Tuesday, April 05, 2011

IMF - Time to Face Austerity America

Now that we know that Paul Ryan's cuts are a joke (See here, here and here), out comes the International Monetary Fund to break out that austerity idea that everyone loves -
Economists with the International Monetary Fund say Americans will have to pay more taxes and accept less government-funded health care if the country is to have financial stability.

A new IMF report says the United States faces an untenable fiscal situation because of high deficits and an aging population that needs more government-provided health care benefits.

The report says Americans need to pay more taxes and the government must cut spending on so-called “baby boomers” — people aged between 45 and 65.

It says such steps would go a long way in putting the United States back on a fiscally sustainable path.
The Real Effect
WHOAH!!! NO ONE SAW IT COMING! Just a...you know...few...people -
May 2010 -
There is a fundamental change in the way the middle-class and below of the world view the world. An "enlightenment" if you will. Here is the crux of the problem though. The globalists understood that the sheep would wake up, in fact they anticipated and planned for it by naming it the IMF riot.
January 2011 -
The Muslims are sure getting whipped into a frenzy. Gee, I wonder who's doing the driving? I expect that it will emerge that the U.S. is behind this via some alphabet soup agency. It appears that side 2 and 3 are getting goaded, one of the questions becomes when is side 1 (The Christians) going to receive the same treatment?
 Look for continued unrest with some governments getting overthrown. But as I indicated earlier, the globalists are literally banking on this to occur. We are still not there yet though. More riots need to take place, some shots, some new faces and then, we go to war.
August 2010 -
Irregardless of the specific subject of austerity, from government's perspective, the one who will always pay is the taxpayer. The bourgeoisie view the populace at large as a resource to be harvested and culled as needed in order that they can continue to "do God's work." To the career politician, the only job is convincing the subjects to go along with the haircut and indeed this is exactly how we have arrived at the abysmal conditions that we are subject to today.

It is to this end that we see the hyper increase of scanners, trackers, cages and measuring devices invading every nook, cranny and orifice of our being while slowly being removed from the realm of the elite. They argue that their work is special and sensitive while we cannot be trusted to our own devices lest we accidentally hurt ourselves. It is these concepts implemented in baby steps over time that you end up with tyranny. 

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