Tuesday, July 05, 2011

US Propaganda - Watch Out

The inevitable starts crashing down -
The U.S. Military hired a California company to create software that allows one person to control up to 10 different and sophisticated fake online personas.

The Guardian reported today that United States Central Command (Centcom) doesn't plan to use the program domestically. Instead, the paper reports quoting Bill Speaks, Centcom spokesman, the military wants to use it in the Middle East and Asia to "counter violent extremist and enemy propaganda outside the US."
The Real Effect
While nothing overtly new, the information is raised to the reader to illustrate several key points.
  • Define propaganda. 
  • Is a difference in opinion being treated as propaganda by establishment?
  • How do we know that these false profiles are not being used to vote in online polls in order to justify or even determine "public policy"?
 We are in dangerous territory now. The truth died long ago, but now what we have is no longer a corpse masquerading as truth, but a full fledged zombie-informational nightmare. How can the people honestly make true decisions when they are being lied to by their employee-representatives? They have a word for that in the legal word. It's called, um...wait, I got it...oh yeah... FRAUD.

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