Wednesday, July 06, 2011

NATO Dumps Depleted Uranium on Libya - This is What Freedom Looks Like

Like there was any doubt from the beginning. Explain to me again how this is a humanitarian mission -
Bombed sites in Libya have been visited by professional scientists working in the Surveying and Collecting Specimens and Laboratory Measuring Group. The scientists and trained experts have conducted field surveys looking for radioactive isotopes (radioisotopes) at bombed sites. The samples from these sites were then scientifically analyzed at the laboratories of the Nuclear Energy Institution of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.

Analysis in Libya through inductively coupled plasma has shown that several sites contain even higher than expected doses of uranium. Holes caused by NATO missiles also have high radioactive measurements, as do the fragments of NATO ordinance. Sites analyzed by the teams of scientists include Bab Al-Azizia and Souk Al-Ahad.
The Real Effect
It is mildly amusing to watch individuals discuss this war. On the one hand, you have clueless Democrats describing the dropping of bombs on a sovereign country under the auspices of NATO as not a war, but a kinetic military action. As if the label changes the act. They have not declared war, they are in violation of the War Powers Act much more so the Constitution. Yet, insanity is not the exclusive domain of the left. We also have war hungry Republicans which have yet to meet a war they didn't love. It seems their love for forcibly "exportin' freedom!" and their fear of anything nuclear is enough to get them to violate their own precepts as they spray half the world with radioactive material. At least they're savin' childrun.

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