Monday, September 12, 2011

Pentagon Confirms U.S. Boots on the Ground in Libya

Like there was any doubt that this was going to happen -
Despite repeated assurances from President Obama and military leaders that the U.S. would not send uniformed military personnel into Libya, four U.S. service members arrived on the ground in Tripoli over the weekend.

According to Pentagon spokesman Capt. John Kirby, the four unidentified troops are there working under the State Department's chief of mission to assist in rebuilding the U.S. Embassy.
But, but...these aren't boots on the ground, they wear Nikes!
The Real Effect
And now, to address the gullible among us, let's refer to the beginning of the war in March -
The ground invasion will commence as soon as the air war fails to secure the ever evasive non-goal of oil sccurity, regime change, no flying or killing rebels. Of course, as previously stated, the Neocons are salivating over yet another pointless war that gives us the wonderful opportunity to have a dramatic Al-Quaeda face turn in true WWE style. 
Despite repeated protests from both liberal and conservative pundits and supporters alike that they only wanted to bring Democracy to these pawr, pawr people we have the inevitable conclusion to the madness that grips our country.

But, but you's only 4 armed advisers to help rebuild the embassy. While this myopic fact may be true, taken with the history of a certain Asian region and it's stellar success with advisers, we shall see how that group fares. Yet, if we dig just a little further in the article, we uncover the true reach of this boondoggle -
Since then, U.S. officials speaking on the condition of anonymity have acknowledged the CIA has had a small number of so-called "spotters" on the ground to assist in the NATO mission. It's also well known that other foreign governments have sent special operations forces to fight on the ground with the rebels.
Now where did I hear that before. Oh yeah, I remember -
The source stated that additional Special Forces are headed to Libya in July, with the 1st Calvary Division (heavy armor) and three corps deploying in late October and early November. Initial numbers are estimated at 12,000 active forces and another 15,000 in support, totaling nearly 30,000 troops. 
Look for the previously under control situation to deteriorate as Ghadaffi's people begin to fight, uh, his people? (I don't know, what do you call an imported rebel squad?) Even if he is captured, the civil war will flare as rebels attack non-rebels and the world finds itself unsure of just how to fix this mess. This will lead the call to bring in a permanent transitory peace force to help repress rebuild.

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