Friday, July 15, 2011

Red Alert - S&P Downgrade of Rating Is Coming

From Denninger -


The Real Effect
Now my belief is that this is being strung out for a longer period of time to put maximum psychological impact on the end of 2012. I believe that the script is being written that -
'The world was supposed to end on 12/21/2012, but gee gosh golly, we really dodged a bullet there. We had better be more responsible (read as global) in the future. We need some sort of ruling class to teach us about the evils of democracy.'
I absolutely understand that these problems are real and need to be dealt with, but don't you find it curious that the aristocrats of our day and age seem hell-bent on wrecking this country? Doesn't it seem odd to you that we have not a real snap back to some form of non-debt laden prosperity?

The people are being goaded via artificial austerity to compensate a predatory banking class. This in turn is stoking class warfare and resentment at all who "posses". Then, when the proper time comes, the elite point their primed classes at one another and presto you have warfare-in-a-can. 

Any way you slice it, it's getting quite real out there.

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