Americana'. Follow the logic with me for a moment here...

We should search bags.
Because terrorists might get us.
True, but what about the 4th Amendment?
(Note the disconnect here)
What, you want to let the terrorists get us? You're FOR the terrorists. (Indeed, Bush said as much)

These conversations literally jump from logical step 3 to step 10 in one fell swoop. The arguer often switches back and forth between logic, history and emotional appeal not to win an argument, but to implement an agenda. Such is the state of many discussions happening across the country right now. The arguments put forth are commonly shifted into some sort of dualistic thinking there is only two teams playing and to not support the home team, is tantamount to treason.

But this is not the case as it can be effectively argued that the Republic is no longer alive because, as the book of Revelation stated -
Yet I hold this against you: You have forsaken your first love. ~ Rev 2:4
Simply put, the Republic is built upon an idea that all men should be free to pursue their ambitions, free from government interference, provided they are not  violating the rights of their fellow man. It is to this end, that the laws, edifices and protectors of our nation, be they a police officer or a soldier are erected. They exist to protect the object of our sacrifice, namely our liberty. To the extent that an individual worships the sacrifice and not the object, is the extent that they have abandoned their duty and have begun to serve the creation instead of the creator. In the spiritual sense, this is the root of idolatry, as soon the individual can find no reason not to do something because they literally serve themselves.

More if I can get to it...

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