Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Natural Consquences of Debt

Detroit sinks into the abyss -
Officers told Local 4 the group of men were sitting in a car at about 2 a.m. Sunday when their vehicle was riddled with gunfire.

The victims called 911 for help, but no EMS rigs were available, according to Local 4 sources.

The men drove to the Detroit Police Department's 12th precinct on West Seven Mile Road, where officers scrambled to help them.

All six victims were taken to Sinai Grace Hospital in Detroit. One male, an 18-year-old however has died as a result of the shooting.
The Real Effect
Think long and hard everyone. Money is a medium of exchange. When you use all the money, you likewise run out of goods. This is not 'managable' unless you produce more.  Taking from the rich will only bankrupt them in time and delay the inevitable. Likewise for the middle class and other classes. You can then take from the A-rabs, but sooner or later some country is going to stand up to you, the thief class, and put you in your proper place. Jail.

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