Monday, April 04, 2011

Republicans Continue to Ignore Reality

This is part of the reason we have as many issues as we do in this country -
House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) said Sunday that the GOP 2012 budget will exceed even the $4 trillion in spending cuts over the next decade recommended by President Barack Obama's debt commission.

But Ryan wouldn't commit that his new budget would follow the debt commission's lead and end corporate welfare for oil and gas companies.
To summarize, "welfare" is bad when given to those who have little (low income), but when given to corporations, it becomes "necessary". In fact, so necessary that GE paid $0.00 in Federal taxes and even got back money in grants. Let's not even examine TARP. The article continues -
"Not only do we want to cut spending, not only do we want to reform government spending, we want economic growth. We want job creation. Pro-growth tax reform is a key ingredient to getting this economy working again, getting the economy growing again. The way to do that -- and we agree with the direction of the fiscal commission -- lower tax rate and broaden the tax base. And those are the things we'll be proposing."
I agree, the tax base needs to grow, but notice the direction this is taking? When talking of growing the tax base, the phrase "we" is used. While innocuous in itself, when taken together in light of corporate tax strategy, income tax, property tax and other such things, a picture emerges that demonstrates the following:
  1. It is primarily the government's job to spend money. They need it especially to help people.
    1. The corporations, they need the most money especially to "even the playing field."
    2. You need to apply for your money that the government took. It's here to help. Of course, there are strings to getting your our money back you lazy fool.
  2. All decisions are becoming "corporate" decisions being managed from the top down. Everyone has a say until an "expert" appointed by the spender forms an opinion, at which point this is now undisputed "fact" and no longer subject to debate. Note the massive increase in "czars". 
  3. Any attempts to curtail government spending will be deflected in it's respected political party. Repubs cannot cut corporate, Dems cannot cut poverty programs.
  4. The dis-empowered group will lose a small percent of it's spending, but the reigning group will massively increase its pet projects.
  5. The one thing that will NOT be discussed (outside campaign promises) is shrinking the government as a whole.

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