Friday, April 08, 2011

Afghanistan - A Civil War Waiting to Happen

Vox notes the inevitable -
It doesn't matter when the "transition" takes place. As happened with the Soviet withdrawal, once American combat forces are withdrawn, whenever they are withdrawn, the puppet regime forcibly installed by it will fall:
The Real Effect
It appears that myopic idiocy is not limited to Democrats, but rather is equally shared among the parties as they seek to share a "save the world" democracy, forcibly with all brown people. It is this inherit lack of faith in one's fellow man, a domineering abuse of power wielded by Donkey and Elephant alike that is resulting in a destroyed economy not only here, but abroad as well.

And to think, I actually had to argue with conservative Christians ten years ago about the wisdom of a militaristic vaunt into the Empire Killer known as Afghanistan. Now, they recognize the fact, they simply refuse to recognize the connection. What is equally entertaining, is trying to argue that our borders protect us from military occupation in the future is a futile and suicidal point of view to hold.

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