Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fascists Attempt to Take Over Local Governments

Gould, Arkansas struggles with keeping citizen control -
As Fox 16 news reports, in Gould, Arkansas, the City Council has moved to ban all gatherings and groups, no matter how small from discussing city matters without prior permission from the authorities.

A proposed ordinance would even extend to residents’ own homes and is so broad in its reach that it covers boy scout groups and book clubs. Even dinner table conversations about the local community would technically be outlawed.

“You can’t just come in here, get with four people and decide to start an organization,” Gould City Councilor Sonja Farley told the reporters, adding, “You will go through your city council with legal documentation and get approval.”
The Real Effect 
This is par for the course in many ways.

Freedom begets prosperity as people seek to better themselves. Prosperity gives rise to complacency as many forget about that which gained their prosperity and instead place their "tribe" or institution in the place of freedom. ("California is better than Florida") It is at this point that institutions are honored as the guarantor of freedom while lip service is paid to freedom. Next, progressives seek to remove the vestiges of any restraints on evil in order to further freedom and progress. Ultimately, the golden goose is consumed by those in power as they defend the institution as the giver and guarantor of not only prosperity, but freedom itself. Inevitably the power structure collapses, overrun by those that are being consumed by it in an act of rebellion against the gradual coup.

It is of supreme importance that we recognize this cycle and where we are in it as it is indicative of two important points.
  1. That the system is, in fact, collapsing.
  2. That those in power are not only worried, they are terrified of what you will do if you organize.
Of further importance is the often lost fact - The council derives their power from the consent of the governed. If the council has power, it is derived from the governed and to try to subvert that consent not only enslaves the governed, it seeks to undermine the very act that provides legitimacy to the council itself. Not that I blame power hungry dictators for acting as they are, rather it is critical that we recognize them for what they are.

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