Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Germany Joins Switzerland In Insanity Land

Rights? You ain't got no stinkin' rights -

KARLSRUHE, Germany — In a widely followed ruling on Wednesday, Germany’s Constitutional Court upheld the legality of Berlin’s rescue packages for debt-stricken euro zone countries, but said any future bailouts must be approved by a parliamentary panel. The decision was viewed by some analysts as a rare triumph for Chancellor Angela Merkel and seemed to place fewer restrictions than some had expected on her ability to react to the European debt crisis. At the same time, the high public standing of the court should lend broader legitimacy to government efforts to shore up the European currency. 

Now why would they do such a thing? As we pointed out yesterday, the globalists tend to cover for one another -

Speaking at a parliamentary budget debate in Berlin, Mrs. Merkel said the ruling had “absolutely confirmed” her government’s “transparent” handling of Europe’s debt crisis in close consultation with Parliament. “That is exactly the path we have followed,” she said.

Mrs. Merkel again underlined her country’s commitment to the single currency and European integration, saying the euro was “much more than a common currency.”

“If the euro collapses, so does Europe,” she said, adding that “Germany’s future is inseparable from Europe’s future.”
May I remind the reader that the EU was supposedly only supposed to be for "free" trade.

The Real Effect
As pointed out last year, repeatedly -
Just a real quick recap on the preceding information - Britain is four times as broke as anyone thought, Spain is kicking the can down the road wishfully hoping the cost of debt gets cheaper, and European banks are just as insolvent as ever. Once again, how can this go wrong?
and -
The money would be coming from Germany, but the German and Greek people want NOTHING to do with a bailout. If Greece blows out, it'll blow out Spain, the U.K., Portugal. Each one of those, in turn will blow out more countries.

If Greece doesn't blow out, the pressure will be on to bail out Portugal who will just become the next, bigger Greece. In June, California has bonds due and they're in the same boat. There's a world of hurt coming fast. I think they can prop it up a bit longer perhaps 3-6 months? But every time they do, they make the end result that much more devastating, EXPONENTIALLY.

Look out for the shell game at this point. This is where the "leaders", who caused the mess by the way, give you your solution by stating the only thing that will save us is TOTAL GLOBAL POWER.
"Only a sustainable global economy can continue to guarantee growing wealth without jeopardizing the chance for future generations to meet their own needs." And how do we sustain it? Why, by having the developed world issue half a trillion in debt each and every month.
But to achieve their goal, they need to first be UNSUCCESSFUL with their bureaucratic efforts. It only works if you bring in a global despot as the world savior, much like Adolph was to Germany in the 30's.

A global Hitler you say? No way, it could neeeever happen.
So...let's recap. A bunch of globalists want to seize power legally so they conspire in secret meetings that they lie about for 50 plus years. After the seizure is started, they continue to lie not only about the goal, but the very existence of their plans in the first place despite their own public admissions. In the process they label alarmed ordinary people, "nuts, whack jobs, conspiracists" and all sorts of miscellaneous nonsense. Then, they manage to continue to lie not only about their goals, other people, but what is going on when they are executing the plan! A case of pure fraud.

Further, when their "great plan" begins to fall apart, they claim some sort of Romans 13 nonsense and insist that you not only throw yourself, but your children's future on the fires of Molech to ensure that the banksters don't get what's coming to them. Despite all of this, despite Europe melting down, wars being promised and executed...we still can't figure out who's doing this and why?!?

This is simple. The banksters are colluding against you. Period. Time to have some very public trials and see some of these fools spend some time in prison.

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